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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
Game Masters: Murrstress
Accepting New Characters: YES Accepting Oracles, royalty, commonfolk ect.
Posting Expectations: I expect around three to four good sized paragraphs at least, and if you do most than four, to put a summary at the bottom. You should be prepared to post when needed. Once a week at the least. If you get lost, or left behind, contact me if you need help catching up. This will move in chapters, but at some points, it might combine. We're starting off with two plotlines, so there needs to be notation of which one you're in in the start of each post.
Rating: R for potential maturity
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Atmosphere/Mood: A little of everything. Horror, action, romance, fights and drama
Timeline: It's like a convergency of mideval, steam punk, and cyber punk


In the world of Akehla, in a country named Nataly, ruled by an old king, Elysisium, and his radiant queen, Nafalta; there are many things wrong. The world is filled to the brim with deceit and anger. The kingdom has more secrets than the rest of the world and some of the most deadly.

There is even talk that the recently born heir of Elysisium, Laklyn, is not even his son, but that of one of the royal guard, but there is no way to find out if this is true or false.

Not much is known about Elysisium or Nafalta. About twenty seasons ago, Nafalta had come to the kingdom from other parts, not a word of information is known more than the fact that the second the king saw her, that was when the Nataly started to suffer.

Since that point, other races are fighting to get into the monarchy or gain control of the throne.

Long ago, when the kingdom was still being formed, before it had even had a chance to imagine the kinds of splendors it would be able to indulge in. The Natalians and humans welcomed in a tribe of Miritians, who had been traveling for some time. All was good, for about three seasons, until one of the Miritians crown princes wound up dead one night, beheaded. Furious, they demanded an answer to what had happened.

The Natalians denied having anything to do with the murder, as did the humans, but the next season, a highly-ranked Natalian woman was found murdered in the same fashion as the Miritian crown prince. The Miritians denied involvement in the crime and soon, there were many fights breaking out within the walls of the kingdom. Finally, the monarchy of the time, which was Elysisium's father and mother, managed to calm the kingdom down, though it was the cause for the Miritian's hatred up to current date.

The Sins were the next to arrive in the country of Nataly, and right from the start, they did not get along with Natalians, but agreed upon a mild truce, that in public, they would not display anger or hatred towards each other. There were times, however, that Natalians would lash out at the Sins, or the Sins would strike a blow to the Natalians. Otherwise, it was starting to get peaceful. And with the Sin's help, the kingdom of Nataly was built to be more glorious than before.

That's when the Litillitians started to show up, which seemed like a bad omen, starting them off on the gray area in the country with their odd, unexplainable heritage and ancestry. There were many arguments that a few Miritians and Natalians had joined and this race was the result, though even trying to figure out if that was the case was such a sore subject due to their general hate of one another, and so, to make things easy, this new race was given its own name, though the treatment it got from humans and Natalians spawned a deep sense of resentment and anger. Though they tried to work alongside others as best they could.

And all was peaceful for a short while again before the Ranivorians came. They seemed to almost target the Litillitians and the Sins, who in turn, fought against the humans and Natalians, believing that they had called for this new race to come and force them from their homes in their kingdoms. There was much fighting for the next seven seasons, until both races had almost run out of people to fight with. They stopped fighting in public at that point.

It got worse as a group Kaetimians took up residence in the kingdom, for a while, all everyone seemed to be fighting was the Kaetimians. Seasons after seasons passed and the fighting continued until the remaining Kaetimians were imprisoned for twenty seasons. Then they were judged. Those that had become more or less peaceful were set free of their shackles and allowed to live in the kingdom, though, others that had been judged to be more to be more violent and dangerous were executed. This is something that the Kaetimians understandably grew a grudge against, thought they held their tongue.

A time of peace settled over Nataly when the Conistanians started appearing, as if they had sprouted from the shadows. Almost immediately, they had became the historians of the kingdom, given free reign of one building set with hundreds of blank books to be filled the history of Nataly. They were a kind race and let anyone into their store of books, to hear or read the history of their home, though the Sins were not interested in this. They viewed the Conistanians as a weak race, and their jobs seemed unneeded and unhelpful. After a few arguments between the two races, the Sins were forbidden to ever step foot in the Historian Building ever again. Aside from that, the Conistanians were extremely peaceful and would be happy to give helpful advice to those that might need some guidance.

And finally, for the legend of the Draconians, they are seen as a legend now, but have been claimed to stop many disputes between the kingdom and were a great help to the kingdom, until some of the human citizens started to question the motives of the race. The distrust was so offensive that the Draconians left immediately after asking the Conistanians to destroy all records of them in the Historian Building.

No one knows exactly when the humans had became part of the city, or where they originated from, though they come from all over. Their customs depend on what race they live near, what race they are used to dealing with the most. Though it's even more confusing how the monarchy of Nataly, is not made up Natalians, but humans. This arrangement, however, had worked out in the past quite well, so would possibly argue with it?

Nataly wasn't badly off, though, until wars started taking place between the races that resided in it. That was when things started going south.

There was a huge battle between the Miritians and the Natalians recently, the Natalians coming out as the victors, and although the Miritians are allowed into high-ranked positions, most of them are treated like slaves by Natalians. It is not shocking to see a Miritian forced into darker, less safe jobs, such as entertainment or even worse.

Slowly, battle by battle, all races slowly had something that humiliated them, All races, save for the human monarchy, which hid in the castle at the middle of it. In the end, Humans came out on top in this world, and some races started to feel that their time as rulers of this land has come to an end.

