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  1. Name: Hannah Love (left)
    Age: 20 ( twin with Anna)
    personality: Sweet | shy | stubborn |
    looks like: [​IMG]

    Name: Anna Love ( right)
    age: 20 ( twin with Hannah)
    personality: Funny, sarcastic, doesn't listen and stubborn,
    looks like:[​IMG]

    Name: Angel Sweet
    Age: 19, almost 20
    Personality: Shy, funny, loving, stubborn
    Looks like: [​IMG]
  2. Name: Akiva Mahiome
    Age: 21
    Personality: Quickly aggrivated, Motivate, Funny, violent
    Looks like: [​IMG]

    Name: Marko Valiche
    Age : 19 almost 20
    Personality: Physcotic, Nice, Harsh, Lenient
    Looks like: [​IMG]

    Name: Mittsulini Vertage
    Age: 20
    Personality: Bipolar, intelligent, quickly aggravated, Quiet
    Looks like: [​IMG]
  3. Setting: When they are taken to them.

    hannah got her blanket from the car, and she put it on the floor of the forest. Sitting there and then seeing her twin sister, she high fived her. Seeing her sister taking pictures cause this country was pretty but pretty desserted. She was happy. Until Anna said, " Sis? Angel?" She looked up and seen some people, in the same uniform carrying the weapons.
    Angel was being held. " about time... um.. I.. look?" She said.
    But the three were being dragged to the house, until they three were thrown and the group that found them spoke about how they found them three.
    Hannah was confused, looking at the two, scared. Wondering what was going on, they were just visiting. Running her hand through her long brown hair.
    Anna looked at her sister before looked at Angel, before all three of them looked up to see he three at the chairs.
    Angel looked and caught a glance of the three. She can tell they were the leaders. She shook her head.
  4. The three men look at each other and then at the girls on the floor, The man in the middle Mittsulini was the main leader his purple eyes scanning the girls like a hawk. Then to his right was Akiva his "right hand man" he was a bit of a brute and to his left was Marko the Physco, Mittsulini spoke and said " O lovely more whores " The gaurds smirked and nodded there heads as they were shooed off by a wave of his hand. He then said " Now you little girls what are you names and make it quick i have little patience right now " Akiva was running his hand through his hair as he store right at Anna, and Marko was staring right at Angel with a smirk on his face and his head tilted a bit to the side. The whole place they were brought to was a large area for these rebels. A girl with tattered clothes came up to Akiva holding a bowl of Grapes, he looked at her and picked one out of the bowl. As he bit down he hit something hard in the middle of it, His face went from smirk to angry frown. He began to shake and he closed his hands and then opened them and shouted in her face. " YOU DUMB WHORE! I ASKED FOR NO SEEDS! " she shook while standing there. She had a few bruises on her face from him and he was about to make a new one. He open palmed smacked her across the face, causing her to fall to the floor dropping the grapes. He sprawled across the floor as guards ran up and picked her up and dragged her out. Even though the whole situation went down right there the leader seemed to still be focused on the girls.
  5. Hannah and Anna were secretly holding hands, since they were twins. Hannah glanced up, her orange eyes. whores? They were far from whores, being the oldest of them, she was just mad, wanting to protect her friend, Angel and her sister, Anna. She hated this. But then hearing about the names, " We're not little." She spoke, trying to calm down. But her eyes followed a girl who got slapped and was near them, She whispered something.. Anna heard what it was but Hannah didn't, or Angel. She shook her head, " Well our names?" She asked. She glanced over at the girls.
    Angel, know that they'd have to say their names, she shrugged when Hannah looked at her, but then she looked up to see who spoke to them, "We are far from whores.. by the way." She said in a gentle voice. She looked up. seeing the smack. She couldn't find words. She gulped. She looked at Anna who was shocked and pale from seeing that.
    Anna was completely shocked, but hearing them, she tilted her head and closed her eyes. she nodded to her sister, they had no way out of this.. they were trapped. She opened her mouth lightly, " I-I'm Anna." She said softly, finally looking up and running a hand through her hair. Her bright blue eyes showing, through her side bangs.
