Alagaesia's untold story (Wipeball & One Must Wonder)

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~~~ INTRO ~~~

Every story begins with innocent thoughts that recreate themselves into actions. There are happy stories as well as sad ones. This particular tale is a composition of both. Fear, anger and death that we could encounter through a war can have desolating impact not just on people involved but on listeners themselves. On the other hand, love, faith and friendship brightens and chase away those depressive clouds.

Alagaesia has been in this situation for decades. Dragons are dead...well, most of them. Galbatorix holds war with Vardens to reign the whole world. He was a Dragon rider once himself until pride and hatred ate his heart and left nothing but evil soul behind. By enslaving people he builds his army. You cannot escape unless you have already joined the Varden. They fight against this tyrant and along their side they have the support of every other nation in Alagaesia. Moreover, they have their own Dragon rider, Eragon. Unfortunately, Galbatorix holds the last of the dragon's eggs that are supposed to be the last living memories of dragons themself. Yes, after the battle between Dragon riders and Forsworn everyone believed that Dragon riders would never be reborn again. That all dragons were dead. Seith didn't. For her faith in those gigantic creatures exhaling flames, she was considered an outsider. Someone who has gone mad. However, she didn't give up even though her own queen refused to scrutinize this issue deeper. After having enough information Seith left to begin her journey of finding dragons and bringing them back.

Decades passed by. Seith existence fell into oblivion. That fact helped immensely. Not being recognized or noticed, she could sneak through Alagaesia until she reached Feinster. Yes, on her way back she heard about the battle and about the new dragon rider. She had to find him and talk to him. As it was so urgent, Seith also had to join in the fight and it didn't feel strange at all. To be honest, she was fighting against her old enemy. Fortunately, Vardens won. Feinster had been seized.

Seith looked around. Vardens were running forth and back. Shouting at each other yet being coordinated greatly. She sneaked between two buildings observing her surroundings for a while. It had been a long time since she was last in the city. It didn't change, she would say, but her memory wasn't as clear as she would want it to be. Using group of men that were passing by as a cover that gave Seith the chance to look for her target. The young rider. What was his name again? Ah, Eragon. She saw his portrait on one of the boards in another city. Wanted poster, it was. To be honest, he really didn't look like a rider at all. More likely, she would consider him as a farm boy. Men departed in other direction and Seith was standing alone on the street.

Think clearly. What is the most noticable feature of Dragon rider? a gratified smile appeared on her face. Moving her eyes towards the sky Seith was looking for a dragon. If she remembered right the dragon was suppose to be blue. However, no matter how hard she tried even her elven eyes couldn't see the least sign of sparkling blue. Frustration began to crawl into Seith's mind. Clenching her teeth she jogged forward looking around. She spent few minutes doing that when suddenly she got the feeling. The feeling of being called. Knowing that she had to answer, Seith sprinted into one of the houses that was visibly unoccupied. The room was small and badly lit considering that there was only one small window that allowed the day light to come in. She knelt down, putting her staff to her side. Closing her eyes, Seith put her front finger and middle finger of both hands on her temples, concentrating.

Let it be quick. I can't waste much time here, was her last thought before she made connection with the other side.

(As for the picture, you know that the Empire has picture of Eragon before the ritual in Du Weldenwarden. So that's what Seith saw. In terms of the magic, she might be using a slightly different type of magic since she met the dragons. But it is not THAT different)
Eragon sighed as exhaustion invaded his limbs. Soon, once he and Saphira had told Arya and Nasuada of Glaedr's heart of hearts and of all the Eldunari Galbatorix had at his disposal, he and Saphira could finally rest. Eragon grimaced as he thought about Oromis's death, a bad taste filling his mouth. He could now understand why Galbatorix had gone mad after his dragon had been killed, though it did not excuse his actions of the past century.

Eragon went tense as he felt an unknown presence brush up against his mind. It felt different then the spell-casters Galbatorix had, but one had to be careful. Increasing his mental defenses, Eragon pushed back against the others mind
In the darkness of the room it was hard to notice that Seith frowned as something, some power that was trying to get into her thoughts, distracted her from the conversation she had. She blocked the attack and then carried on mental talking. However, it got harder and harder to protect her mind from the outside attack. Holding on a little bit longer, she finished her report and wihtout any delay ended the connection. Yet, the push from someone else's mind persisted. She didn't attack back this time but let the other person push. He or she was strong. As far as Seith knew human mages they were not that strong or at least they wouldn't last as long as this one. Her frown deepend as she was wondering who it might be.