By this time, jobs are usually decided by race and looks. If you have an undesired mutation, you're not going to end up well at all. If you have a mutation that is sought out, you'll get into more places and get better jobs.

NOTE: If you have an idea for a race, contact me, I'm open to ideas.

There will be at least five plot lines. If you get left behind in the plot, or are unable to post for a while, I'm pretty damned sure you'll be able to catch up.


Also, I apologize, my scanner is weird, so it didn't catch everything, and it put it on a tilt. I'll state the names that were cut off near the bottom.

Let's go through them! Ones that I think are of high importance, I will list information on.

1. Celena Sea
2. Frozen Salt Ocean - Got its name from the fact that it's extremely cold, which is due to the fact that it surrounds a mass of ice so cold that no one's willing to even step upon it or give it a name.
3. Floating Sea - One can easily swim from Nataly to Kaeti within two hours, but not get tired because it's extremely buoyant. It's impossible to drown in this sea.
4. Ocean of Souls - It is RARELY traveled due to happenings that would be comparative to the "Bermuda Triangle", but amped up a couple times.
5. L'vantine Ocean
6. Sea of Hope - these waters are known for healing properties and is held with good fortune to those who manage to touch its waters
7. Mayna Ocean
8. Sycho Ocean - these waters, too, should be avoided, due to the madness it incurs.
9. Sea of Anima - for some unexplained reason, there is a large store of metal-like ore- particularly, a substance known as Animalutium, or, shortened to "Anima", which is comparable to titanium and Kevlar, which is one of the hardest substances in Akehla.

Also, the names that got cut-off, here they are, starting from the left: Up top, there's Ranivos, below it is Mirita, On the bottom, there's Crendos, up top again, that mass above Frozen Salt Ocean has no name.


The light areas are ice and snow, cold areas the brown ringing next to it would be more like permafrost. The lightest green are prairies and fields. Darker green is forests. The reddish brown over Kaeti is desert. The darker brown is swamps. The yellow is beach and red is tropical areas.




Ranivos is affected by the proximity of the mass of ice and the Frozen Salt Ocean. It's cold, not as cold as the mass of ice, or Crendos, but still quite chilly. It's quite inhabitable though, more so than Crendos.



Foggy and bleak, Miritia is almost always a little chilly, but never as cold as Ranivos, though it's never as warm as Nataly. It's the rainiest continent in Akehla. Storms are frequent.



A fertile landscape with plenty of water and resources, Nataly is one of the most inhabitable places. It can get quite cold in the more frosty seasons, but not for too long.



The second coldest place, Crendos is much more inhabitable. During warmer and more fertile seasons, the layer of snow will melt away to reveal a humble amount of foliage and trees.



Certainly the driest and hottest land in Akehla, and water is scarce. It rains only twice in a season at most.



It's lush, fertile and has a lot of foliage, but not too tropical. In the colder seasons, it's only lightly dusted with snow, if at all. Some may say that the conditions of Siania are due to the Sea of Hope being on its border.

Unnamed mass of ice:


Obviously this one sets the record for the coldest place in Akehla, with its only defining picture being a huge mass of ice.

The majority of these pictures are by a talented photographer named Nelleke Pieters.



1. The mutations lead to whether your character gets a good job or not, or at least improves its chances. In this time, it might not always help.
2. Think of most of the races as mostly humanoid- save for the Conistanians, which are more like humanoid silhouettes. The one that would look the most inhuman would be the Kaetimians. The posture of all of these races would be in likeness of humans too, though the sins might have a bit more of a humped back and a thicker neck. Their legs would be thicker too to accommodate their posture.

Tan skin, golden eyes, light-colored hair that's never cut during their entire lives, usually born with vividly colored birthmarks (Think bright colors that you might see on tropical flowers) on some part of their bodies as well as a small to medium-sized pair of light-colored feathered wings, usually tightly-folded up to their back that are more or less useless, most have them pierced or will make a fashion statement of them. They are tall, usually around 6'-8', females usually being smaller than the males. They usually adorn themselves in dark colors, thick cloth and quite a bit of jewelry, and usually only stay around their own kind. Most of them believe that outsiders are infesting their once-glorious country. They can perform some feats of magic, though they are not nearly as good as Miritians, and usually tend to be in the upper class of the country. Their jobs range from luxury jobs to politics and they usually are a 'no-nonsense' species. They have long, floppy ears (Think of dogs with the folded over ears) leading to poor hearing. Their proper given name is usually three to five names long. Huminoid species w/ wings. Their way of getting around is by way of carriage drawn by horses.

*Mutations might include: Having one eye be a chocolate brown, Short but pointed ears/ unfolded/ or only slightly bent. One wing be a different color than the other, They could be over 9', or having a bridge of short, small downy feathers between the wings, having almost 'glittering' birthmark or none at all, Wings being larger than normal (In most cases, these pair of wings are deformed in some way, the muscle structure or the bone structure will not allow it to fly like a Litillitian would be able to. The most looked down upon mutation would be to have some trait that might be seen as a trait of a Miritian. The most strived for mutation is having a 'glittering' birthmark.

