Akira High School

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  1. A high school filled with unique students. Very unique...
  2. The bell rings and all the students scatter to their class rooms, every one except for Eli of course. He looks down at his schedule and tries to find his first class. When he looks back up from it, he looks around for is class room. This looks way different from my other school, he thought. He glances at one specific class, there it is! He pushes the door opened and all the student turn his way to look at him. He glances at them then turns his attention to the teacher, walking toward him . "Aw," the teacher said, " you must be the new student. Mr. Storm right?". Eli gives him a slight nod, "Its Eli Storm" he says simply and takes a seat in the back, everyone still staring at him. He looks at them and see some whispering to one another. This should be an interesting day.
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    Once the teacher was about to say something a guy who happen to be the new student entered the room, everyone around turned their attention to him, some were whispering others kept quite minding their business.

    The student beside Allyn tapped her desk with a pen and whispered, " Hey, you've been staring at the new kid, you like him don't you-- "

    " He looks like an idiot. " Allyn countered and made her attention to the teacher in front listing for the next thing they would say. " I'm just joking you don't have to take it seriously Allie. " the girl beside her already decided that to be her nickname.

    Allyn smiled to the girl beside her and said. " I know, cause if it wasn't a joke i'd kill you. " The girl smiled nervous y then stared at the teacher, Finally some quite, she thought to herself. Allyn never really pays attention to anyone around her, the only thing she cared about was her studies.
  4. ( I don't mind at all :)) Once the teacher begins his lesson the majority of people turn to face him. Eli then looks at Allyn.
  5. Allyn got her pen and twirled it around using her left hand while listening to the teacher, she'd studied this before so there was practically no use for her to write it down although.... What the hell... for some reason she felt like someone was staring at her, of course she wanted to look back but that would just make her look stupid, " Pssst, Allie! " the girl beside her began calling her name in a whisper repeatedly.

    Obviously she got annoyed and stared at her, " What? " " In break will you eat wi-- " immediately she looked away making the girl really shocked, there was no way she'd not listen to the teacher for just a simple request. Like always she'd give the cold shoulder to anyone, but she didn't mind as long as her grades were excellent. And this time she vowed to be top one this year not like last year. There was already a chip on her head showing how annoyed she was thinking of what had happen before.
  6. Eli is able to hear Allyn's conversation and cannot help but smirk. The guy in front of him turns around to face him, "So Eli is it? See any cute girls?" Eli looks at him wondering if he is serious then just gives him a little shrug.
  7. A small paper airplane landed on her desk revealing a not, alright this girl was starting to piss her off, she opened the letter and showed a messy handwriting, Is even right to judge her..... , she thought to herself.

    ' Allyn, will you be my friend? ' she looked over the girl beside her smiling brightly while listening to the teacher, she really did want a friend. But she'd never have any if she was that annoyed.

    She couldn't help but sigh, she wrote something in the paper and threw it back to her, there revealed a broken face. ' No ' Allyn wrote, she saw the girl about to cry. Read the bottom you idiot.

    ' But i'll be kind enough to hand out with you in break. ' there it added, the girl now was moved with tears and gave a thumbs up. Allyn looked away annoyed, I just said yes why is she even crying? By the window she looked outside already being deep in thought.

    After all this was a new year, who knows what unexpected things could happen.
  8. The teacher tells student to get into groups and this is then that Eli decides to interfere Between Allyn and the girl. Eli gets up and walks up to them. Eli pasts on a warm smile and says "Hey, I am sorry for interfering like this but I think she is trying to focus on her school work."
  9. That shot an arrow on her shoulder, she looked behind her and saw the new guy standing there. The girl was already admiring him not even minding the fact he came here to say something to her, but there was something that she was forgetting. " ....Who are you again? " she asked straight forward. That was the one she forgot. " Ah... the new school idiot right? " Allyn asked.

    The girl right beside her stared at Allyn very shocked as if she was going to throw a tantrum. " Allie, don't call him that. " she said in a low whisper. " But it is true. "
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    Justine burst into the classroom, panting. "Sorry 'Cher for being late," she gave a sheepish smile before walking to her seat. Her hair was dyed electric blue with vivid red highlights, and has one red and one blue eye.

    While taking out her notebook her contents in her bag fell out, the reason being that she's clumsy. She smiled sheepishly at everyone, blushing a little before picking it up.