    Hannah looked at her sister, confused why she gave in, they still could've tried to not do that.. and try to run away. But looking at angel who wasn't speaking a word. hannah was going to give in, or at least her name. She said, " Hannah."
    angel shook her head, she wasn't going to say, she was in the middle. she was the youngest and smallest. She looked up, ' Names aren't important." She said softly.
  6. Akiva head went from looking at the girl being carried away to Angel, he stood up and was beginning to walk down towards her. His hands in fist's, he was the most violent of the group he was quickly aggravated and with her not complying she just ticked him off more than the grapes. He walked closer and closer until he was right over her, He grabbed her by the shirt and lifted her up off the floor he was so strong he could hold her up off the floor letting her legs dangle. " Names arnt important are they? so neither would be your death " His hands grappled tighter around her shirt. until Mittsulini said " Let her go " He looked back and Mittsulini nodded at him, Letting her fall down to the floor. He walked back to his seat and sat down his hands shaking with anger he wasn't able to express, Mittsulini said " Your names do matter because what if i cant address you correctly...then ill resort to names along the lines of Whore..skank...Mutt...Bastard...Slave " He said slave with a slow wording towards the end. He had a smile on his face as he looked at Hannah who he seemed to find attractive.
  7. Angel gasped, and when he grabbed her by the shirt it was her favorite shirt. She was getting angered by how he was ruining her sisters. She said, " really try telling the ones who are with me. She swung her feet and when someone said to let her go, she kicked him where it should hurt and she fell onto her leg wrong. She gasped in pain. She closed her eyes softly. She was in pain. She glared at the guy who dropped her, she held where she heard her foot snap.
    Anna looked at angel worriedly. She then said, " Are you okay!!" She went to her. She frowned and looked at the guy who hurt her. She blinked softly. She whined and went to her, Hannah next to Angel too, trying to figure out if she was okay.
    Hannah sighed softly and looked at the guy who looked at her, " Well all those names are false." She said softly, she frowned. She looked back at angel. " Dear, it's just easier to say so... or else.. we won't see another day. " She said this softly as she whispered this, so no one can hear.
    Angel frowned hearing the two. " Okay okay! " She looked at him. " Angel.. It's angel. " She groaned, she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip.
  8. Mittsulini continued to smile and said " There...was that so hard? " He the waved over to two of the troops who walked over. He said " Takes this ladies to get fitted " Getting fitted was a course of being Stripped down to nothing, showered and put in tattered clothes. He smirked and said " Have fun ladies " The three men stood up and walked down a staircase, they entered a small office were people were rushing back and forth and shouting codes into microphones. This was there command post were everything that the rebellion new about came to. He shouted and said " Weve got three new ones! i want names taken down and ages the whole nine yards! " He clapped and everyone continued back to work, He walked through the back as Akiva and Marko followed him. They walked into an officer were a window was, the window was one way and on the other side was the showers. He sat down and chuckled running his fingers together saying " Lets see what lies underneath those girls "
  9. Angel gasped, she shook her head, she didn't know what that meant but she was scared to find out. She felt herself being dragged just as her friends were too. They were led to a room where they were stripped and they were forced into the showers. Angel hated this, hearing a demand, that she had to clean up or else she won't shower for a month. So she cleaned herself softly. When Anna was stripped she felt violated. She knew that Angel felt violated. She was thrown into the shower and she was put in and told the same thing, angel had eyes that told her to do what they said, which Anna did. When Hannah was put into the room she tried to fight back, " let me go!!!" she whined, not wanting to be stripped down, them three were virgins. When she was thrown in, the guy said the same thing as the other two did. She sighed and slowly washed up, she won't listen to anyone, she needs to wash up anyways. One of the guards whispered to the others, " Wish we could...." And then rest were in a whisper. She blinked. When they all washed up. The men dried them and put them in the fitted clothes. But in the showers you could see that all three of the girls had a tattoo. Angel had a chest one . Hannah had a side one , and Anna had a lower back one . When they all three were put in the clothes, they were forced to go into the room where they were going to get information at and stuff.
