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  1. In the vast land of Aladdonn, there was a great War. In that war, four enchanted blades were lost. Each was melted down, their metal being created into four items: a coin, a guillotine, a clock's hand, and a king's crown.
    Now, four factions plan to find each of the items and use them in the way they were supposed to: the factions of Hanne, Mikkel, Irunyan, and Minorin.
    Would you like to join in?
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  2. I'm curious.. would this work out as a team effort or a slow buildup to a war?​
  3. It would be more of a buildup to a war. After a while, I was planning to have the groups fight about who should have it all.
  4. Ah? That would be interesting, count me in. ​
  5. Thanks! I'll make the thread soon.
  6. Okay! I'll be looking forward to it​