Akame Ga Kill: Teigu Reborn [Sign up/Plot]

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    "One thousand years already since the last big incident? I guess I should spice things up myself."

    Ever since nightraid's last mission about 1000 years ago everyone has been just fine, the kingdom most of the teigu's have been destroyed or are being kept in place by the empire and such. Though not all is going stay like this for long, of course it has been a long time and all the old nightraid and jaeger members are dead long gone, but it is strange the new emperor a man in his mid twenty's that goes by the name of "Creator" is running the kingdom and just as he was put into his position weird sighting and assassinations have been happening all over the kingdom, has a new assassination group arrived? No nobody knows yet but "Creator" has the first Teigu made by the First Emperor this allows this person to Creat and Revive Teigu's. Creator makes a mistake and attempts to make a certain Teigu that allows you to revive others, this broke the complete rule of no Teigu should have that power and from the dead rose the First Emporer who got his hands on the Creation and Resurrection. The Emperor having gone mad slightly decided this he increased the power of the Creation Teigu and made it so every Teigu that was remade, its last master would be revived with it, meaning Night Raid, the Jaegers everyone is back and under the Emperor's control who as currently locked and completely isolated the castle making others flee out of fear of their lives. The catch, the orignal Emperor wants to see if people can survive like how they used to. So he is sending all the old Teigu users to kill anyone with a Teigu, and to make it interesting he has made a number of new Teigu's for people to fight back with, so the game is simple Old vs New, can you survive to see the end of this Teigu War, or will you die like the rest...

    Let's start off with some more compilcated rules about the actual character creation and fights.

    • 1. While I will play most of the cannon characters, if you want to play someone on the old side of Teigu users shoot me a pm with a two to three paragraph of you playing the character as the characters have kept there personilties for the most part, though these characters will mostly be used in a fighting nature.
    • 2. Be creative with your Teigu creation try not to just have a bunch of Incursio and Murasame copies i mean they can be swords and such just try not to copy powers.
    • 3. Like Tatsumi you have to practice with your weapon before you start to be good, so try not to Mary Sue and Gary Sue it up.
    • 4. Character Death is a major thing in this story, once you are in a fight with another Teigu user then you are locked in until one dies, this goes double for plot based fights as this is the point of the story also please try to not godmod, If your character dies you are allowed to make another and they can have the same Teigu if you would like.
    • 5.Fights are a big part of this roleplay, so try and not use one liners for things such as that as it gets annoying, also don't try and use your Special right away that is a last chance at survival.
    • 6. Teigu's don't have many creation rules other than a few no no's such as Reality Manipulation, Omnipotence, and other god like powers, I mean some time and space things are ok but try not to make you character literally holding a god teir weapon right off the bat.
    • 7. This is where the general rules come into play, first don't fight oocly take to it pms or pms me or someone else that I might choose to gm.
    • 8. Swearing and Some sexual referances are fine, though I would much rather this not turning into a complete fuck house, but flirting and teasing is just fine even some touchy things.
    • 9. Read all these rules, You only get three chances to submit a character so you might want to read it a bit more than once.
    • 10. Hey guys we are here to have fun so do that, also I don't want Ic fights every day and I wouldn't suggest it for others, but I will say that your character will get into a fight at one point and if they keep winning then the chances of them dying just goes up as they are looked at as more of a threat.
    There are groups all around the kingdom now full of Teigu members but three stand out to the public as somewhat of defenders to keep people safe from the dangers that are Being called the Paliá chrí̱stes or just Christes. These three groups are all sperated into three groups, Assassination/Recon, Defense/Stratey, and Offense/Raiders

    Assassination Group Codename: NightRaid V.2
    This group goes from the name of the legends known as nightraid, they are pretty much the exact same group as they kill and do recon of the other king and his Teigu users, this is the most dangerous job as you have the most chance of being caught and killed, they have the same base as they did only it has been remade some. This group only allows Eight people in and at the moment it is taking seven more members. members 3/8
    Defense/Strategy Codename: Panzers
    This group is made of survivalists and intelligent people. They don't often fight unless they have a mission, these people usually only allow Teigu's that have to do with Defense and Movement in their group as they are usually used as decoys as long as they don't fight the target and instead run and defend they can pass the If two users fight then they have to die. They allow 13 members and are taking 12 more at the moment.

    Offense/Raiders Codename: Raubers
    The last offical group of the army of Teigu users, they don't do much actually they are the people that have only attack based Teigu's and they can't be stealthy with them at all, they are the powerhouses the people you don't want to get in a fight with, when on missions there is one simple objective.....Destroy. They are currently taking 10 members.

    No Clans
    Not every person that has a Teigu has a clan as some choose to stay and survive by themselves. This is a life where you don't want to be caught because if you are then you are most likely dead.