  10. Mittsulini walked into the room were they were being questioned and being finger printed, it was like a prison. The girls would of been implanted with a small tracking device which they place in all the slaves, He walked up behind Hannah and puts his hands around her waist. He blew a bit in her ear and said " I like you...more than the rest of the girls..so let me strike you a deal...you be my slave and ill treat you right. " He let go of her and walked back through to his office, The way they went about choosing who were to be slaved towards was by them making a choice and then the Leaders running it over themselves. They wanted to be a bit fair but in the end the choice was really up to the leaders. Akiva looked at Mittsulini and said " i want that Angel girl...she will do me great deeds " Mittsulini nodded taking in the information and then Marko said laughing " I want the sweet Anna one...i love a silent girl " Mittsulini then chuckled and said " Alright...ill take Hannah into my slave squadron...shes smart enough for tactical " He clasped his hands together making a loud noise and said " Well then its settled "
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  11. Angel, Anna, and Hannah didn't know they will soon have tracking devices put into them. They had no idea. But they thought they were practically forced to answer their questions.Hannah was done answering and giving them the finger prints. She rubbed her pointer finger and thumb together as she stood up. She felt someone blow into her ear. It made her hair stand up a little. She then blinked. She felt his hands on her waist. She looked to the side, hearing this, she felt like she should trust him She gulped. She sighed, " alright." She muttered. She looked up she turned and wanted to see who that was but the door closed.
    Anna sighed finally finishing. She walked to her sister, before she looked at the person who she got the information to, she didn't realized they were going to put chips in them. She looked at the door, " Hannah whats wrong?" She asked. She knew their was no escape. Wait, where was her phone so she can tell her manager about this. Since they wanted to know. But they knew they'd be in that room again. She'll call when she can. Sh looked at Hannah and smiled lightly. She bit her lower lip and hugged her older sister.
    Angel was the tough one, the people kept asking, soon getting louder and louder until both Anna and Hannah said, " answer them!! "Angel sighed and softly answered their questions. She looked over and wondered. She walked to the girls but then there was people that pushed them to another room that had beds and things in a container, and tools... for surgery.. Angel seen this and went to run. She was caught, She screamed. Let me go!!! ". She groaned.
    anna sighed seeing this, she held onto her sister tightly, she didn't know what to do, she then was led to a table forced to lay down and felt something opening her skin and put something in and sew it up. Same thing happened with Angel and Hannah.
    that afterwards all held the side where that happened, with no pain pills or numbing on the skin, they were put in the room where the leader and co-leaders were, the one said, " the process has been complete, we have files for them. Pushing the three to them
    Anna gasped in pain. as she was pushed and held onto her older sister, She was always together with er sister. She noticed the three in the chairs. she didn't know what to think of this.
    Angel groaned, hating how painful that was, and the guy who put the chip in her, as he turned to her, she tripped him swiftly without letting them know that she moved her leg just an inch. she giggled a little, Somebody doesn't know how to walk." She said sympathetically.
    Both of the girls giggle lightly, Hannah rolled her eyes, as the guys left. She then looked at the three ahead of them. She crossed her arms. She looked at her younger sister, looking in her eyes softly before looking in front of her. Anna hid behind Hannah since she was the shy one.
  12. " Whats so funny... i want to laugh to " Akiva said as he cracked his knuckles with his hand, He had a small smirk on his face while he was eating grapes from a bowl. Mittsulini shooed his hand in front of Akiva's face and Akiva became silent, the room silent as he looked through the three folders of the girls. He then said " Alright girls...you are about to be assigned to your...'sector' were you will work and do whatever we say...if you resist...then ill let Akiva do what he does best " He handed a folder to Akiva and then one to Marko, Marko smirked and said " Me first then? " The two nodded with a smile and Mittsulini wave him on. Marko got up from his seat and walked over towards Anna with a smile on his face he looked at her and said " Your stuck with me now lets go " He said as he walked towards the door, If she resisted two guards would grab her and take her in the direction of were Marko was going. Akiva stood up and shook his folder saying " Lets go then Angel..its just you and me " He would walk up to her and pick her up by the arm and move her out the room. He was a rough guy and thats the way he went about things knowing she would of course fight back with him. The door closed and Mittsulini and Hannah were the only ones left in the room.
