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  1. Aleta’s One on One Ideas
    Hello there! I’m known as either Aleta or Mari and I had some 1 x 1 ideas that I’ve really been wanting to try out. Before you read any further, please know that I am NOT interested in anything libertine or LGBT and I expect my future roleplaying partner to be able to have reasonably good grammar and spelling. Anyways, I should probably tell you a bit more about me:
    About Me (open)
    I'm a thirteen-year-old who has been roleplaying for almost two years on various other forums. I'm not really picky about what you call me, though I prefer Aleta, Mari, or Emi. Er, yeah! That's about it!

    My Future Roleplay Partner Should...:bananasplit: Be comfortable with romance and romantic scenes, but be able to stay away from any sex scenes or anything that belongs in the Libertine section.
    :bananasplit: Be willing to play a male character (since I usually play females), though I am willing to negotiate.
    :bananasplit: Be able to post at least once or twice a week. If I don’t see a post in about two weeks, I will assume you have lost interest and I probably won’t bother you about it or anything.
    :bananasplit: Not be too pushy about how often I can post, as I my posting speed varies from multiple posts a day to about one or two posts a week.
    :bananasplit: Be comfortable letting me know if there is something that should be changed in the roleplay or if s/he is no longer comfortable roleplaying with me.
    :bananasplit: Be willing to roleplay some NPCs that we may need in our roleplay.
    :bananasplit: Have fairly good grammar and spelling and double-check his/her posts at least once before posting.
    :bananasplit: Be willing to roleplay a character between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five.
    :bananasplit: Be comfortable chatting with me. I like to get to know the people I roleplay with. :)

    I am Willing To...:butterfly: Post at least once or twice a week and notify my roleplaying partner if I will be gone for more than three or four days.
    :butterfly: Provide a writing sample if I am PMed (though I may ask for a prompt).
    :butterfly: Do something without romance, though I prefer 1 x 1 roleplays with romance.
    :butterfly: Roleplay some NPCs that we may need in our roleplay.
    :butterfly: Roleplay as a canon or OC character, though I prefer OCs.
    :butterfly: Roleplay on a thread or in a PM, though I prefer a thread.

    Below are some of the things I would like to roleplay. Ideas with asterisks (*) are ones I particularly want to do. Any notes I have on the topic are in parentheses. Also, if there is anything else you would like to roleplay, just message me and ask! And of course, some of these topics can be combined with other topics, etc. and this will also most likely be updated in the future.
    • :candycane: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica / Puella Magi Madoka Magica
      :candycane: No Game No Life
      :candycane: Sword Art Online (note: I have not watched all of the second season.)
    • :candycorn: Divergent
      :candycorn: Fairy Tales
      :candycorn: Greek Mythology*
      :candycorn: Harry Potter*
      :candycorn: Maximum Ride
      :candycorn: Peter Pan*
      :candycorn: The Maze Runner (note: I have only read the first book so far.)
    • :candyheart: Angels / Demons
      :candyheart: Deities / Immortals
      :candyheart: Elementals
      :candyheart: Futuristic / Dystopian
      :candyheart: Mythological Creatures
      :candyheart: Time Travel TAKEN!
    • :clover: Fire Emblem: Awakening (note: I have never actually played the game. Everything I know is from what I have read on the wiki and what I have learned from my friends.)
      :clover: Pokémon
      :clover: The World Ends With You*
    • :cupcake: Ancient China
      :cupcake: Ancient Egypt
      :cupcake: Ancient Greece
      :cupcake: Ancient Rome
      :cupcake: Civil War
      :cupcake: Colonial America
      :cupcake: Feudal Japan TAKEN!
      :cupcake: French Revolution
      :cupcake: Revolutionary War (America)
      :cupcake: Tudor / Elizabethan*
      :cupcake: World War II
    • :icecream: Arranged Marriage
      :icecream: Assassins
      :icecream: Noble x Commoner*
      :icecream: Noble x Servant*
      :icecream: Prince x Foreign Princess
      :icecream: Princess x Knight
    • :rootbeer: Bandmate x Bandmate
      :rootbeer: Band Member x Rival Band Member
      :rootbeer: Bully x Bullied
      :rootbeer: Celebrity x Someone else*
      :rootbeer: Childhood Friends
      :rootbeer: Kidnapped x Kidnapper
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  2. I'm interested in rping with you. What are you planning for the historical rps? I'd like to hear some of your ideas. PM me if you're still interested.
  3. Could you PM me the ones you are specifically interested in? I have ideas for almost all of them and it would take quite a while to type out each one.
  4. I am interested in RPing with you friend specifically the historical RPs.
  5. Hey! I'm willing to do Bully x Bullied, Demons/Angels, Futuristic/Dystopian, Maze Runner, Civil War, WWII, Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece.
  6. Awesome! Unfortunately, I've already gotten enough people to roleplay with me. Sorry... I'll keep you guys in mind when I next need some roleplay partners, though!
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