Light skin, dark hair that's usually kept short, blue eyes, long, upright ears almost the exact opposite of the Natalians, though their wings are quite small as well. Their wings can be a range of dark colors, but some have a beautiful coloration where there's a mix of white. They are far more petite than Natalians, usually around 4' to 5', with the females usually being taller than the males. They hail from the country of Mirita, which borders the Nataly on the west. They have dark tattoo-like marks somewhere on their skin. They wear revealing, loose, usually sheer cloth, some going completely naked at times, and wear far less jewelry than the Natalians. They are highly social with most, and are highly imbued with their instincts and needs. They usually are not as proper, and aren't as respected as the natives and are middle class, usually are company owners at most, but it's common to find them in low-paying jobs as well. Miritians are more of a magic-based race- they are the second most advanced with magic. Their eyes are usually their weak points, and more than half have problems with sight. They usually have two names in their proper given name. Humanoid w/ wings. Get around by walking.

*Mutations might include: One eye that is purple or green, short but pointed ears. One wing being a different color than the other. Being under 4', Having a small bridge of feathers between the wings, No birthmark or a "glittering" birthmark, wings being larger than normal, though useless. The most looked down upon mutation would be to have traits of a Natalian. The most strived for mutation is having a 'glittering' birthmark.

Dark skin, white hair, purple eyes, horns (They can be the following colors: bone white, black or dark, or brown) and they are usually some of the tallest of the races, 8' – 10', males and females are usually equally sized. Males will have a more extravagant set of horns than females, both have cloven, goat-like hooves for feet. They have traveled from Siani, a country that is very far from Natalia, but still, quite a few reside in this country. They usually adorn their horns with jewelry or cloth, and their hair is usually quite done-up and braided. Their clothing more or less keeps them civil, but only to the bare necessities and all of their clothing is practical, not fashionable. They are a working class, with many jobs that are necessary for the land, such as construction of buildings, farmers, middle- to lower-class citizens. For someone in this race to get rich, it's a big deal, and usually it's talked about all over the town if it happens. They are a stubborn species, very work-oriented. They use what they can to get a job done, If that requires technology or magic or otherwise, they will use what is ordered. They don't care for socializing much. Due to their work, and their size, their backs and their necks are usually their weak points. Their skill in magic and technology is ranged, though it is usually not revered as much as their drive to work using what skills they know. Their proper name is composed of seven names. Humanoid with oxen features. Their transportation is walking.

*Mutations may include: Light skin, black eyes, metallic-looking horns, Being shorter than 8', Females having horns more similar to males, having hooves that are not cloven, but more similar to a horse's, having a tail *Which would be similar to an ox or a cow's, short fur until the tip, where longer hair is found, Having dark hair. The most looked down upon mutation would be to have a tail similar to that of a horse. The tail will be the same color as the Sin's hair.

No known area of origin. Their name has been given to them since they have become so prevalent. Marbled skin, heterochromia (different vibrantly-colored eyes), they might have bright birthmarks or tattoo-looking designs, and their height is usually between the ranges of Natalians and Miritians. Ears are more elven- like. Jobs range from assassins to entertainment. They are usually in the darker walks of life. It's common to see them poor, it's common to see them rich, but it's uncommon to see one that isn't tainted or in a bad way. There are reports that they are a race forged by the combining of Natalians and Miritians, but unlike either of the two, they are one of the only races with wings that are for flight. Their style and customs differ from Litillitian to Litillitian. They have quite a few problems with their wings though, which is believed to be the cause of the custom to wrap their wings up against their bodies, or to get piercings that will pin them to their backs. But, if used, their bodies make no sounds in flight, much like owls. They have a knack for socializing if they wish. They are a magic and technology based race, using what's necessary, though they are surprisingly good with technology, they might arguably be one of the best races with it. Their proper name is around ten names. Humanoid w/ wings , owl-like. They get around by using cars (Think more like the beginning of the history of cars.) or walking.

*Mutations may include: Having only freckles, or one or two spots of differing color on their skin. Having the same colored eyes, having no mark at all, or having a 'glittering' mark. Having small wings. Having a bridge of feathers between the wings. Their most looked down upon mutation is to have talon-like nails on their toes. The most strived for mutation is having a 'glittering' birthmark or their birthmark to be larger than four square inches.

Their origins come from the country of Ranivos. Fur covers patches of their skin, their ears are reminiscent of cats, their eyes are green with slit pupils. Their actual skin color can range from pale to dark, and the fur color is likened to the range of colors on a domestic cat. Their hair is usually the same color as their fur, and normally it is kept quite short for men, and women sometimes grow their hair out, but keep it tightly pulled back and out of their way. They are a smaller species, usually only growing to 4' at highest, with males being larger than females. They have claws and a tail, and their clothing is usually skin-tight and dark-colored, children of this race are usually adorned with jewelry that will ring or jingle when they move so that they can be easily found, though this race normally disproves of piercings. They are a sneaky race, and can be skilled assassins if properly trained. . They are a technology-based race, they are the second best with technology. They socialize with mostly their own race only. They are usually a middle-class or a poor race, their jobs are widely ranged, going anywhere from nurse, to dancer, to low-ranked politicians. Their weakness is their curiosity. Their proper name is usually five names long. Humanoid, cat-like. Carriage.

*Mutations may include: Having no fur except for on their ears and tail, having no tail, having silver eyes, having no claws, having fur all over their body, Having whiskers, having 'pads' on their palms, fingertips, and the balls of their feet, being taller than 4'. Their most looked down upon mutation is to have no tail. The most strived for mutation is to have silver eyes.