    Character Template (open)



    Decsription[Pictures also work]:


    Teigu[Add a picture as well]


    Is your character Evil, Neutral, or Good:

    What are you good at:

    What are you horrible at:



    Alright guys have fun making characters and such as I will be playing most of the evil and such so no Oc's from me for a while other than the Leaders of each faction.
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  2. Sounds interesting. Neverheard of the show/manga though. Could give me a quick rundown of what it's about?
  3. Well plot wise it is mostly about an assassination group called NightRaid that works for the Rebel army to overthrow the corrupt goverment that is the Emporer or more like the prime minster, it is set in a time that seems like Medieval but because of the first king and how he made Teigu's (Which are extremely powerful weapons made from things called Dangerbeasts) they used those one of a kind weapons to make their own weaker versions, without spoling anything there it is.
  4. I'll definitely give this a join. I love the anime and manga and I never thought I'd see the day when an rp was made for it. I'll come up with a CS later.
  5. I did one like this before but the rp creator was never on so it never got anywhere but I'll have a char up tomorrow.
  6. Name: Yukiina Schwartz

    Age: 20

    Sex: Female

    Decsription[Pictures also work]: [​IMG]

    Personality: Timid but tends to lash out when threatened. She gives off the appearance of an innocent girl but when she has no choice but to defend herself and Kuro she becomes cold hearted and ruthless.

    Teigu: Magical Beast Transformation: Ratonhnhaké:ton aka Kuro- Kuro is a biological Teigu that like Koro has a Berserker form when used turns sweet little Kuro into a monstrous armored tiger form. It's speed and strength are enhanced a great deal and unlike Koro it has high defensive capabilities as well due to the armor it dons. The final difference is that Kuro can eat both people and danger beasts and needs only a decent chunk of danger beast flesh to heal up after a fight if in critical condition.
    Armored Berserker[​IMG]

    History: Yukiina grew up in the capital and had heard stories about the brave group called Night Raid who had fought through many battles and lost many comrades to achieve their goal. She made a living by working at a tavern when she turned 16 and sadly has been living on her own ever since her parents died when she was 5. She saw that there was some experimentation going on with a fake manufactured Teigu so she decided to try and see if she could get one. The Teigus being sold were fake thus making them only for cosmetic purposes if anything. When she finally tried on it was an Animal King replica but it it ended up bonding with her as soon as the experiment was over.

    After having learned to live with Cat ears and a fluffy tail for the rest of her life she came across a tiger kitten who was getting harassed by some jerks and using her fake Teigu which only gave her cat like reflexes and claws, other than the ears and tail, she beat them and sent them packing. She then rescued the tiger cub and nursed it back to health only to find out it was one of the new Teigu that had been created by the First Emperor. She knew what this meant but wasn't worried because now her and Kuro were going to protect one another til the end.

    Is your character Evil, Neutral, or Good: Neutral

    What are you good at: Cooking and Making friends

    What are you horrible at: Housework(vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, etc)

    Group: None

    Extra: Has a false Teigu fused with herself (refer to appearance) to make her more cat-like but it serves no combat purposes

    I hope this is good enough. I can change anything if necessary
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  7. Yep this is all good, you might want to add what the Teigu does as well ^-^
  8. You appeal to the lemon king's fandom, friend. I'll be joining in shortly.
  9. Name: Nelson Luciano

    Age: 20


    Decsription[Pictures also work]:
    Nelson (open)

    Personality: Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Often puts the needs of others above their own needs. Observer with rich inner world of observations about people. Very perceptive of other's feelings. Private and polite. Timid, socially uncomfortable, modest, not confrontational, easily hurt. Fears drawing attention to self.

    Teigu: Thunder God's Rage: Adramelech-Adramelech is a Teigu that gives the user the ability to use lightning as a weapon in offense and defense. Its form are large golden gauntlets with piston-like attachments that generate electricity; the user is able to create a large electric orb that can be shot as a projectile.
    Adramelech can also be used in manipulating the weather. With the use of the Teigu

    History: Nelson grew up in the capital and had heard stories about the group called Night Raid who had fought through many battles and lost many comrades to achieve their goal. Nelson was a rich kid so he had everything handed to him. his was also related to Budo is one of the empire's most feared and well-respected generals, as well as leading the Imperial Guard. His mother died at the age of 8 and his father got very sick when Nelson was 18. When Nelson. Turned 17 he inherited Adramelech. By the age of 20 Nelson knew about the chaos the new emperor was causing. So he decide to put a stop to him and join NightRaid V.2

    Is your character Evil, Neutral, or Good: Good

    What are you good at: Cooking and fighting
    What are you horrible at: cleaning

    Group: Night raid V.2

    Extra: He like to smoke.

