Aki has a Devianart (at last!)

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  1. Hmm...oh. I should warn you that my sleeping schedule is messed up again. So I would not expect me to be up in the morning from now on, unless I say otherwise. As it stands I am mostly up in the afternoon. Hmm...so you can expect a post tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully early in the afternoon like 3pm or so.

    Hmm.....I do got some school work to do tomorrow, myself. But I am hoping that wont take much time. At the very least I should get one post out - worse case. But I am hoping for several posts.
  2. Anya let out a pleasurable moan.
  3. Harmony carried Melody to her bed and put her down with the teddy bear, "You like the bigger bed don't you." Harmony lie next to Melody and hum to her softly.

    Ashley rub her eye, still sleepy.