From the deserts of Kaeti. Scales similar to a snake's cover their backs, wrists and ankles; the colors of the scales can range from brown or white, to vibrant colors such as blue, green, or red. There can be a mix of colorations as well. Their eyes are usually black. Their height can be somewhere around 6' to 9' at most, females are usually larger than males. They have claws and their eyes lack normal eyelids, but have something more reminiscent of reptiles, they also lack ears, merely having holes on either side of their head. They usually lack hair. Their body temperature is dependant on the climate, and they will hibernate in the cold. They are somewhat abrasive to all races, mostly anti-social. They will wear enough to keep themselves comfortably warm. They wear bright, metallic jewelry. They are mostly lower class, but will find themselves in jobs in police or security. They use technology, but it's more similar to steam punk technology, they are good at that type of technology and nothing else. Their weakness is their body temperature. Proper name is usually only one syllable long. Humanoid, reptile features. Walking.

*Mutations may include: having black scales, or large scales that can be raised or lowered, having no claws, having a scaled tail, having a set of human-like eyelids while still having their reptilian eyelids, having a ridge along their spine or along their forearms much like some reptiles. Having pink eyes. Their most looked down upon feature is to have pink eyes. Their most strived for mutation is to have black scales.

These are an odd race, no one really knows where exactly they came from, but they drift in and out of Nataly. They are merely silhouettes. You can vaguely tell the features, depending on each one. They can range from almost completely see-through, small and intangible, to dark and tall with clear features in contrasting bright white, some growing to be over 10'. Coloration determines their abilities. The almost completely see-through cannot communicate, but you'd be able to have a normal conversation with the darker ones. They turn darker the older they grow. Due to their unusual traits, they are not usually working any jobs, though some work as historians, as there's never been a recording of any of them ever dying. They are seen as a respected race, and it is good luck to be able to be graced by a conversation with one of them. It is unsure if they have genders. Unsure of weaknesses. They usually have no name until they mature. The darker they get, the more names they add. Some have over ten names for their proper name. humanoid, ghost-like. Transportation walking

Mutations may include: Being white still as they grow older, older one that are less than 10'. No bad or good mutations.

They may not even exist; they've become something of a legend. There are rumored to be only seven of them in existence, if there really are any. White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Gold, and Silver. Magic-based race. They apparently took refuge in the mountains near Nataly. Most are uncertain of what they even look like. Humanoid, dragon-features.

No mutations.

Your garden-variety human. Can use magic or technology, Have limitless ability for either. Depending on their amount of study of either technology or magic. Their culture depends on the races around them. They can only grow to 6' or 7' at most, their proper name can be four names at most.

Mutations may include: Albinoism, different colored eyes, having strands of differently colored hair. No good or bad mutations.


Natalian's enemies: Sins, Kaetimians, Litillians, Miritians

Miritian's enemies: Humans, Natalians, Kaetimians

Sin's enemies: Natalians, Ranivorians, Conistanians, Kaetimians

Litillitian's enemies: Natalians, Ranivorians, humans, Kaetimians

Ranivorian's enemies: Sins, Litillitians, Kaetimians

Kaetimian's enemies: Natalians, Miritians, Sins, Litillians, Ranivorians, Conistanians, humans

Conistanian's enemies: Sins, Kaetimans

Draconian's enemies: Unknown

Human's enemies: Miritians, Sins, Kaetimians

As of right now, The Monarchy and the representatives of each race are watching their races' oracle. Although not every race comes into magic, magic is not always required for something such as this. There are ways in which some races can come by features that will allow them this power. Each oracle will try to interpret a way to help their race to come into power of the kingdom. Each oracle is different and along with being different races, there are also different ways to be able to be able to interpret signs and directions. The Oracles always have two names. Their professional, given name, and their proper name. Oracles usually only have up to four names have most.

The Natalian's Oracle took a powerful potion that would help it get into a meditative state. After two days, it told them that an opening would come soon, and to be ready for the unexpected. It had continued, warning them that their biggest foe in that would be the Kaetimians. In reply, the Natalians tried to make sure that they would be able to come out on top in a battle against them, should it come down to it.

The Miritian's Oracle tapped into a state of mind while conversing with an orb, known as "Ein", and told the Miritians that they would have to watch out for the others, but to try and gain the human's favor.

The Sin's Oracle had itself hooked up to a slow drip of an IV solution that froze it inside of slumber for hours, finally coming out of it to warn of a force that would rise up out of no where, and to strike it down quickly if they should want to come forward as the leaders of Nataly.

The Litillitian's Oracle partook of a drug, which incurred a sense of astral-projection. In this time, it slipped into the castle and had watched the king's Oracle speak to him. Also in this time, it learned as much it could about the ins and outs of the castle to tell to its people should they need the information.

The Ranivorian's Oracle performed a ritual and entered into a chamber that connected into a computer that it could hook itself into as it entered into one of the more technological services of the races as an oracle. It told its people that it would be wise to steal away all the other oracles from the other races to find out what they have learned through their insight and use it for their own gain.

The Kaetimian's Oracle advised them after a dream and looking up the interpretation that they needed to kidnap and assassinate Laklyn so that the humans would have no heirs left.

The Conistanian's Oracle was troubled and told its kind to avoid the other races and stay inside of their building as much as possible to avoid any confrontations.

Meanwhile, the king is troubled. His oracle, Alicina had used four different methods known to humans, but through every method, she told him that his time of death was near and that his Queen would launch the world into darkness and that his citizens would find out about all of his secrets in his past. So, to hopefully keep control of the situation, he locked the Queen away in the dungeons below the castle, giving the prince to his attendants to take care of.

