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  1. Hey everyone I've been thinking of making a roleplay based around the anime known as Akame Ga Kill but in an alternate universe setting as to let OC's come into play and to change things up so it isn't so one sided in favor of the rebels being the completely justified side. However I've run into a road bump and am not sure how people would like to do this. If it is also worth mentioning to some that I have not completely finished watching the anime as I've been following the story on the cartoon network block called Toonami so I not know everything there is to know about the series. Now with that disclaimer out of the way I would also like to state I intend for this roleplay to be a intermediate to adept level roleplay. I can possibly go higher but I intend to stick to my guns in not going any lower so anything short of a paragraph and a half per post and a fairly fleshed out CS (in depth and length) will not get accepted by me personally in this situation. However if you still want to help plan this roleplay without participating in it than that is fine as well. Just say so before you post. If someone needs an example of what I expect I will post a link to a few of my older roleplays on this site.

    My first concern is what side players will want to be on. Will we be playing the stand ins for the night raid group with the main protagonists do in the anime? Or will we be operating under the Imperial Army working to wipe out enemies of a certain figure head be it the emperor or some general. Or perhaps go after both sides and work as a neutral Assassins Guild determined to survive the chaos by thriving in it.

    Or should we just go back to the start of the rebellion and act as it's figure heads in starting it? Or perhaps work as a faction inside of the Imperial Monarchy looking to take over the Empire from within? I'm willing to listen to any other suggestions on the matter.

    My second concern is imperial arms: Will we allow or disallow these? What limits should we impose on them? I am a firm believer that overpowered characters and weapons ruin what could be fun roleplays by turning tough or hard situations into strolls through a park. It's like power leveling in a role playing game based around stats eventually you're just walking through what should be hard bosses and blowing them out of the water with your ground breaking powers. Imperial Arms can make or break a roleplay like this so I feel limiting them should be a thing.

    Third: How much do we want to get political on this? Do we want to make it a primary focus or is it just a background thing explaining why we're murdering all of these people?

    With all of these answered I can't think of any other problems I may or may not have in making a roleplay like this. I'm up to suggestions and am looking forward to (hopefully) positive feedback on making this roleplay come alive.
  2. I think if we want a good rp we will need to get political but it doesn't need to be a huge focus, as for cannon characters we can have a mix of both if that will work (I honestly think esdese will make sure that night raid won't be too overpowered)
  3. well I was planning on cutting canon characters all together i'm sorry if that was confusing though I can add them if the majority want some of them.
  4. Count me in!
  5. well I would like to know what setting you guys want to play in? Do you want imperials, rebels, third faction? Canon NPC's or no or mixture of canon and OC's?
  6. I think imperials, rebels and third faction would be interesting, and as I said, some cannon characters would be good
  7. I'm asking which of the three factions will this roleplay be based on. If you're saying that you'd be fine with either of those three fair enough but I need to know what the majority wants so I can base the OOC around it.
  8. @Maximus @Ryth Do you two know anyone who may be interested?
  9. I'm down.
  10. Alright well first off now that I got my usual minimum I'd like for everyone to say what faction we should be in: Imperials, Rebels, or Third Faction.

    Second: Canon characters as NPC's yes or no.

    Third: Imperial Arms yes or no

    Fourth: Politics how much?

    I have most of that up on the front post but no one has given me a definitive answer. I'm not even positive everyone is still interested.
  11. 1: I think a third faction would be cool, we can't all be set as bad or good guys. Some people could be greedy members of this faction and want control, so they're trying to grab the empire, and others may want freedom or have a personal vendetta.
    2: No, no, and no. Canon characters can sometimes lead to godmod, from what I've seen.
    3: Yes, but limited. So, your Arms must have a drawback or a weakness, like insanity in the case of Zank's, or maybe slower but stronger movements in the case of certain armor types. For example, an OC I made is weak to fire Arms becauae hers is ice based, and she has a general weakness to Zank's Spectator (pretend he's alive, I dunno who owns Spectator yet) due to emotions.
    4: Polotics should play a medium role with the third organization I mentioned. They would need to keep up appearances to the empire as they work from within. But it shouldn't play a HUGE role.
  12. 2. I'm not saying people get to PLAY as canon characters I'm saying they'll be NPC people.

    3. That's about what I was thinking personally

    4. Alright duly noted.
  13. Now I see what you mean.. I'm not finished with the anime yet either, so I dunno who lives and who dies, but either way, I'd still say no NPCs. It'll be harder to steer the RP where we want if we have them, because that'll mean they're still fighting the empire and we won't have the spotlight (Yah, we're greedy bastards, eh?) But I also think it could be a good idea..
    I'm neutral on the whole thing.
  14. Alright well either way we need two more people before I start a OOC on this site. I'm assuming the above three are no longer interested for one reason or another
  15. 1:) it doesn't matter to me.
    3:) yes, but has a drawback
    4:) again doesn't matter, but someone said medium, so I guess I'll say medium
  16. Well I suppose we need one more person then.
  17. Is that a show of still interested Ryth? Or just an annoyed snort?
  18. Mark me down as interested
  19. both. since you consider that I've retracted my interest