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  1. These days, almost everyone I know uses their phone for an alarm clock

    Do you wake up to standard beeping, or something more interesting?

    I wake up to the Circle of Life!


    five minutes before I have to leave, Earlie Birdie starts playing. I'ts a four and a half minute song.

    I basically have the best mornings.
  2. I have an old school phone and can only get music that is in the phones memory or is downloaded from a specific website (which is crap, cause it has nothing good and recognizable D:)

    Usually I only go for the beeping sound and vibration cause I'm such a light sleeper so it wakes me up immediately... Though I can fall asleep again immediately after having turned it off xD

    If I'm afraid I will fall back to sleep after having turned it off and I really NEED to wake up on time, then I sometimes change to a song I downloaded named 'like I care'. It is so loud that I pretty much fly out of bed thinking the world is about to end, then I realize that it's just my stupid loud alarm xD

  3. I wake up in the morning to the soothing sounds of, BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Before gently caressing the off switch with a hammer fist because my reality was suddenly torn asunder by the shrieking wail of some 15 year old alarm clock that can't stay tuned to a radio station.

    Also, I am of the opinion it's ill advised to wake up to songs you like because you will subconsciously start associating that song with being unpleasant and you won't want to listen to it after a while because every single morning, it plays and wakes you up, and unless you live in the Lego Movie, it will slowly become detested.
  4. I wake up to "Winds over Neo-Tokyo" from Akira.

    When I have to take a quick shower before School or whatever, I set a timer for 10 minutes, and it plays Jonathan Coulton's "Code Monkey"
  5. I uh... I sleep through regular alarms. Like, the beeping ones. So uh... I need something that startles me awake.

    Pro: I wake up headbanging.
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  6. I wake up with the radio. Whatever
    song plays gets me up fast.
    If I use the same alarm too long I start to get used to it and I tune it out. Once I missed 6 hours of work because I used the same song for a month to wake me up.
  7. I wake up to my ringtone.

    BUT I used to wake up to my friends obnoxiously yelling at me. "Hey.... ITS TIME TO WAKE UP. GET THE HECK UP. WAKE UP NOW. GO PUT SOME PANTS ON AND GO TO SCHOOL. UP UP UP. *incoherent screams*" etcetera... Thankfully that recording was lost with my old phone XD
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