Within moments of receiving the information from their Oracle, some of the Ranivorians slipped into the chambers of every other Oracle in the kingdom and stole them away.

Only a few in each race know that their Oracle has been stolen, so, in response, they are trying to hide the information that their Oracles have been stolen, and to find a way to get them back after finding out who stole them, without letting other races know that their Oracle is missing.


[noparse]Character Name: Remember to follow the race's custom on this one.

Birthplace: Where were you born? Consult the maps if you need help.

Gender: This one's pretty cut and dry

Race: There's quite a few, If you want to be a Draconian, though, contact me.

Job/Role: The opportunities are endless for this. If you can't think of anything, I think one of Diana's blogs would be helpful. Thank your lovely admin for this, I think it's a great resource. Look for her post in the Iwaku Community Blog, under the title "Potential Jobs: Fantasy"

Age: Pick an age, any age!

Height: Follow the race guidelines unless it's a mutation

Weight: make a guesstimate

General Appearance: Picture or description.

General Personality: What are they like?

Weaponry/ Equipment: What do they own/have with them?

Goal/Purpose: What's their goal? What do they want to accomplish?

General History: Tell us a little about their backround?

Present Life: What are they up to currently?

Magic or Technology and to what extent?: Which are they good at? If you want them to know both, contact me.

Strengths and Weaknesses: What's their strong points? What's their weak points? You have to have both for a balance.

Powers/Skills: What can they do?[/noparse]
1. Haebri Laveth f/20 MIRITIAN: Searching for answers behind an mysterious book.
2. Jasmine Zinnia Daphne Periwinkle Snowdrop f/23 RANIVORIAN: To entertain and help her people!
3. Walter William Winston Wentworth Westbrook Wakeman Woodstock unknown/unknown CONISTANIAN: To learn everything there is to know.
4. Riss m/57 KAETIMIAN: To stop other Kaetimians
Character Name: Haebri Laveth

Birthplace: Nataly

Gender: Female

Race: Miritian

Job/Role: Entertainment

Age: 20

Height: 4'9

Weight: 95 lbs

General Appearance:
Haebri has a slight, thin body, a frail-looking build with soft pale skin and black hair that is short and messy, with her bangs hanging over her eyes at times. Her eyes are a pale, crystal blue, framed by long dark lashes, set upon high cheekbones and a small little nose. She has pair of full, pale lips, long, pointed ears and a pair of small black wings with white tips that have a wingspan the total of two and a half feet total. She also has a small black 'glittering' birthmark on the underside of her right forearm. She usually, like most Miritians, wears sheer clothing that shows off most of her body. She wears a small white halter top that ties at the bottom, a little under where her wings are, and at the back of her neck, which has a sheer piece of white fabric that connects into something similar to "boy shorts". From all different parts of her outfit, thin white strips of fabric trail off.

General Personality: Haebri is a hard working girl, trying to make sure there's enough money to keep herself off the streets. She harbors a grudge against most Natalians and humans, like most of her kind. She can be gruff and bitchy at times, but is also very caring and loving. She hates to see people hurt and will do anything to help if there is trouble.

Weaponry/ Equipment: A small slingshot, a rusty dagger, and a single, unmarked book.

Goal/Purpose: To figure out a way to help her people, and to help explain the odd appearance of a book that turned up.

General History: Haebri lost both of her parents at a young age; her father to war, and her mother to childbirth of her dead little sister. Her sister was breach and had her wings extended during the birth, as well as the fact that complications had caused the cord to have twisted itself around her neck. In the end, the little Miritian was taken in by a neighboring family of Litillitians, who tried to raise her as best they could, though they could do nothing to ease the anger inside of Haebri towards the Natalians or the humans

It only grew worse when the family who had grown to accept her as a daughter, added up as collateral in one of the battles near home. With anger pushed to grow, she pressed on, trying to support herself in this world where her race was slowly entering the lower class. She was forced into the entertainment business, hating herself as she danced in front of crowds that were mostly made up of Natalians and humans.

She tried to get out of the job once, to look for any other choice that she might have, and only found that it was the only job she could possibly get, even though the glittering mark on her body was supposed to hold herself higher above others and make her wanted in many circles., so she strove to at least milk as much money out of the job as she could while maintaining her dignity.

Present Life: One morning, Haebri awoke to find a book near her bed, looking old and worn, though it looked void of any writing. Yet, as she flipped through the pages, letters and characters appeared, some that she could read, and others that she couldn't figure out.

She looked through the book a little longer until she found the words "Downfall" and "Castle" in the middle of the book. When she looked again, she found her own name, then names from other races, only able to be deciphered by the change in the length of the names. She then knew that she had to bring the book to the Miritian oracle in hopes that it would know what the implications that the book intended, and for a reason as to how it ended up in her home. As of right now, she is currently trying to find a way to meet with the oracle.

Magic or Technology and to what extent?: Has never been trained in either, but knows a little more about magic.

Strengths and Weaknesses: She's a determined girl and usually gets everything she wants if she sets her mind to it. She's agile and quick, and her size lends to her ability to run quickly. There is also the fact that she views both Litillitians and Miritians as family, and as such, she tends to try and make many friends among those races. Her left eye is partially blind, and her right arm is arm is sprained from attempting a move on one of the poles at her job, badly twisting it. It's only half-way healed. She's also quick to anger and highly emotional.

