Akumu Valley: Bloody Nightmare ((OOC/Sign-Ups))

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  1. Notice: Due to wandering, interested younger generations; keep all pictures in spoilers! I will not restrict the younger generation from participating as some are mature. All those who are under 18, please notice that this RP contains graphic content and that you must understand I or the other participants are NOT responsible for your Nightmares.

    **Be creative! This RP is all about being creative while stepping out of your comfort zone of being handsome or beautiful. You can't be the most beautiful woman in the world anymore....
    While this RP has goals with a Point A to Point B style, you are expected to delay and find other reasonable things to do as long as it's still part of the story. Example: Crafting Armor or Weapons to Fight against the Enemy.

    Down below the greatest city of Tokyo, Japan lies another city hidden from the society above. The hidden city known as, Akumu Valley, is a place where no human should ever step foot in and though it is hidden from society; some have claimed it exists. Those who claimed it's existence to be true were not wrong but they never lived to speak of it again...
    Akumu Valley houses some of the scariest creatures one could ever think of. These creatures walk among each other in bitter peace all while trying to avoid the humans above the surface. But now there are no more houses to fill, no room to build and the streets are getting flooded with homeless monsters causing rampage, and increase in theft. In the depths of the city lies the decaying carcass of the "Mayor", Mistress Taki Homoto, who has been watching over Akumu Valley. Unfortunately, there is little Mistress Taki can do for the city to solve the ever growing problem of poverty and has retreated from sight to hide her shame. One day a loyal officer approached her with a dark idea; "My Lady, what if we just get rid of them?" It was the last thing she would ever want to do, but without further ado she had the new era commence.

    You are a horrifying creature living in Akumu Valley that is witnessing one of the worst era's of all time. Everyone around the city has begun to call it; The Bloody Nightmare. Officers of the Akumu Valley has taken up arms and claim to be keeping order, yet Mistress Taki is oblivious to the fact that her once loyal faction of officers are actually killing all who do not bow before them. Each day there is more and more blood spilled as the Mayor just remains hidden in the depths. Now locals begun to team up and fight back as they try to convince Mistress Taki that things gone from bad to worse...


    Akumu Valley's Broken Loyalty Officers;
    • Creatures that have once worked for Mistress Taki in loyalty, now in spite. They are known to kill ruthlessly any who do not "kiss their asses" as Taki is unaware of this. Armed in pieces of metal armor, blunt weapons/machinery, and some with their own abilities have proven to be a tricky fraction to bring down though not impossible.
    Rising Darkness Outbreak;
    • Due to the Poverty and Violence by Mistress Taki's Officers, many creatures are slowly coming together to take them down. They are willing to take them down in anyway possible even if it means sacrificing others. The local creatures are not as equipped as the officers unless they are able to forge or steal the enemy's equipment but the locals do have more free room to use their abilities if any.
    Sacred Council;
    • True Loyalties of Mistress Taki who are beginning to see the truth within Akumu Valley. They are unable to communicate with Mistress Taki due to some of the Officers guarding her Sanctuary. Those in the Sacred Council are not capable of fighting but can provide support to allies and dress on "royal" garments. Since they are unable to get past the Guards, the Sacred Council begins to head out to the city and team up with locals. (Only Three Spots)

    1. Iwaku Rules Apply
    2. No God-Mod
    3. Character Death Upon Approval
    4. Proper Grammar and Lengthy Posts
    5. Pictures must be in Spoilers

    6. CS Must Await Approval Before Beginning

    Hints About The Story

    There is many paths this story can go and is open to creativity. Officers will be doing their best to stop locals reaching Mistress Taki, while Locals will fight for their rights, freedom and try to convince Mistress Taki that things need to stop. The Council should make their way to the inner parts of Akumu Valley and join up with the locals. Other than that; anything goes!

    Character Sheets


    Appearance: Pictures must be in spoilers, no anime, and a written description is still required! (5 Sentences Min) **Remember you are a horrifying creature. Don't get cutesy with your pictures. Scare someone!



