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    "In the beginning, the gods made the first wolves, the Aegis. They lived for centuries without aging and thought themselves immortal... but they were wrong. "

    Welcome to Argaia, a land where wolves come in all shapes and sizes; from those smaller than a fox to those larger than a wolfhound. Wolves live and die by their Will, a mystical energy that flows through all living things and gives life to the universe. In this world, magic is common-place and can change the tide in any war. There are many paths to choose from here, and only one way to find out where yours will lead.

    [*] high-structure, fantasy wolf role-play
    [*] unique species, including immortals
    [*] mutations, spells, and items in our Shop
    [*] easy-to-earn rewards system
    [*] multiple packs with individualized culture
    [*] intermediate-advanced, 250 word post minimum

    Is your Will strong enough?
    Akrasia RPG
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.