Maybe it is some elf mage who sensed my communication, she thought. However, she didn't underestimated the fact that even the young rider might be doing this. Seith stood up, brushing the dirt of her knees. Bending down for her staff the attack got suddenly so powerful that it knocked her down to the ground. Without thiking she attacked back with the same force hoping that whoever was trying to intrude into her mind got scared of and would let her be. When Seith was standing again, still breathing heavily, she had to lean on her staff.

No elf would be able to attack like that. Noone except Blodhgarm or Arya...or the dragon rider, taking in another deep breath to steady her knees which threaten her to collapse again, Seith walked out the building carefully looking around for a sign of danger, or her target.
Eragon stumbled and fell to his knees, shaking. Whoever the unknown magician was he or she was strong. 'It probably doesn't help that I'm so exhausted from the battle' the Rider thought, pushing himself up.

"I'm fine," he assured Arya, Blodhgarm, and Saphira. Both of the elves were giving him worried looks and Saphira was growling. "I'm sure it was nothing but, just to be on the safe side Saphira and I better go check."

Arya frowned but nodded and as Eragon started forward -Saphira taking off with a push of he large wings- Blodhgarm followed him, doing his duty as part of the Rider's guard. Walking slowly and carefully, they searched the streets for the person behind the mental attack, closing off their minds so as not to be open to another assault.

Seeing a clocked figure leaving a nearby building in front of them, Eragon quickly unsheathed Brisinger and snuck up behind them, pressing the blade against their throat.

"Don't move."
Seith froze on the spot. Feeling the cold steel against her neck wasn't the reason why she did so, it was the voice that said it. From the corner of her eye she saw the blade which for a certain reason had the colour blue. One and one makes two and so Seith knew who the person behind her was. She relaxed but didn't talk. There came another elf into her view. An elf with blue fur and overall appearance as a beast of prey. Seith felt that his visage triggered some memories in her mind though she pushed them aside for now she had to concentrate on the person behind her. However, she had to try and gently brushed against the consciouness of those two men. Their protection was strong and Seith didn't even try to break it.

Focusing on the man behind her at last, Seith said: "If I am not mistaken you have to be Eragon Shadeslayer," she said in an even voice. Suddenly to her view, high up in the sky, came a gliter of a colour that corresponded with the blade. She held her breath for a few seconds.

She is here, Seith thought even though that fact was known since she joined the Varden to seize Feinster. She had even seen her few times during the battle. However, seeing her again made Seith feel proud of herself. After all, she was the one who didn't give up, who sacrificed everything she had, just to find Saphira's relatives. Seeing the mighty dragon in the sky tempted Seith to shout to the world what she had achieved when everyone ran away to hide. Not matter how enormous this feeling was, she couldn't do so. Releasing her breath she turned her attention back to Eragon.
"Aye, I am" he said when she mentioned his name. He glanced up, Saphira was circling, ready to attack if needed. He pressed his blade tighter to her throat, for the person was female, no doubt about that now that she had spoken, but he was careful not to draw blood. Glancing at the blue furred elf at his side, Eragon noticed that his eyebrows had pulled together in concentration, as if he was trying to remember something, but it was just beyond his reach.

"And who are you? Do you work for the empire, or are you one of our allies?"
Seith felt the grip but didn't make any attempt to prevent getting hurt or defending herself. As she spoke, she noticed the concentration of the elf though she didn't give it any importance. After all, he was just a guard so why would she bother. Taking in few breath, being aware of the blade, Seith thought carefully about her next reply.

"I am not your foe nor your ally for I haven't given my oath to anyone," she answered and before any of them could ask her anything else, she continued: "However, before you decide whether to slay me or safe me, young rider, I have something to tell you. Today, during the battle, I was fighting with Vardens. You might not believe me which I completely understand. Yet listen carefully, I carry a secret that would safe this war. A secret only the chosen ones can hear. Slaying me would lose you to Galbatorix," after that, Seith fell silent. Still being relaxed, she closed her eyes and a tiny smile appeared on her face. No, she didn't know what decision Eragon would make for she believed that he was at least close to the wisdom that his teacher, Oromis-elda, possessed.
She was right, Eragon did not believe her. Other then her word and the fact that she had not retaliated yet, she'd given him no proof that she did not wish him harm. Though the idea that she held information that would help them was intriguing, he did not let his guard down. it could be a trap.

'What do you think?' he asked Saphira wanting her opinion.

