Aldertree Institute for the Magically Distressed.

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  1. It's important to note at this point that this idea isn't fully formed in my head. So by all means ask questions if you have any, but even I may not be able to answer them. This is something that I'm open to having help to build, whether it's through suggestions or just random thoughts. However, just because I haven't thought this through completely that doesn't mean that I don't want this roleplay to happen provided there's interest. So I'll sum up my idea really quickly and if you like what you see then post a message below! If I get a few responses from people who would love to do it then I'll set up another thread.
    Little is known about the Aldertree Institute other than it has been owned by the Mayhew family for eight generations. Some believe it's a haunted house filled with nothing but the ghost of a jilted lover. Others believe that it's a house of ill repute, where the owner takes his mistress' to have his way with them. A few insane religious nuts believe that it's the home of satan worshipers. But it is none of the above. In fact, no one really knows what it's for unless of course you're a patient there.

    Founded in 1893, the Aldrertree Institute for the Magically Distressed is a hospital of sorts for those humans who have been affected by those of a magical nature. Or at least, it was until it was shut down in 1998. They helped out dozens, if not hundreds, of patients with their ailments whether it was to cure them completely or to just help them to deal with the changes to their lives. A.I.M.D helped them all no matter what afflicted them.

    But now after an eighteen-year break, the institute has opened again. And half a dozen patients, whether they be new or old, have been invited to receive treatment whether they are forced to turn into an animal or catch on fire whenever they sneeze, this is the place to be.

    I know it's a tiny bit like X-men.... all people with abilities coming together, but think of this more like an alternative universe. It wouldn't be a school because I really don't want to go into the whole 'lesson' thing and try to get everyone in the same place because in my experience it slows the roleplay waaaaay down. And also I don't think there should be people who can 'control' things. This isn't really an elemental roleplay, so while I did mention the guy who catches on fire he can't control the fire itself. It's still fire.

    As for how the characters got these afflictions, I am thinking maybe witches rather than mutations? Like curses and things like that.... they wouldn't be a main part of the rp (though that is an option for the future) because it would mostly be about the characters interacting.... but anyway thoughts?
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  2. I like it~ cx
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  3. Wonderful Idea! I would love to join in on this. ^^
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  4. I'm really glad you both liked it! Any suggestions, thoughts or queries? @Shayla @beautie
  5. ~ I would say the main thing overall that should be just a bit better defined is the curses. In stories and past writings on where it originated from.. Some curses are placed upon objects , through the trickery of written word and the placement of it from witches before the victim. Would all forms be allowed as long as they were created by that of a witch? Another small question is even though I know you've said the curses cannot be controlled yet if they are those returning and were being taught beforehand to control them that they would in a sense be able to control their present curses/abilities?

    ~ Curses can very from minor to major in power or destruction rating and in a way it reminds me somewhat of the Institution in the Hellboy movies.

    ~ Also I can invite a decent amount of people to check this out if you'd like.. Do you have an age requirement you will want to stick too? ^^
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  6. Ok ok!

    I agree that the curses would have to be more defined. It's something I'll think about, but I do like the idea of cursed objects....

    As for curses that cannot be controlled, I was talking specifically about elements like fire or water.... etc. The curse could be controlled, so you could control when you burst into flames (for example) but you couldn't control it aside from that. You could set things on fire and throw them, but you wouldn't be able to control the fire itself like directing it, etc. I did mean it specifically in that kind of case because I didn't really want overpowered people.... If they're coming back to the institute then it should be because they struggle to control their curses anyway so.....

    I think we should add 'classes' of curses. Like ones that are physical and ones that are mental? Physical could be covered in dragon scales, and mental could be more.... cause an earthquake when they get angry? Maybe just the numbers 1-5 for each. 1 being low level and 5 being dangerous.

    Invite anyone you think might like it! The only problem with age requirements is that I really don't want this to turn into some teenage angst thing.... the whole 'the world hates me' thing really irritates me after a while.
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  7. Great! I do fully agree with the class danger level's and how they are registered into the system. The overpowering kind would more than likely me locked down in a far and hidden away place from the institute and that they only keep the powerful one's they can control or that the individual can or has an amulet or device of sorts that allow such.

    Have you considered having one or two playing rehabilitated previous residents to help the other's along the way.

    Well , I have about three teen player's whom are extremely mature in my opinion because I feel the same as you on the topic of angst nonsense. Would it be alright to invite them along with all of the adult writers? They do come with reference that is excellent and I'd be more than happy to take full blame if they aren't.

    If you ever need assistance or a Co-GM for this my services are happily available! ^^
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  8. I'm super interested! Looks fun!

    One question: would the power to create and control illusions be ok?
  9. You're welcome to invite anyone you think would fit! I didn't put an age limit on it because age doesn't always correlate with maturity, so it's open to everyone.

    I had considered some rehabilitated residents... and I also considered some human staff who don't have any kind of curse. Maybe a doctor or a tutor for the younger residents, or a gardener.... something along those lines.

    I may just take you up on that Co-GM thing xD

    Glad you liked it!! That power would be tricky.... Would it be projecting illusions into others minds, or would it be onto say... air? For example, if it were to be photographed, would it be in the photograph or just in the photographer's head?

    The thing you would have to think about is that this is supposed to be a curse.... So there has to be a downside to it.

    Maybe he/she projects whenever they think of something graphic.... like kissing someone or his/her fears...? Maybe it's hard for him/her to make it look like anything more than something see-through? Maybe it causes him/her a lot of pain to do it?
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  10. I would love to do this, thanks Shayla. Would love to reserve Telekinesis, since I know soo much about that power my guy could have no control over which way the object he moves goes. Like he tries to move a ball towards another person, but instead he shoots back at him or something lol.
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  11. Maybe seems interesting
    Also thank you for you summons love for I am at your beck and call @Shayla
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  12. Just going to throw out my curse which is Immortality/Absorb in which my girl was cursed with agelessness which forced her to watch all she loved die and the witch that did so didn't want to let her off so easily.. If she touches someone she drains them of their life force.. Must wear gloves and such all the time.

    If allowed to also do a mentor , it will be of Chaos/Blood.. If she grew to angered , hurt , worried or upset it would begin a field of protection or in other's eye chaos would break loose with destruction and would also have through it the once uncontrollable ability to manipulate and control people with her or their blood being unable to stop herself.
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  13. I don't know what power I would have. Maybe sonokenisis or something else but I might join
  14. My girl might have weather manipulation like storm from x men
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  15. You know that's the power you're going to pick xD
  16. I was debating Sonokinesis but decided for weather manip
  17. I like Atmokinesis, versatile and useful for offense and defense.
  18. Yup that's why I love it
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