Alberta Wildfires

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  1. I know there are several Albertans other than myself on Iwaku, but even if you don't live here, this shit is incredibly serious. The entire province has been declared to be in a state of emergency.

    Update 1: 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire (May 4 at 3:30 p.m.) |

    The city of Fort McMurry is burning. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced. The fires are spreading, and new ones are starting across the province. This is absolutely devastating.


    I'm pretty sure this is what hell looks like.


    That's a lot of fucking purple.

    A terrible thing is that there are people - mostly from British Columbia - who are calling this 'karma' because of Fort McMurray being a major oil town. The worst part is that these steaming piles of shit are actually serious. I don't give a shit what your thoughts on the oil sands are -- this is a tragedy and thousands of innocent peoples' lives have been destroyed. Some are saying they would like to see the entire province burn to the ground.

    This is all just catastrophic. Thankfully, the rest of the province has been incredible with relief efforts. We're currently in the midst of a record heat wave, which isn't helping any matters. I'm hoping against hope that we get some fucking rain.
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  2. ... It's THAT bad? o_o

    I just thought it was a big forest fire, not something over half the province big...
    Holy shit.
  3. Well, half the province isn't on fire, half the province has very good chance of setting on fire.

    It's a nuanced difference.
  4. And I thought 4chan was full of shit when I saw ITS HAPPENING 60,000 SOMETHING THINGS ON FIRE.

    Holy shit it makes our wildfires look fairly tame.
  5. First the economy, now the wildfires. It could only really get worse if we were hit by a meteor at this point.
  6. I made it more Canadian.
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  7. [​IMG]

    We win. This was last month, I believe? You didnt hear us going "omg! Flame much! So sad!"

    We toasted marshmallows in real southern fashion and drank beer, our lungs becoming strong and dark like our coffee with smoke and ash, making us talk in true, gritty manly fashion.
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    There! Now we got the better tragedy!

    You know, not like making this a contest is completely idiotic since we're just comparing human suffering here.
  9. You're indulging in the worst low there is with your Trump shitposting. You have no grounds upon which to be able to say something is completely idiotic.
  10. Then I'll say it. Joke or not, your post was pretty douchey.
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  11. I actually applied for a job with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and had a callback for an interview there after I accepted another job offer, and I just read that that municipality barely managed to save the water treatment facility where I would have been working from the fires.

    It's really weird reading about a place I had a very real chance of working and moving to being in the middle of hellfire, it could have been me, and that hit closer to home for me than when one of the hamlets I used to work in was evacuated because of wild fires a couple years ago.

    I have a couple friends who were up in Fort McMurray who were forced to evacuate and relocate, and it's kind of scary because all I've had to know either of them are okay is a single Facebook post. For all I know, everything they own just got consumed by the fires.

    So, yeah... let's not joke around with this thing, nobody's been killed that we know about so far, but this is still an ongoing tragedy that's destroyed a lot of people's homes and workplaces.
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  12. Tip: Just because I'm acting as Trump in specific threads at the moment doesn't mean every post of mine is a joke. :P

    Right there I was just calling you out for essentially dismissing a provincially wide tragedy.
  13. Let's not escalate this. Firstly, because nothing is gained. Secondly, because the people who need to hear it, won't. Thirdly, because this thread should be focused on the tragic aspect of 88,000 people now being evacuated.

    Bigger issues right now.
  14. That's a horrible thing for those people to say. :/

    This is completely terrifying, and I hope that things will turn out for the better for you and everyone there. I can't even imagine a fire of that scale, how did it manage to escalate and become a 'province-wide' disaster? o_o Forest fires?
  15. Yes. Alberta has a lot of really old woods/forests, many of which are just disasters waiting to happen. Bush fires, wildfires and forest fires are all really big concerns, especially because this is our second year going into a drought. It was 30 degrees here over the past few days, and that's absolutely absurd. We normally still have snow on the ground this time of year. Heat wave + drought + strong winds + old woods that are essentially kindling = disaster. It's awful.

    And yes, it's a really terrible thing to say. If it isn't people saying it's karma for the oil sands, it's people blaming it on our new government and premier (seriously have people saying that our new premier set the fires herself.) Absolutely ridiculous. I don't know what goes through a person's mind that they see a disaster like this and take it as an opportunity to stand on their political soapbox.
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  16. This is scary :/ I know people in Fort McMurray.. gonna call my mom and ask how they're doing.
  17. Some people just lack a sense of human dignity. :/
  18. Talked to my mom. They live in edmonton so they're fine but she was saying everyone from up north's coming down there. I guess the relatives I have there will be coming down as well. All the best to everyone Alberta Saskatchewan side.
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  19. Bloody fuck off. Making light in a horrible situation makes light of it. You think I don't think its tragic? No. The thing is, a lot of people don't have the power to stop this or even do anything about it. It's terrifying and suddenly you're wondering if your loved ones are okay and if you're going to lose your homes. Uhm, the fires for the States? It went not even 10 miles from my own. I ended up doing a lot of the things you guys are doing. Calling loved ones, making sure they were okay and such.

    So excuse me, for making light of MY OWN EXPERIENCE.

    Before you get so judgmental and start harping on other people for being awful, get off your high horse. Cuz you don't know what others have gone through or are dealing with. And you don't know the methods they cope with their shit.

    Now go back to making light of other tragedies: Like that Trump is the republican nominee. -_-
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