Alcoholic Cows

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    So.. tell me what you think. Do you think beer is really that good? Why do you think the cows liked the beer? How would you feel if cows crashed your party?

    Would you have an odd situation like this happen in your roleplay? Would you have thought about even having a cow in your roleplay? Have you ever had any strange animals in your roleplay?

  2. The fuck kind of question is this? BEER IS GREAT!
  3. I do like beer, actually. I enjoy trying different types, too. I picked up a milk stout from a local brewery, actually, poured it in a glass, and then went to go grab another beer for a friend. When I came back, the cat was drinking from my beer >:[
    I assume that the cat liking this had to do with it being milk stout. As for the cows, I would guess that it is because beer is basically a liquid form of what they tend to eat anyway? It's grain, water, and hops in its basic form, along with yeast. Cows have a penchant for eating grain and hops, if available. So...

    I've never had a roleplay with cows... I've had a roleplay involving a catoblepas, though?

    I do agree with GMK though.
  5. Too funny! Made my night.
  6. According to Psychostick it's GOOD n' stuff...

    Apart from Guiness, and some local brews in Fargo, I can honestly say that beer sucks. It's all about the hardcore liquor. I'll take my Gentleman Jack, and Crown Royal Cask 16 anyday of the week.
  7. @Jumi, Try the jack daniels honey, it's fucking delicious
  8. I am more of a wine guy than anything else. Sure, I do enjoy drinking beer, but in my opinion, nothing can beat the taste of a quality wine, however, I can understand why these cows would go after the beer. It does not make the news any less strange, though. I mean, at this rate, instead of worrying about the apocalypse, we will have to worry about cows becoming intelligent and taking over the Earth.

    ... Maybe that would not be such a bad premise for a roleplay...
  9. Dude those cows have the right idea. I don't think that as crashing the party. They made that party.

    BOOZE COWS. <3