Akumulosis o.o

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  1. o.o what the crap happened where is AKU T.T *Tears*

    Akumulosis is missing *Sob*
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  2. O___O

    Maybe ask friends of this... Akumosis?
  3. Akumulosis... sorry typo.

    She is down to guest I don't know her friends T.T
  4. Man, I hate it when that happens.
  5. If her usertag is displaying as 'guest' then that probably means she's deleted her account, I'm afraid...
  6. *Sniffle* but why did she have to go? I hope she is ok :D
  7. Oh, dear.

  8. *Joins the group hug*
  9. She was the best of us.
  10. What's all this then?

  11. Atmosphere activated.
    Aku will be missed.
  12. Group Hug POWA.
  13. I did not know this was a thing.

    Yes, Akumu did delete her account.

    I can not give details as it is not my place to say but she is/will be fine and will likely be rejoining the forum at such a time when she is able to.
  14. /me joins group hug

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