    At the corner of her eye she spotted someone different, a newcomer. She turned around excitedly to him and waved a 'hi' enthusiastically before turning back.
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    A chair in the back of the class shuffles and makes a squeaking noise as the door bursted open and in came Justine. The male in the back was asleep since he didn't get much sleep the night before, His red hue eyes looked up from his hanging head position since he was rattle by the door. His Naturally white hair blocked off one of his eyes so that he couldn't make complete eye contact, He smiled and looked back down at his paper as she fumbled and became clumsy. He then noticed a newcomer that he hadn't noticed was here, He had been asleep most of the class so why would he know? He adjusted his blank red shirt and returned to slouching in his chair a bit.
  12. Eli looks at Allyn and gives her a small smile " My name is Eli. Nice to meet you."Eli looks at Allyn and gives her a small smile " Then he sees Justine, walks up to her and helps her with her things. "Here you go."
  13. "Thank you!" She smiled sheepishly. Justine then turned around to see the mysterious white hair guy, and walked over to him, tripping up a few things in the process. "Hi," she finally said to him. "Didn't get to know your name, what is it?" She smiled, and sat down beside him.
  14. "Hi." He looks at her, "My name is Eli. And yours?" his face emotionless.Then he glances back at Allyn. All of a sudden Eli hears a commotion going on outside of the class room and walks out the door "Mr. Storm!" The teacher yells as soon as the door closes. Eli sees a guy messing with a scrawny kid and sighs. Great, he thought, looks like I have to take care of this. He cracks his knuckles and walks up to the guy. Then he grabs him by the shirt and slams him against a locker. "Hey! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?" The guy tries to knee Eli in the stomach but he catches his knee and punches him in the stomach. He then lets go of the guys shirt making him fall to the ground. "If I see you doing crap like that again, don't expect me to go easy on you." Eli says coldly and walks back into the classroom.
  15. " I'm so lucky! Thanks to you i get to talked to the new kid! " I couldn't care less. You just sound like a creepy stalker, Allyn thought staring at the girl, she looked at Eli again then sighed looking away, Is everyone here that annoying?

    The girl poked Allyn's shoulder, " Why do you get so annoyed quickly. " the girl stopped then stared at her, " Nothin' " Allyn responded, basically she thinks everyone was annoying. She looked at the door where the new kid had ran off to and shrugged, Acting like a hero? yet making the teacher mad. " See! I like him more no-- "

    " Can you shut up? Thanks " Allyn smiled at her then looked away staring at the window.
  16. "Sorry Teach. Had to take care of something." Eli says as he walks in, then mutters "Annoying little pests." as he walks in he looks at Allyn.
  17. The teacher yelled and woke the boy up from his sleep, the teacher looks furriated and looks at Constant who was sitting in the back. Constant looked up at him and sighed making a twisted face, Standing up from his chair he nodded to the teacher and fixed his leather jacket. " Dont worry ill tell him " Constant, or known as his original name Constantine, Walks to the door and is hit by the door opening back up when Eli re entered. His face against the small window of the door smooshed into it. He laughed a bit and peeled his face off the window looking back at the teacher giving him that this is all your fault look, Constantine went back to his seat and sat down. Fixing his leather jacket again.
  18. "Shit man." Eli says. "You alright?"
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    >> Ethan "Fishy"


    e yawned, bored by the small conversations going on. He hadn't bothered to move from his seat to meet the new kid. It was probably another jock, or another person who wanted attention. "Annoying, annoying, annoying." He muttered to himself, hand holding his head up. His violet eyes were half lidded, an obvious sign of boredom. Why would a new kid bother coming? It would have been better had he not, maybe. Or it could be that Ethan was just tired and annoyed of all the new idiots who happened to join school late. His eyes turned to the board, where some information from the day before, and today was written. He was pretty sure less than half of the class was even listening, anymore. New kids always stirred up trouble.

    Having taken his notebook out, he was currently writing down the information that was set on the board that he might have missed. Everything inside the notebook was organized and completely neat. It was rather odd to see a boy with nice handwriting. How stereotypical. He loved the sound of pencils or pens scratching against the paper. Purely wonderful.

    When he saw the new kid walk back in, he only assumed what had probably happened. If the kid continued like that, he'd probably have more than one person against him. And here, that would probably be a bad thing. Especially if you didn't "belong" to a group already. Ethan felt his hand twitch, probably annoyed with the position it was in. He removed his hand from it's spot, and continued to write down important details. Was Ethan a teachers pet?

  20. He walks to the seat in front of Allyn and plops down in it. "Eli!" the teacher yells. Eli blinks and looks at him "Yeah?" The teacher eyes him, "Who are you working with?" It takes him a minute to realize what he is talking about the he points at Allyn with his thumb. "Her." he says.