Powers/Skills: Imbued Knowledge To be deciphered
Character Name:
Jasmine Zinnia Daphne Periwinkle Snowdrop






3' 7"

65 lbs.

General Appearance:

>>; Just... With less of a giant tail.

General Personality:
Energetic, with a delightful sense of humour. Jasmine loves to make people laugh, be it with a joke or her acrobatic performances. Although she is quirky, she's a very sweet, generous girl. Around darker, taller figures, she feels threatened and shy. This tends to make her come up with excuses to flee, since she'd rather not be rude and run to hide. Jasmine's mischief, indeed, gets her into quite some trouble at times.

A glittery blue eye mask, a magic wand, a mysterious little bag always kept at her hip.

Not just to entertain, but do what it takes to help her people. The Oracle has a mission for them, after all!

General History:
Jasmine was adopted by a couple who traveled with some sort of circus. They always wanted a child, but didn't have the time to raise a baby, so they sought out a daughter who was at least five years of age. The only other part of her body that has fur, aside from ears and tail, is her hands and forearms. Otherwise, she was the most different amongst the other orphans.

Weeks after her adoption, Jasmine was trained to be in an act with her parents so they could entertain audiences as a family. Being a girl born into a snowy environment, she had a natural gift of frigid magics. With the help of an old, dusty book her father found for her. Once she honed these skills, she was able to produce beautiful magic acts to people that watched their shows. Jasmine even mastered being able to cast these spells while showing off her flexible, nimble talents.

When both parents grew elderly, they had to retire from the traveling circus. It was withering, because the other Ranivorian performers were getting old. Once it was gone for good, Jasmine established a solo tour around her country, entertaining Ranivorians everywhere. She's even visited neighbouring countries who have welcomed her, but she stays far away from the races her people are wary of.

Present Life:
The amazing Jasmine Zinnia Daphne Periwinkle Snowdrop spends most of her time in Crendos these days. People who have watched out for her have warned her of evolving dangers, therefore advised that she stay where she's most comfortable. Money is gradually getting harder to earn since she doesn't travel far anymore, but she's been able to make a living on her own, still. Ranivorians adore the beautiful, talented Jasmine, so if not to be entertained, they contribute money to support her. It's even been rumoured that she's assisted some Ranivorians in eliminating 'evils' in exchange for money. If she really tried, she could be a warrior. Violence simply isn't her way of life, though. That doesn't make people laugh or smile!

The talk of their Oracle's wisdom has made her very curious. Someday, she hopes to further investigate the situation. It opens opportunities for her to have more fame, plus helping her fellow Ranivorians is important. Everyone's kindness drives her to, for some reason, want to be a hero.

Magic or Technology and to what extent?:
Jasmine is knowledgeable of the technology her race uses. If you ask her how it functions or for help, she'll be able to explain, but doesn't trust herself to physically work with it. You couldn't pay her enough! For the most part, she's dependent on magic. She puts ice and snow to use for her shows, or for combat if necessary. It's also just more fun than those complicating tools.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Confidence truly does take her a long way. She's also sneaky, charming and surprisingly wise for someone her age. [Even if she acts like a goofball.] Jasmine is also good at keeping her emotions stable. A lot has to happen in order to make her cry or lose her temper! As for weaknesses, her small size puts her at a lot of disadvantages. Either foreigners cannot take her seriously, or she has troubles reaching something. Jasmine is also quite fragile, so she tends to shy away from physical challenges. Tooth and claw are effective, but only if you can back it all up with muscle, too. Also, Jasmine cannot thrive well in dry climates. It will make her powers completely useless and she tends to get very weak. She fears that one day, should she visit a desert, she will die there in an instant.

Jasmine casts spells involving snow and ice. She can go as far as forming a little cloud that snows, however it has a limited time it can last. Usually, she just uses snow for her acts, to make her performance more dazzling. Ice tends to be deadly, though. She can shoot out ice-sicles for stabbing, or freeze part of the ground. There are a variety of ways she can put these cold powers to use. Magic aside, Jasmine comes with all the advantages of a feline. Tree climbing, biting, clawing, good hearing, good smelling, quick speed...
Character Name: Walter William Winston Wentworth Westbrook Wakeman Woodstock

Birthplace: Unknown

Gender: Appears Male

Race: Conistanian

Job/Role: Librarian. He is in charge of the royal library, and is privy to some of the rarest and secretive documents in the kingdom as a result.

Age: Old

Height: 9'6"

Weight: Weightless

General Appearance: Walter appears to be a walking shadow, his body a shade of black, with his features a dull silver. The silver marks his outline, as well as his facial features, being only eyes, a nose, and a mouth, as well as outlining a cropping of hair on his head. Any muscle mass is unseen, as the rest of his body is of even coloring, no tone of muscle visible on his arms and legs. He also has no eye color, only his eye sockets having definition, the interior just black. You can't even be sure when he blinks, because nothing indicates when his eyes are open and shut.

His lips are a silver color, though the inside of his mouth is the same black as his body, and no teeth gleam within, though whether he has any is up for debate given that he never eats. His body, although it appears to be solid, is much less than that, feeling more like a thick fog upon contact.

General Personality: Walter is a friendly person to any casual passerby. He is kind in person and is quick to offer his services as well as answer any questions you may have. He loves to share his knowledge to others, and will go to great lengths to help even strangers. Walter makes anyone he deals with relax and feel at ease, as no feeling of slyness or trickery comes off of Walter.

