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  1. Aleta’s One on One Ideas
    Hello there! I’m known as either Aleta or Mari and I had some 1 x 1 ideas that I’ve really been wanting to try out. Before you read any further, please know that I am NOT interested in anything libertine or LGBT and I expect my future roleplaying partner to be able to have reasonably good grammar and spelling. Anyways, I should probably tell you a bit more about me!
    About Me (open)
    Nicknames: Aleta, Mari
    Gender: Female
    Age: Thirteen
    Other Stuff: I may be new to Iwaku, but I have been roleplaying for over a year now on a different forum.

    My Future Roleplaying Partner Should…
    :bananasplit: Be comfortable with romance and romantic scenes, but be able to stay away from any sex scenes or anything that belongs in the Libertine section.
    :bananasplit: Be willing to play a male character (since I usually play females), though I am willing to negotiate.
    :bananasplit: Be okay with roleplaying a heterosexual or straight character, as I do not roleplay homosexual characters.
    :bananasplit: Be able to post at least once or twice a week. If I don’t see a post in about two weeks, I will assume you have lost interest and I probably won’t bother you about it or anything.
    :bananasplit: Not be too pushy about how often I can post, as I my posting speed varies from multiple posts a day to about one or two posts a week.
    :bananasplit: Be comfortable letting me know if there is something that should be changed in the roleplay or if s/he is no longer comfortable roleplaying with me.
    :bananasplit: Be willing to roleplay some NPCs that we may need in our roleplay.
    :bananasplit: Have fairly good grammar and spelling and double-check his/her posts at least once before posting.
    :bananasplit: Be willing to roleplay a character between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five.
    :bananasplit: Be comfortable chatting with me. I like to get to know the people I roleplay with. :)

    I am Willing To…
    :butterfly: Post at least once or twice a week and notify my roleplaying partner if I will be gone for more than three or four days.
    :butterfly: Provide a writing sample if I am PMed (though I may ask for a prompt).
    :butterfly: Do something without romance, though I prefer 1 x 1 roleplays with romance.
    :butterfly: Roleplay some NPCs that we may need in our roleplay.
    :butterfly: Roleplay as a canon or OC character, though I prefer OCs.
    :butterfly: Roleplay on a thread or in a PM, though I prefer a thread.

    My Ideas...
    The character in italics is the one I would prefer to play.
    Silent Tears Age: 18-23
    Genre: Modern
    They grew up in a small town. He has always been there for her as a child. They were best friends and they would do everything together. As they grew older, he found he was developing a crush on her, but he didn't need to ask to know that she did not return the feelings. Then, after her older brother committed suicide, she pushed everyone away, even him.
    After her school voice teacher recommended her to an agent searching for a good singer, the agent approached her with an offer. She quickly agreed and left the town, looking for a new start. Within the next year, her life was perfect. She was one of the most famous singers in the nation and dating someone she loved. From back in the small town, he was happy for her.
    Tragedy struck again, though. Her lover died in a tragic accident and she, being young and sensitive, stopped singing and quit her career. She returns to her hometown, vowing never to love or sing again. There, she is greeted by him, who is shocked by how much she has changed. While she was gone, his small crush has blossomed into love and, now, he can't bear to see her so sad.
    Five months have passed since she returned and he has been doing everything he can to make her happy once more.
    Remember Age: 15-18
    Genre: Modern, Fantasy
    He was a cold, introverted boy, until he met her. When he first found the girl lying in a pool of blood, he rushed away, disgusted, to inform the police. When questioned, she said that she remembered nothing. Feeling sorry for her, he took her in, allowing her to live with him in the apartment where he lived alone.
    She began going to school with him and other children bullied her for various reasons. At first, he ignored it. Just because she lived with him did not mean that she was his responsibility. When she reached out to him, though, he couldn't help but feel like he needed to help her... he was falling in love with her.
    Then, her memories start coming back and, just as romance was growing between them, they uncover a terrible secret that could tear them apart forever.

    The Mafia Boss's Daughter *****TAKEN!*****
    Age: 19-25
    Genre: Modern
    The Shuzu Darkness mafia clan is known for two reasons: the deadliness of its members, and the beauty of the mafia boss's older daughter. When the kidnapping of an important politician is traced back to the Shuzu Darkness clan, detectives are sent out to bring the Shuzu Darkness clan to justice. As each detective gets close to the clan, they are killed by the mafia...
    All except one. He kidnaps the mafia boss's daughter one day and takes her to his home, promising the Shuzu Darkness clan that he will return her as a trade for the politician.
    As her father considers the offer, the young woman finds herself falling for the handsome detective. Will her father agree to the offer? And if he does, will she want to leave?

    More coming soon...

    I Don't Really Have an Idea, but I Would Like to Roleplay…
    Please let me know what you are interested in! I am willing to do any of these. The ideas with asterisks (*) next to them are ones that I particularly want to do.

    :candycane: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica / Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    :candycane: No Game No Life
    :candycane: Sword Art Online *****TAKEN!*****

    :candycorn: Divergent
    :candycorn: Fairy Tales
    :candycorn: Greek Mythology*
    :candycorn: Harry Potter*
    :candycorn: Maximum Ride
    :candycorn: Peter Pan

    :candyheart: Deities / Immortals*
    :candyheart: Elementals
    :candyheart: Futuristic / Dystopian
    :candyheart: Mythological Creatures
    :candyheart: Time Travel*

    :chilipepper: Fire Emblem: Awakening
    :chilipepper: Pokèmon*

    :cupcake: Ancient China
    :cupcake: Ancient Egypt
    :cupcake: Ancient Greece
    :cupcake: Ancient Rome
    :cupcake: Civil War
    :cupcake: Colonial America
    :cupcake: Feudal Japan*
    :cupcake: French Revolution*
    :cupcake: Revolutionary War (American)
    :cupcake: Tudor / Elizabethan
    :cupcake: World War II

    :icecream: Arranged Marriage
    :icecream: Assassins
    :icecream: Noble x Commoner
    :icecream: Noble x Servant
    :icecream: Prince x Foreign Princess
    :icecream: Princess x Knight

    :rootbeer: Bandmate x Bandmate
    :rootbeer: Bandmate x Rival Bandmate
    :rootbeer: Bully x Bullied
    :rootbeer: Childhood Friends
    :rootbeer: Kidnapped x Kidnapper
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  2. Sword art online would be awesome.
  3. Hi! :3

    I'm quite interested in your Mafia Boss plot. But I'm also up for something Harry Potter (whoo!) or Greek Mythology related! PM me if you're still available~!
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