    He spoke " Hello Hannah..how was your process? " He said as he was looking through her folder, which held most of her information and most things other people wouldn't know about her " He licked his finger and flipped a page and glanced at her to see if she was still there just incase she tried to break for it. He then said " Welcome to my squadron..heh.. you'll be in the intelligent group ". As they talked Marko was taking Anna to there part of the base, Marko was the stealth and the quiet of the group which would work perfect for Anna since she stayed silent. He spoke and said " Welcome...welcome to my section! " the area was filled with people scattering about, typing messages or doing some type of manual labor to build this area. He spun in a circle and stopped in front of her, he ran his finger from the bottom of her neck to her chin saying " You will be working with me..personally " A grin on his face " I hope you will make the right decision's of course...not many people get to work with the co-leader " He smirked and kept walking.
    Akiva was still holding onto angel and was basically taking her to wherever he was going, He spoke as he tagged her along " Your working in my section, the armed forces section. " He smirked as he looked at her saying " i picked you personally...because i love it when they fight back " He motion towards the people training and punching punching-bags. There were people running around serving other people and a few people getting slapped around or punched in the face, he brought her to his office and tossed her into the room, He closed the door behind them locking it. He went to his desk and put the folder on the desk, leaning in his chair he looked at angel and said " Not many people get to work close with me but..i like your fight back style...an i like a women when they struggle " He was a messed up man in the head but in this rebellion who cares.
  13. Angel, and Anna were taken away by the leader who picked them.
    Hannah blinked and looked at him, she sighed lightly. she didn't know what to do. she looked down softly, ' was it you who... spoke to me... during... the um... information was given?" She heard him ask. She walked to a chair, sitting next to him. She bit her lower lip. She then said, " painful." She said softly. In the portfolio thing said that she was a good dancer, that she had dancing lessons when she was younger, and she can sing, a lot she had experiences in bars... She can play alot of things, the piano, cello, and harp. She blinked softly. Sitting next to him. " Will you truly treat me nice?" She asked.
    Anna was walking with her so called ' master' She sighed softly, she played with her necklace. She looked over at him, she didn't know what to do. She blinked softly. As he spun in a circle. She only kept her eyes on him, she didn't know what to think, was she going to see her sister again, plus she was so calm about this. She looked behind her before she felt the bottom of her neck touched to the chin, she raised an eyebrow. Fear shocked her eyes, she shook her head softly, she stopped in her tracks when he walked, one girl passed and whispered, " better listen" she whispered as she walked by. Anna blinked and started to walk to follow him.
    Angel felt how he was holding onto her. She frowned. She then shook her head. Even though she knew karate. She looked over where she seen her friends last. She bit her lower lip. She glanced over at the place. She then watched people around her. She didn't know what to do, yeah, she ca fight back. She blinked nd when he got tossed into a room, she fell. She held onto her bad ankle. She glared at him, " So what?! I Mean you are just so cruel. " She didn't know what to do. She tilted her head softly. She closed her eyes softly before she stood to move to sit in a different chair away from him.
