Alabaster Academy's Survival Game: G E T O U T A L I V E

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  1. People do crazy things for money, even murder.

    Alabaster Academy's Survival Game

    Genre(s): Horror, Psychological Thriller, Action.

    Welcome to Alabaster Academy

    A prestigious new school located in a Forest in Washington. However this school was not used for students to come and learn in. But used for a much different reason.

    The School Building was created for a Survival Game.

    People do crazy things for money, often stupid things too. The students and teachers of Alabaster Academy practically kill for money. Now I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking 'What?' Or 'Why?' Right? Allow me to explain.

    As I said, people often need money. Sometimes for stupid reasons, sometimes for good reasons. These people often do dumb or crazy things to get money. So the headmaster of Alabaster thought 'Why don't I help them?'. And that's what he did. In 2013, he sent a letter to every person in the United States asking if they needed money, in exchange for attending a school in Washington. Now I know what you might be thinking. 'That's stupid.' You're probably saying. Well, you'd be surprised.

    By May of 2013 over 6,000 wrote back agreeing to attend the school in exchange for money. And two years later while the building was being made, those 6,000 (either adult or teenager) got a acceptance letter to Alabaster Academy-which was coming soon-. Now in April of 2016, teenagers and adults will be arriving at the school-where the Adults will be teachers and teenagers will be students. Little did they know of what they got themselves into. During orientation and the grand opening of the school, the headmaster says to everyone that he is certain most did not come here to learn, but instead for the money they were promised. And yes, they were going to get the money, but not from learning. If they had read the letter (not the acceptance letter, but instead the letter claiming to give them money in exchange of attending Alabaster Academy) carefully, they would've read that the school was being made for a survival game. Yes, a survival game. A game where all those 6,000 people will have to go head to head and kill each other for the sake of money and graduation..or be killed in their attempt for money.

    The concept of the game is simple:
    —Each week, a student/teacher will be picked at random and become a target. This target is for the rest of the student body or teachers to kill in exchange of money. They have a week in order to kill the target, or witness a mass student body execution or someone being tortured as punishment for not killing the target in time. If the target is not killed in a week and manages to survive, they get to live. But they have a chance at being the target again. If the target is killed by someone or a group, they will receive money for it. Those who kill fifteen targets are free to leave, or stay for money, the choice is theirs.

    And with a concept to a game there is always instructions or rules that go with it:
    1. There will be no killing before a target is picked
    2. There will be no murder attempts during class time, all attempts at murdering the target can be held during the morning, lunchtime, or after school.
    3. Those who don't attempt at killing the target whatsoever are more likely to become victims of executions or torture is a target is not killed in a week.
    4. No leaving school grounds. Whether in a attempt to leave the school as a target or not, those who escape the school will be killed by the school's guards.
    5. There will be no attempts to murder the target during nighttime (11pm to 6am) those who attempt to kill the target will be forced to spend the night with the headmaster.
    6. No leaving your dorm unless if it's a emergency. If you need to leave there is a number in the student/teachers handbook that let's you call the headmaster. Be warned that you will be watched when you leave your dorm by the headmaster himself (via camera)
    7. No student shall sleep anywhere outside of their dormroom. For this you are given three warnings. If you're warned a third time you will be forced to sleep with the headmaster.
    8. Do not attempt to bargain with the headmaster, ever.
    9. Using weapons that did not come with your 'Welcome to Alabaster Academy' box in your dorm after 9pm is prohibited. Using such after nine will cause you to lose a body part, making it much more difficult to kill the target.
    10. Making Bombs and using them on the target is prohibited. Doing such ruins school property. If you do such you will be escorted out of the school and have a bomb strapped to you, exploding when the time hits zero.
    11. Never attack the headmaster's daughter. Ever.
    --More rules will be made later on as the game goes--

    Now that you know the concept and the rules of the game, will you survive and escape Alabaster Academy? Or will you fall victim just like the rest of the poor idiots who wanted money?
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