'I think we should be careful, but it might not hurt to here what she has to say. If it does turn out to be a trap,' she added, 'we are more then a match for one Magician,'

Eragon nodded and removed Brising from her throat, but did not sheath the sword. "Very well, come with me, we'll hear what you have to say."
Once the sword was taken away from her throat the smile on Seith's face widened. At last, she wasn't wrong about him. Straightening up, Seith turned around to look at the Shur'tugal for the first time. Leaning on her staff a little bit, her face lost any expression. However, it couldn't have been soon due to her hood. The man in front of her looked more like a cross-breed than anything else. Yet a resemblance to one of her acquitances remained. Which one was it, she couldn't tell. Seith stood still where she was for few moments examining Eragon's face and his overall appearance. His clothes was bloody yet he still held a majestic posture.

"Where will you take me, rider?" she asked not moving at all.
"We have a camp at the other end of the city." he said, motioning to Blodhgarm to start moving. He eyed the woman. but could not tell what she looked like because she was wearing a heavy cloak. They started walking. Eragon would not turn his back on a potential enemy, it could prove to be a fatal mistake. "You can tell us your information once we get there and away from potential enemies that might do harm with sensitive information."

He wondered just who she was, but he would find that out soon enough.
His reasons were understandable and she wouldn't interpret such an information in the open space. However, she was a little bit worried who would be present. Without any other word, she followed Eragon and his companion, deep in her thoughts.

I can't tell it in front of other people nor elves. This camp is definitely full of spies. How could I know that the blue one isn't one of them? Eragon won't stay alone with me. He is too vigilant for that. What should I do then? If Eragon is out of the question, it doesn't leave me with anyone else... her thoughts were running through her mind so quickly and she was so dipped in them, that even without her noticing it, they entered the camp. She tightened her grip around the staff as she was still struggling to come up with something useful. As it happened several times before, the solution came to her out of blue. Yes, blue. That was the solution even though the colour resembled saphire more than anything else.
Eragon was lost in thought as the walked toward camp. Just who was this woman? Was she mortal, elf, or something else entirely? And what information did she hold? Thinking of finally being able to bring down Gallbatorix brought Eargon's thoughts turned to Oromis and Glaedr and then to Brom. What would Brom say?

"It's okay." he called as they entered the camp. "She has something to tell us," he said to Arya and Natsuda as they eyed the new arrival carefully. "Let us find somewhere we can all discuss this."
Nasuada looked up and down the new person who was brought to the camp by Eragon. It was obvious that she didn't like it, yet she didn't say anything. Nodding her head, Nasuada ordered for them to go into her tent where it would be safe to talk. Arya's expression was motionless yet the ones who knew her could tell that she was curious about the newcomer.

As for Seith, at the sound of Eragon's voice she lifted her head up and looked around. Soldiers were gathered around them, looking curious. However, Seith paid them no attention. She focused on the female elf. She clenched her teeth, recognizing the woman yet not speaking a word of it. Following the dark skinned female who probably was leader of some sort, Seith spread her mind again, gently brushing against the consciousness of her surrounding. Once more, she didn't try to enter anyone's mind. It was more like tasting what was around her, like dragon would do it with his tongue.

They arrived at Nasuada's tent and Seith was still surprised to see that her guards consisted of three different races that would work together under ordinary conditions. How long has it been since she saw anything like that? It really didn't matter whether they did it willingly or not. The point was that they could overcome the hatred they shared. Sitting in the chair, Nasuada looked at Seith again.

"Pull down your hood stranger for we don't hold talks with someone who keeps his face a secret," Nasuada said. No matter, how firm Nasuada's voice was Seith remaind the same, not moving an inch.
"If you want us to trust you, even a bit, you should remove your hood." Eragon told the woman cooly. "You said you were an ally You have nothing to fear."

Just who was this person? Not many would defy Nasuada when she gave them an order. Because it was an order. They were in a war and had no time for games. Plus he was exhausted, the sooner the woman complied, the sooner they could know what information she had and then he and Saphira could rest and regain their strength
Seith smiled softly. Under different circumstances she would tell Eragon that he didn't hear her properly for she said that she was not foe nor an ally. However, she understood his mistake because he probably was tired from the battle. You need to have better stamina, Eragon, she thought then decided what her next move will be.

"I understand you distrust yet my face should remain hidden until I decide otherwise," she knew how hazardous this statement was and she confirmed her thoughts once Nasuada's jaws clenched together, either in disbelief or anger. "Before you speak madam," until now noone told Seith the name of the dark skinned woman, "let me assure you that if we passed that far without any problem or suspicious incidents, my hood shouldn't be that big worry." Hoping that she convinced the leader, Seith moved her gaze towards Saphira feeling the urge to talk to her more than before.

"No," was Nasuada's reply, her voice more firm than before. "We shall not procede until you comply what you have been told." After that, Seith knew that there was no other way than oblige. She reached out with her left hand taking the rim. Nonetheless, she didn't remove her hood. At least, not yet.