  14. Mittsulini put his hand on hers and looked her in the eyes with his purple eyes and said " yes it was me in the information room " He smirked at how she said painful about the tracking device and then said " of course ill treat you right..as long as you dont aggravate me because then...thats what you dont want me to be " When he became angry he was the most hostile man in the world, he didn't care who or what you were he was going to beat on you until you apologized for making his fist's hurt. He looked at her profile and said " Oh so you dance? well then...lets see " He motioned his hand to the open area were she could dance in his office, it was probably big enough but.. she would have to deal with it anyways. Marko brought her to a room were there where many other girls and some men , He said " welcome to your bedroom or your...hang out corner?....but if you like...you could stay with me in my room " He snickered a bit as he twirled his finger in a circle, three girls walked up to Anna and grabbed her by the arms. They brought her to her bed which was nothing but a hard mattress and some springs on the bottom of it, there was a small wool blanket that they could use to keep warm and a pillow full of hay. He smirked and said " Get yourself acquainted and in 10 minutes i want you in my office so we can have a little private chat okay? " He pointed at her with his pointer finger and his thumb making a gun noise, he walked out and punched some random guy in the stomach, the man fell to his knees and was laughing a bit before he stood back up. Akiva looked at angel and smiled saying " I am mean because your type of people need to learn a lesson " He spat out the open window to his side and then leaned back more looking at her gaining distance from him. it aggravated him a bit but he shrugged it off slowly. " You know i only took you because those other two wouldn't use you to your full potential " He fiddled with his fingers as he stared right at her.
  15. Hannah looked into his eyes. She was caught and stuck and lost in his eyes. She smiled lightly. she nodded. She sighed, " My friend and sister would do that, I don't do anything that aggravate people. " She smiled calmly. She looked into the space that she was told to dance at. She stood up, " alright... what type of dancing.. I can dance all... " She said. She paused. " Well I suppose I'll just do one of this mixes.. again." She grinned she went to the space where she began to dance, she was sexy when danced all of those. She was pretty good at dancing, when she danced in the bars.. she made them be little toddlers. She grinned when she stopped. She was breathing heavily. She walked over to him. She sighed softly. She said, " how did you like that?" She asked softly.
    Anna sighed softly, she didn't know what to do, she looked at the male. Seeing what was in the room. She looked down and sighed. She was scared. She looked down. " I-i guess" She said softly. She looked down. She said, " just me or?" She felt her onto a bed. She looked at the females.. She was scared. She didn't know what to do.
    Angel looked at the male when he spoke, she tilted her head, " People my type? Oh what do you mean?" She asked innocently. She didn't know what he meant by that. She crossed her arms over her chest, not trying to make her breasts look bigger. She rolled her eyes. " Sure." She said softly. She bit her lower lip. She looked at him as he fiddled with his fingers. " Aww am I making you nervous?" She asked.
  16. Mittsulini smirked and said " Wonderful " he put his hand out and ran his hand through her hair, All of a sudden he grabbed her hair and pulled her to him causing her to fall into him. He spoke softly and said " only one thing...you made decisions without taking my opinion " He let her go and dusted himself off and his eyes went back to a normal calm him " Im sorry...that was a weird outburst " He shook his head trying to shake it. Marko was in his office just shifting through papers reading up on Anna's skills and attributes he wanted to know what she could do also so he could probably apply it to his advantages. Akiva looked at her when she asked about her people but he ignored it until she said " am i making you nervous " He smirked and stood up from his seat and said " no not nervous..but aggravated... i was doing that so i wouldn't have to do this but...why not? " He balled his fist's up and was walking over towards her slowly, he picked her up from her seat and made her stand. Then he began putting his foot to were she hurt her ankle. He began applying pressure to the pain letting it increase slowly saying " im sorry...im so nervous...im so scared of you " He continued to apply pressure his face had no emotion.
  17. Hannah blinked softly, she smiled she felt his hand through her hair. She was about to kiss him but then she stopped when he grabbed her hair and she fell herself pulled on him. She tensed. She closed her eyes, she had her hands not sure where, she knew of, but they were in places where virgins hands shouldn't be She tensed as she felt this. She stood back up fixing herself. She sat in the chair, rubbing her head where he grabbed her hair. She blinked a little unsure what to do about that, " I-i'm sorry I should've let your opinion be told." She looked down softly.