    I hope this is good enough. I can change anything if needed to
  10. Yeeeees! Perfect; Akame Ga Kill is one of my favourite animes and definitely NOT overrated! Anyway, enough of my nerdgasming - here's my sheet:

    Name: Daisun 'Dredd' Raiga
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Description: Dredd is a medium sized man with a bright, pale face, spiky and long silver hair and deep red eyes. He commonly wears a grey hooded top, black trousers and smart brown leather shoes. Also, Dredd is always seen wearing a black cowboy hat for some reason or another - if someone touches his hat then he gets extremely angry. Just don't touch the hat!
    Personality: Dredd has a peculiar mental issue that makes him happy, friendly and generally a nice guy to be around during daytime, and he commonly will ask you to call him 'Daisun' when it's daytime. However, when night time falls, Dredd becomes grumpy and ill-tempered, and serious about everything. He prefers to be called 'Dredd' at night time - Dredd knows of his personality disorder but can't help it, it's best not to talk to him at night unless you want to be told to go away.
    However, whether its day or night, Dredd becomes extremely focused in combat and aims to protect his team with his life. He's extremely trustworthy, and would sooner die a slow death than lie or betray to his comrades.
    Teigu: Metal Manipulation "Ferrastaum". This Teigu is in the form of a small necklace with a symbol of a shield with a spike sticking out of it, and when worn the necklace binds itself to the user's neck. If Ferrastaum thinks the user isn't right to use it, the necklace will tighten around the user's neck and kill them.
    Ferrastaum is a powerful Imperial Arms that allows the user to have control over metal objects at their will, allowing them to create armour and weapons from something as simple as a plain bar of metal, and also allows the user to launch metallic objects at high speeds. However, Ferrastaum cannot control or destroy other Teigus made from metal, and although the control of metal is very powerful, the user cannot create metal from thin air and needs a nearby source of metal for Ferrastaum to be effective. This is why Dredd usually carries a long iron pole with him, and commonly wears metal plate armour when in combat.
    History: Dredd always used to follow a fairly simple life when he was young, and his parents always uses to work at night; Dredd never knew what his mother and father did, but nonetheless they still treated him lovingly, and Dredd grew up to live a happy, and seemingly normal life. However, when he was at the mere age of 15 years old, Dredd's parents were taken away from him in the middle of the night by some masked figures claiming to be 'purifiers' for the Emperor, and promised Dredd his parents would be returned to him soon. Confused by the loss of his parents for over a week after the men had taken away his parents, Dredd was heartbroken to discover his parents bodies' hanging upon a crucifix. Falling to his knees; confused, scared and now alone in this world, Dredd was a sobbing wreck in the middle of the streets for days.
    At the age of 18, Dredd had bought himself up to despise the Emperor and anyone associates with him. He lived alone as a blacksmith in the middle of town, when one day a package arrived by his door. Curious, Dredd opened the package to find none other than his Imprerial Arms: Ferrastaum. Inside the package was also a note claiming that it used to belong to his father, and 'they' managed to steal it and return it to the nearest descendant.
    Trying to become skilled with Ferrastaum, Dredd practiced for weeks, attempting the feat mastering the art of controlling metal, but this turned out to be much harder than he expected, and he still has much to learn. His hate of the Emperor led him to tracking down and joining Night Raid V2.0.
    Karma: Good by day, neutral/evil at night.
    Group: Night Raid V2.0
    Good at: Dredd is naturally strong due to his previous job as a blacksmith. Also, Dredd's high intelligence allows him to control and deal with many problems at once. He's also skilled with a large variety of weapons, but his personal favourite weapons are katars.
    Bad at: Dredd is absolutely awful with ranged weapons like bows, and he's also not good at all at agility based tasks such as running and dodging. He's also terrible at household tasks such as cooking - and has been known to burn down houses when he tries making fried eggs.
    Extras: Dredd can be a bit of a pervert at daytime, and can sometimes be a hopeless flirt. He also adores any kind of meat, mostly because it's rich in iron. (Dat pun tho)
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  11. I like both the characters, so both are accepted!
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  12. My char is almost done should have them up tomorrow^^.
  13. Is this still a thing, because if so, I would very much like to join.
  14. I'm in too.
  15. This is still alive just waiting for more characters >.>
  16. I would like to join, I Will come up with my CS later
  17. WIP (open)
    Name: Revan Cordain


    Sex: Male

    Decsription[Pictures also work]:[​IMG]


    Teigu[Add a picture as well]: Heart of Darkness: This Teigu is the actual heart of a powerful Danger Beast known only as "The Darkness." It allows the user to have control of Shadows, Darkness, and Fear, as well as partially turn into "The Darkness" themselves. The shadow control can be used to help them hide their presence from any who would try to find them, or can be used to to create Shadow constructs that are stronger than steel. and can hold quite a dangerous edge to them. The user can also infect their weapons with fear, so that when they fight an enemy, each cut unnerves the target more and more, makes them hallucinate, and finally makes them experience their worst nightmare. Finally, the user can partially transform in to the Darkness, basically turning ones body into a conglomeration of shadows. The user can then become intangible, unable to be harmed and able to travel thorugh shadows like portals, but he can't harm anything unless he becomes tangible again, which makes him vulnerable to attack.

    Is your character Evil, Neutral, or Good: Neutral Good, but can turn Evil when he is in his "Darkness" state

    What are you good at:

    What are you horrible at:

    Group: Raubers or Night Raid v.2

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  18. One of my favorit animes, and was sad when it ended, but I would like to join here
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