Akemi's Character Dump

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  1. I make all of my characters through blog posts. So, here is an easy place to find all the special little munchkins and organise them so they're easier to find. I will update this as often as possible. All your comments and such are greatly appreciate, since I love getting feedback on my writing.

    While I don't mind people taking ideas from my characters and using them in their own way, I will be immensely pissed if someone stole my characters. Should I find out you have stolen them and claimed it's your own work, I will report you and publicly chew you out. I know this is harsh, but I really dislike stealing and it hurts when someone thinks it's okay to steal another's work which, more often than not, they have poured their heart and soul into.

    Anime Face Claims
    The Girls
    • Risa Takamura
    • Koneko Ito (Coming Soon)
    • Yuki Tsukino (Coming Soon)
    • Suzu Ueno (Coming Soon)
    The Boys
    • Daisuke Fukui (Coming Soon)
    • Isaac DiPetro (Coming Soon)
    • Subaru Hinmaru (Coming Soon)
    • Graham Montgomery (Coming Soon)
    Real Life Face Claims
    The Girls
    • Piper Dullum
    • Basia Fabianelli (Coming Soon)
    • Afra Lowsley (Coming Soon)
    • Dina Belyakov (Coming Soon)
    The Boys
    • Isaac Montgomery (Coming Soon)
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