    Anna had some dancing skill, but the only at the bar, and belly dancing since Hannah was her sister, she did have the same uniqueness. She though, was more gentle and she also was great at playing some instruments, the guitar and the harp. She is too sweet. She had other talents that men wished women had, but anna was a virgin. So there could be a lot of advantages to this. She tilted her head and wondered. When time was up, she alone, came into the room. She was scared.
    Angel looked at him, she didn't know what to do, she felt her standing up, trying to not get pressure on her bad foot, but then feeling pressure. She gasped in pain, she tensed. She was so scared she was hurting so bad tears fell, but no sound. She moved her hands onto his chest, pushing him slightly, she wrapped her leg behind him. She didn't know what to do, she looked at him. She tripped him and fell onto him, getting a dagger from his pocket. She was on top of him. She put the dagger to his throat. " don't do that.." She said. She looked at him, she glared softly. She didn't know what to do. she couldn't kill someone, or even hurt someone, well sorta.. She glared harshly at him.
  18. He ran his hand through his own hair with a smile " i should of told you that i was...easily aggravated " he puts his hand on her leg and he leaned forward to her inspecting her again with his purple eyes. He then said " It also says here in this folder that you are....a virgin? " He looked at the folder and then at her and clapped his hands a bit " that is a good thing...very good " He had a small smile on his face and his eyes were squinted a bit when he smiled. Marko had his feet on his desk and was watching a television that was suspended in the corner. He looked at her and said " come in the good TV shows are just starting " They lucky got cable from a hacked cable box which they used to get into the cable systems unlocking all the channels. he motion for her to sit in one of the various chairs in his office, He took a sip of some tea and said " So Anna i see you have plenty of skills " He was looking at the folder and then said " how about you play me a little tune " he pointed at the acoustic guitar sitting in the corner of the room. As she got on top of him and put the knife to his neck he smirked and said " your perfect...just perfect " but as she lived the moment of taking him down. His hands were already on her hips, He lifted her like she was a kid and kind of shooed her off him. He got up from the floor and said " you can keep the dagger... you'll need it in this area " He went back to his desk and sat down marking something off in the folder.
  19. Hannah blinked and looked at him, she raised an eyebrow. But when he placed a hand on her leg. She looked at him, looking away. She sighed and closed her eyes softly. But jumped when he jumped, " Why is that good?" She asked softly. She blinked softly. She raised an eyebrow. " I don't know why that is good, I mean yeah it shows I can say no to men." She stood up as she looked around, she went over to the grape mess, to clean it up, placing it up on a table. She turned of at him.
    Anna was scared. She sighed softly. She looked at him when he spoke. She shrugged. She seen the guitar, she grabbed it, she then sat in a chair thinking. She started to pluck to see if the guitar was in tune, before she started to play a song. She was glad. She looked up at him when she finished. She placed the guitar back. She smiled a little. " Did you like?" She asked. She looked at the television.
    Angel blinked as she felt his hands on her hips. No one touched her hips, she was a virgin. Hating how so small and light she was. She blinked and seeing that he went to get her. She looked around, she seen how he marked something off. She frowned and looked at him, she went to go behind him, she put less pressure on her hurt ankle. She said, " what are you doing?"
  20. He smirked and said " It is good because it shows you have not just the potential to say no but a strong will power and respect for yourself...am i not correct? " He ran his fingers through his hair letting it go back and then rest in its original position again. He looked at the bowl of grapes that she picked up and smiled she was already on a good track. He marked something off in the folder and tapped the pen on the desk. Marko looked at her when she was done, he had a crazy look in his eyes and then he said " That was amazing! " He loved music and especially when it was played Acoustically, He marked something down in the folder and then leaned looking at her. He said " Are you able to be silent? like a ninja " He smirked waiting for her response. Akiva looked back at her coming to him and said " Well have a seat before you ankle explodes, and what im doing is basically grading you on whether or not you should be able to stay here or be killed off...you know...cant have weaklings or neanderthals in here. He smirked looking at her again " So my main question here is...how did you get caught by our troops "
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