    Special Ability: Only 1; Example: Invisibility, Transformation, Mind Reading, Element Bending, etc
    Skills: Only 3; Example: Stealth, Navigation, Metal-Work, Communications, Certain Weaponry Mastery etc
    Weaknesses: Balance Yourself!
    Mental Illness: If there is one.
    Weapons/Equipment: 1 Weapons, 2 Pieces of Equipment (Only to Start. You can get more later on.)


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  2. Reserved for Accepted Characters

    Mistress Taki (open)


    Name: Mistress Taki Homoto
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Teke Teke
    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'7''
    Weight: 31 Pounds
    Appearance: Mistress Taki is mainly made out of bones other than her torso and a majority of her arms. Her torso appears ripped as if something or someone ripped the lower half off of her, bone fragments stick out from the center but is unclear why. Taki also suffers from her spine becoming a horrifying, spiky tail that is frequently covered in blood and acts like a weapon. Taki is draped in red silk out of respect to hide her poor body by the Sacred Council. She has long black hair that is slowly turning silver from the tips and motionless, brown eyes.

    Personality: With all due respect, Taki is dead and has little emotions. The only emotion that is ever shown is a sly smile and eyes filled with pain along with an angry lashing from her cursed tail. Taki is unable to talk, but can simple communicate with anyone with gestures or telepathic communications. She tends to sound distant and frequently in pain.
    Likes/Dislikes: It is unclear what Taki enjoys and doesn't enjoy but the Sacred Council has learned she enjoys to feel "pretty"/
    Occupation: Mayor of Akumu Valley
    Relations: Unknown

    Special Ability: Telepathic Communications
    Skills: Adept Psychic Mastery, Navigation, Songstress
    Weakness: Unable to Move Around unless Carried, Psychic Powers are Limited, Cannot see into the Future,
    Mental Illness: Unknown/Many

    Biography: NPC/Semi-Controlled

    Svinna (open)


    Name: Svinna Durki
    Age: 51
    Race: Cursed Harpy
    Gender: Female

    Height: 8'2''
    Weight: 170
    Appearance: Svinna has the body of an Japanese oriented Swan, but once a beautiful Harpy, now an old "hag" of a bird. She once had vicious talons as her feet that now are replaced with human hands matching her long fragile hands. Svinna has no claws or talons only orange, long fingers. Her neck is long that holds a head smaller than an average person as it is hidden by a white mask to match her white, feathered body. Rumors claim that behind that mask lies sagging flesh that makes her face hard to find. She also has black long hair with a stripe of orange that matches her feathers.

    Personality: Shy and hateful has always been how Svinna was. Now that she is no longer a beautiful Harpy, her sense of hate is stronger. Don't mistaken her hate as a way of her not wanting to help or talk, when someone is able to convince her that she is still beautiful she becomes a strong ally willing to follow orders. When someone agrees with her that she is ugly, Svinna becomes extremely hostile.
    Likes: Being told She's beautiful, The Sound of an Harp, Fruit, Freedom
    Dislikes: Feeling Ugly, Bloody Nightmare Era, Heat
    Occupation: Gossiper
    Relations: None
    Faction:Rising Darkness Outbreak

    Special Ability: Endurance Flight
    Skills: Stealth, Communications, Information Gatherer
    Weakness: Unable to Use Hand-To-Hand Combat,
    Mental Illness: Bi-Polar
    Weapons: None

    Biography: Childhood is a faint memory of a wind spirit like most Harpies, the only thing she cares about is the present. Svinna was once a very beautiful woman with the body of a Swan and she flaunted every second of it. Unfortunately her parents thought she flaunted too much of it with the hate she used and turned her into an "old hag" to teach her a lesson. Now she suffers mentally of being self conscious, but she learned that if she can make others feel worse; then she was still pretty. Svinna eventually was banished from the skies as she took her hate out on everyone around her with false rumors, thus she landed in Japan. Akumu Valley is well known for hiding creatures and she made no delay getting there.
    Now Svinna enjoys to talk to the locals, gossip about other people and listening in to others. Some have begun to call her, "Gossiping Winds" as anyone who spoke were at risk of being listened to as Svinna was always around on ground and in air. Spy? Perhaps. Crazy Hag? Most certainly. Though shocking she had made a few friends, with their loyalty she has willingly transported them to places by air.

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