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  1. Welcome Everyone to the Akatsuki Chronicles[Group RP] interest check!

    This is an official listed check for anyone that would be interested in an AU Naruto setting where the Akatsuki group along with Madara Uchicha have been defeated by the Allied Shinobi Forces. With the tailed beasts no longer able to be used against the continent, what would be the goal of this new Akatsuki group, you may ask?

    Kaji, a younger, distant cousin of Konan, seeks to take advantage of this period of peace and vulnerability to put her plot into action. In this universe, Orochimaru and Kabuto have been killed and sealed away by Tsunade in a seal jutsu that only the Five Kage may reverse. Because Orochimaru and Kabuto are the only two Shinobi who may perform the re-animation jutsu, Kaji is left no choice. She must release Orochimaru and/or Kabuto in order to ever bring back Konan.

    It is thus that she continued her own legacy of the Akatsuki, collecting rogue shinobi from all across the lands. so that they may join her and aid her in capturing, and extorting, the Five Kage into releasing Orochimaru.

    This new group of Akatsuki prodigies must capture the following:

    -Chōjūrō, The Fifth Mizukage
    -Darui, The Fifth Raikage
    -Kurotsuchi, The Fourth Tsuchikage
    -Gaara, The Fifth Kazekage
    -Kakashi Hatake, The Sixth Hokage

    Please let me know if any of you are interested!
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  2. Always interested in a naruto rp.
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  3. Glad to hear it!
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  4. Still looking for roleplayers!
  5. I will throw my hat into this.
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  6. Still looking ;^;
  7. Seems interesting
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  8. yay more attention.
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  9. Interested in this :)
  10. Need at least two or three more people!
  11. I'm always down for a Naruto RP. Hoping to find one that lasts a long time ^^ Count me in!
  12. Get in there hat!
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  13. I'm just gonna put this here *sets interest on the table*
  14. Still interested here.
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