Akuma & Injected

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  1. Lexis let out a yawn as she opened up another gossip magazine, scissors in hand. Working the graveyard shift had it perks, like no customers giving Lexis "me time" something she didn't have back at home with 4 younger siblings and two older sisters. A soft ding shattered the silence in the small 7/11 "welcome to..." she didn't finish before two large bodies pushed her back making her fall to the ground with a thud "Stay down, Bitch" on spat out, pointing a gun to her head as the other one smashed the till open. "Man its empty, I told you this was a bad idea" his voice filled with panic "y-y-you only can p-p-ay with card after 12am" Lexis stated "Take what you can and run" the gun wielding man turned and started grabbing smokes off the counter Lexis took this chance to escape "BANG" was the last sound she heard before her world went black

    when Lexis finally gained concious again she spotted to cops on the over side of the store. "thank god you are here, these to guy came in and robbed the place" she started to explain as she made her way over to them"What a shame she was so young" the fattest of the two cops bowed his head"and beautiful,shame they got away" the second one added "What are guys tal...." Lexis was left speechless for the second time that night as she realised what they were looking at, they where looking at her dead body. Her skin was a pale as the white dress she wore, her normally bright blue eyes looked dull and lifeless, her long plated hair was now covered in blood and not to mention she now had a big freaking bullet whole right in centre of her forehead. Lexis took a look around noticing that the scene was starting to draw a crowed.
  2. He was driving down the road to with a smile on his face until he saw the uproar of police and other other cars zooming towards a 7/11, He drove past it not wanting to deal with a big situation but little did he know the situation would travel upon to him. His name Alex Wraith, He turned his music up to drown out the sounds of sirens and people shouting. He was still looking when he saw something white standing next to a covered body, He rubbed his eyes and sped off thinking he was just seeing things again. He just continued to drive and made it to his apartment complex were he parked and got out his car. He rushed up the steps and opened the door with his keys and rushed through the door closing it behind him. He locked it quickly and let a breath of relief escape his mouth looking around the room, He walked and sat down on his couch pulling out, of a small grocery bag, some Chinese food that he picked up on the way.

    He opened it up, the aroma hitting the air and spreading like a wild fire to his nostrils and filling his taste buds with a tingling sensation. He was starving, He began to dig into the food while turning the TV on he noticed the TV news alert speaking of a girl shot at the 7/11 his eyes then fluctuated and he stopped moving for a moment as his mind skipped around and found the white figure again and matched the picture of the girl up with it. But he snapped out of it and shook his head changing the channel to a comedy channel and continued to eat his food. He was a weird guy but everyone is, but him especially was weird.