"If I do as you ask, I want Shadeslayer to promise me that I will be allowed to talk to Saphira in complete private with no other mind interfering," she exclaimed in the same firm voice as Nasuada was talking to her, still holding her position.
The rider glanced at the cloaked woman when she refused to remove her hood once again. She was walking on thin ice, but he understood, as they did not trust her, she did not trust them. At her request to speak to Saphira Eragon blinked. That was an odd request. He glanced at Saphira 'What do you think? It is you she wants to speak too, you get the final say in the matter.'

The dragon thought for a moment before speaking to the room 'If it will help the defeat the Empire, I will allow you to speak to me privately'
When Saphira's mind touched Seith's it was a vast feeling. Something she encoutered before but still couldn't stop herself from admiring it. Another smile shaped on her face and after all, Seith pulled down her hood. Once it rested on her back, it revealed a bun of dark hair which for some reason had reflections of deep purple. She had pointed ears, in fact the lower part of her left ear was decorated from her head towards the tip with lots of round earings. Focusing on her face, Seith's eyes were the same shape as Arya's yet no so far from one another and possessing the color of her hair. Her nose was thin and straight sitting confidently in the middle of her face. Under it, there was a delicately shaped mouth. She didn't bother what reaction she might have triggered, her eyes were now looking at Saphira whose head was in the tent.

Thanks, Saphira, she replied and came closer to the mighty dragon. Moving her staff from right to left hand, she reached out and touched Saphira's snout with the tips of her fingers, closing her eyes she secured her mind on her side and asked the same of Saphira. When Seith was confident with the protection, she passed to the dragon her feelings of delight acting like communication with a dragon was something ordinary for her.

Oh Saphira, how I longed to see you like that. How I wished that you would hatch out of Gabatorix's reach. And look at you, my wishes came true, Seith was happy yet a little bit troubled. However, she supressed that feeling for she didn't want to be worried at that moment.

I am carrying a message from dragons, Saphira. A message that only your mind can understand yet before I pass it to you, I require your oath of silence, it was strange to ask a creature like that to give an elf an oath. But Seith let Saphira feel that without such a promise she would not reveal the secret she held.
Eragon watched as Saphira conversed with the elf. He had seen Arya's eyes widen a fraction of an inch when the new elf had lowered her hood before wiping her face of all emotion. That had piked the Rider's interest. Just who was this elf and where had she come from?

Saphira was surprised by how pleased the elf was at speaking to her. She also felt no hesitation when their minds connected

The blue Dragon blinked in surprise. Dragons? But hadn't Galabtorix wiped them all out except for her egg and the other two? Just what did this two-legs no-horns mean she was carrying a message from Dragons? She thought for a moment about the elf's request. 'Very well, I give you my oath'

((Urgh.. it's very choppy and not as long as I wanted it to be and I'm not happy with it, but it's the best I could do))
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Seith was pleased with Saphira's reply and let her feel what she felt. However, the harder part was about to come. How should she compose the message? Are words enough to describe what she had to? It took Seith several minutes before she could put all her memories and thoughts together and then she sent the mighty dragon images, feelings and sometimes an additional sentence to complete the information. Images usually depicted a dragon like Saphira, only bigger and older. None of them spoke yet everyone was watching Saphira through Seith's eyes, the memory being so vivid. Feelings were not Seith's at all. They belonged to the mighty creatures. Consisting mostly of hope and power they carried a message of faith that things might get better.

I know, Brightscales, that it is a little bit confusing for I am not sure myself what the message is about, Seith apologized after she passed to Saphira most of the things that she wanted her to see. Yet the most important part is that your breed isn't dead and it took me decades to find them. I sacrificed myself in many ways and one of those actions made the dragons to vow to help Alagaesia in defeating Galbatorix. No matter, how easily were those words spoken Seith's memory was hurtful and sorrowful. She tried her best to shield it from the dragon's mind. After another moments, when she knew that Saphira would want her to call the rest of her race immediately, Seith continued.

Before, you ask of me to summon those mighty creatures, I have to refuse, for my ... oath that bonds me to dragons forbids such an action before it is safe for them to arrive, without any further notice Seith withdrew from Saphira's mind, bulding up her protection again. Sighing she turned around to face the rest of the gathering.
Saphira was unbelievably happy. Dragons! Actual dragons. She was not part of a dying race after all! Saphria had not been this happy since she'd first breathed flame. She sighed, she understood her kin's reasoning for not wanting to be found out. It would be pointless to know of their existence if Galbatorix wiped them all out.

"Well?" Eragon asked her.

"I can not tell you what she showed me little one, I gave my oath, but know that it is a good thing."

Eragon nodded. "Saphria trusts you and I trust her, so I believe you mean us no harm."