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  1. Maybe its just me, but I don't get alerts in mobile anymore. Like if I tap alerts the list will come down, but I don't see the red numbered notification anymore, if that makes sense.

    My phone is a Nokia Lumia 635
    Windows 8.1
    Using internet explorer
    If that helps.
  2. Is it possible you're re-opening?

    Phone's UI can be buggy and slow.
    It's possible when you open it that it does open it, but it closes and then re-opens, therefore counting it as you having seen all the new one's already.
  3. I have the same phone with the same browser but it works perfectly fine for me o_o As Gwazi said, try closing all the tabs in your browser before going to your phone's start page, otherwise you will open up what you last saw when going back to the internet and it might not update properly because it thinks you never left the site to begin with and if you're not moving around on the site it doesn't update the alerts.
  4. Okay thank you!! (I actually got an alert for this XD).
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Thread Status:
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