On a deeper level, Walter is always looking for more information, willing to go to great lengths to acquire documents of history that he has not seen or gained yet. Knowledge is worth any price to him, provided it's genuine. If you cross him, especially in regards to learning, you will have forever lost his trust, having a perfect memory. While Walter can forgive many things quickly, lies and treachery are not among them.

Weaponry/ Equipment: He carries nothing on him, however in his office at the library he has varies items for verifying an items authenticity, as well as items for recording things down onto paper.

Goal/Purpose: To eventually learn everything there is to know. While many would view this as a hopeless challenge, Walter views it as a goal of the utmost difficulty, one that allows him to savor the journey for as long as he wishes. The fact that it probably is impossible only makes it more appealing to him, as it means that there will be always something more for him to learn.

General History: Walter has been around for as long as anyone alive can remember, having lived through many generations of the royal family. No one remembers who the previous Chief Librarian was, with the exception of Walter himself. He states that before him it was a human named Kraden, but given that Walter has a much longer lifespan, he hasn't been deemed necessary to replace. Under Walter's careful guidance he has made the royal library into a massive collection of relics and archives that span over a vast variety of topics.

Present Life: Walter is currently on the lookout for new technological breakthroughs to add to his collection of facts, as the kingdom is currently undergoing a rapid technological revolution. However, he also makes frequent visits to the library itself, either reporting with new knowledge, or to make sure that it is managed efficiently.

Magic or Technology and to what extent?: While Walter is efficient in technology that he has read about, he lacks any ingenuity to develop new uses for existing technology. As such, while he can pilot a plane after reading a "how-to" guide, he won't know anything beyond that. Magic however is something that he is quite skilled in, though he rarely displays any of his abilities. While the true extent of his power is a mystery, he does have the ability, tending to use it to levitate things instead of holding them.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Ability to blend in near perfectly with the darkness, given that his body is naturally black.

Doesn't require food or drink, though whether he can or not is unknown.

Lives off of just simple naps instead of sleeping for hours.

Can let items pass through him, though he cannot alter his body shape.

If he comes in contact with water, his body will begin to phase in and out. Contact with larger amounts of water will cause him to become incoherent. As such, he cannot go outside when it's raining.

He also possesses an immense fear of fire and refuses to get too close to open flame.
Powers/Skills: He can recite any piece of knowledge from memory as well as ensure the authenticity of any item. In addition, upon reading through a manual a single time or having it explained to him, he can learn to operate any machine. However, he cannot figure it out himself. AKA no problem solving skills.
Aragon, contact me via MSN. There's a few quirks that might need to be changed.

*Huggles the RP* I wuvs it.
Character Name: Riss

Birthplace: Siania.

Gender: Male

Race: Kaetimian.

Job/Role: Police, insider, inventor

Age: 57

Height: 7,4

Weight: 240

General Appearance: Riss is tall, and very muscular, his left arm is robotic. Unlike most of his kind his whole body is covered in black scales. He also has a second more mammalian set of eyelids, and a set of retractable fangs.

General Personality: Riss is very quiet, he prefers actions to words, but he isn't afraid to make his thoughts known. he is wrathful, he hates what his people have done and are doing, he hates his own kind. he is well known as a former spy, and even more well known as an enemy to the Kaetimian people.

Weaponry/ Equipment: His left arm has been replaced by a robotic one, he always carries a shortspear, and a repeating crossbow. He has a bag full of tools, and parts, he is constantly tinkering with something, trying to build some new tool to give him the edge over his opponents

Goal/Purpose: To stop the other Kaetimian's plans, whatever they are

General History: Riss's parents were both dissidents, they were constantly being hunted by the kaetminians. When he was young his parents abandoned him. He tarveled to Nataly in hopes of finding a better life. When he was imprisoned he was infuriated. He wasted away in a cell for many seasons, he grew to hate his kind, he had never transgressed the law or fought against anyone. When he was released he convinced the guard of a city to recruit him as a spy, to watch the other Kaetimians. He spent many years feeding information about their movements and plots. After several years he was discovered. The Kaetminians sent assassins after him, and during a battle with one of them he lost his left hand. he defeated the assassin and was able to hide from further detection by hiding in a sewer. He later went to a healer, who was forced to amputate the rest of the arm, due to infection. Riss was able to fashion a robotic arm to replace what he had lost. More and more assassins came after him He was forced to travel almost constantly, but his reputation preceded him wherever he went.

Present Life: Riss just left a city where he was working for the local police. he has been making a modest living building machinery. It has been almost two years since his last encounter with any assassins. He is still trying to gain trust with the locals. He has been able to gain a good reputation with some of the lower class, who buy his machinery.

Magic or Technology and to what extent?: Technology. Riss can build or repair almost anything. he has long felt that magic is far to unpredictable, and dangerous to use.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Riss has always had a knack for technology, he is constantly observing things, and taking them apart to see how thay work. He invents things to help himself survive, whether that means building a new weapon or something to sell for food. Sehn's robotic arm is cutting edge, there is nothing like it anywhere, meaning it is buggy, it often malfunctions. Sehn's arm is also very sensitive where he attatched it to his shoulder. Often times sering pain courses through his shoulder, sometimes incapacitating him.

Powers/Skills: Riss is a skilled fighter. He has been trained by various law enforcement agencies how to defend himself. He is a master machinist.
Kawauso, Read back up on your race ^^ You forgot something.
alright, all problems fixed and a description given.
was thinking about playing a Kaetimian that was send to kill the Heir, but I noticed that Kawauso already played one. Should I still play one, I've got no problem with playing something else.
doesn't bother me in the slightest. It looks like we can use all the players we can get, so I would say go ahead. (Note: The opinions in this post are not nescasserily those of the Murrstress.)
Kawauso is right on the money, go straight ahead if you still want to.

I'll make a character in about a month when I get the time to read the whole thing.
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Birthplace: Nataly

Gender: Male

Race: Natalian

Job/Role: Caption of the royal guards. Responsible for security of the castle and the safety of the royal family and guests of high status.

Age: 30

Height: 7'3

Weight: 140 lbs

General Appearance: Tan skin, golden eyes and long blond hair that is held in a ponytail that runs along almost his whole back. He is of lean build without any excessive fat remaining in his body, he trained his body to the utmost.

General Personality: Serious in his job and zealous regarding the future of his country. He despises failure and demands utter discipline from his subordinates.

Weaponry/ Equipment: Owns a gilded platemail that is decorated with the symbol of the royal family. On his waist he always wears, even off-duty, a Longsword with a decorated hilt with a red ruby at it's end.

Goal/Purpose: Protecting his country and it's rulers.

General History: He was the first child of a minor noble that didn't have much influence in Natalies politics. A few years after his birth his father went into debt and his title as a noble was revoked. Pleading with the king he was able to let his son be trained to be guard, so that he wouldn't have to live on the street. Living all his live in training Saeriss soon was a superb swordsman and his skills were noticed by the Captain of the guards. Seeing his potential he took Saeriss under his wings and helped him rise in the ranks. When he reached his 25th year he was second only to the Captain himself. Soon after his promotion the royal family was attacked and the old Captain lost his live in the assault. Saeriss lost his right wing in the battle, but his position and zeal got him the rank of Captain.

Present Life: Saeriss is worried by the current situation Nataly is in right now. He fears for the life of his king and his heir. His faith in the Royal Family has been shaken lately. The rumours of the Queen and the Heir, the state of his country and the prophecies of the oracles. All of the things happening have him torn between protecting his king and doing what's best for his country.

Magic or Technology and to what extent?: He is unskilled in magic and has no great sense for technology.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Skilled fighter with the sword and expert for close range fighting. Bad with magic and technology, doesn't like/use range weapons. He is confident that he can defeat any foe in melee.


Ok, we'll be waiting for a few more people, like Spammy, and then we'll start.

I'm gonna keep this role play open, we always could use more people!

Character Name: Kalthus Argos Remran Desead Side Kyrri Eissen
Birthplace: Nataly.
Gender: Male
Race: Sin
Job/Role: Woodsman
Age: 42
Height: 9'2
Weight: 721 lbs.

General Appearance:
General Personality: Like most members of his race, Kalthus is a stubborn, task-oriented individual. Because of this, most people make the assumption that he is slow OR dim-witted. While it is true that he is hardly a mental giant, this couldn't be further from the truth. He hasn't survived a life of hard-work and struggle this long out of sheer luck. On the contrary, he is quite capable and even well-experienced in exercise judgment and making informed decisions. On the other hand, he usually only takes the bare minimum of important information into consideration, disregarding the rest as useless or unnecessary. This can cause him to make brash or unwise decisions at times, that he can't be dissuaded from and will go through with whatever the cost.

Weaponry/ Equipment: Large ax

Goal/Purpose: Continue to earn a living and stay out of trouble

General History: Born in Nataly to one of the first Sin family groups that immigrated, Kalthus was surrounded by prejudice and racial conflict for most of his life. Poverty and hard work without gain was a fact of life for his people, one that he grew accustomed to early on without ever really seeing a need to question it. Driven to find work to survive, Kalthus eventually ended up being a kind of gladiator fighting for the entertainment of others in arenas and underground fighting circuits. His skill as a fighter caught the attention of a Miritian merchant of some wealth, who subsequently hired him as a personal bodyguard. This was a job he was well-suited to, and it lasted for several years, until his employer was attacked under his watch during one of the regular outbreaks of violence between Natalians and Miritians. The Miritian succumbed to his wounds and died a short while later, and his family, who had little experience in running a business and were fearing for their lives, cut Kalthus loose and moved away. Unable to find work within the city due to civil unrest, Kalthus ended up leaving as well, finding work wherever he could and traveling often.

Present Life: Kalthus has been working as a lone woodsman in an isolated part of Nataly, living in a crude cabin and rarely encountering others. He does, however, occasionally make trips into the city to visit with family and as his needs require.

Magic or Technology and to what extent?: Which are they good at? If you want them to know both, contact me.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Kalthus' strength is….well, strength. His immense size and physical power make him a force to be reckoned with. The only downside is it takes quite a lot to convince him to put it to use. If he doesn't see how an action benefits him directly, he's not very likely to bother with it. What's more, his general apathy makes him accept most things as they are. He has little imagination and usually can't be motivated about anything except taking care of what's in front of him at the given moment.

Powers/Skills: Axe-wielding



I'd like a few more chars before I start, but I'll start working on the IC
So, are we still waiting on applications? I hope this hasn't had a premature death :/
I second that emotion.

Hopefully, we can get started soon before I get any more desperate and make more embarassing references to old music.
Yeah, I'm sorry for the wait... lot of shit has come up. I'll try getting on the IC right now.