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    In character thread

    It has been a long time since the Empire was formed and it's provinces conquered and subjugated underneath the Imperial Monarchy that rules it . The Empire for all it's horrifying acts is the only thing standing between it's citizens and destruction from the beasts outside and inside of it's borders. With elite soldiers making up the bulk of it's command the Empire has successfully rebelled and invaded many neighboring threats and forced back monsters of horror that rival those of legendary fairy tales. However for all of it's worth the Empire has become stagnant and reeks of corruption. Decadence and crime run rampant especially in the capital itself where a young emperor sits upon his throne. The teenage boy named Maxim The Fifth rules from his throne his father and mother lost ten years ago to a beast of unimaginable horror or rebels on their way to a banquet.

    Max is a boy of moral and social upstanding believing himself to be a fair and kind emperor. But he doesn't see what his governors, nobles, and regent does behind his back. Drugs, prostitution, crime, violence, war, torture, and many other sick practices are common outside of the Palace and even inside of it. Twisted individuals line up most of the government's upper ranks. From Commanders to Generals and Ministers to common clergy many have begun to wonder what is truly the ruling body of the government. Is it young Maxim on his throne? Or the people who call themselves his loyal servants who proudly proclaim they are doing his royal majesty's bidding while casually committing crimes and many other atrocities or allowing others do to so in exchange for a 'donation' to the Empire.

    Of course however what group would get away with this without some sort of retribution? A group of rebels have begun to form inside of and outside of the Imperial Borders though they have yet to move on the Empire they are suspected to be powerful and while few they contain within them some of the strongest fighters gathered in a long time. While gathering support to avenge the genocides, stop the crime, and destroy the enemy of the people by any cost necessary they have secretly been backing a group called 'Night Raid' in hopes of stopping the Empire. However for all of their pious boasting and arrogance they are hardly angels. Murdering whole swaths of people and ignoring the laws of the land they ravage the land in search of their next target. Though many would call them heroes do heroes truly murder with such ease and with such conviction?
    But then there's another faction in this that has recently appeared. Backed by unknown but powerful supporters is a mysterious man named Master Xerxes and his group of elite fighters, and assassins who's actions have gone largely unnoticed or blamed on the Empire or Rebels respectively. Xerxes, or as his followers call him 'The Boss', plans to overthrow the Empire and remake it anew...but they don't stand with the rebels either. They still intend on keeping the monarchy intact but with...a significant change of who is running things and how. He runs a group simply known as 'Salvation' who specializes in assassinations of both Imperial and Rebel figure heads. Though they have yet to clash with Night Raid nor the Imperial's Special Forces officially it is only a matter of time. Who will come out of this Game of Thrones victorious? Salvation, Night Raid, or The Empire's Finest?

    NPC Character Roster:
    Emperor Maxim X

    Night Raid/Rebels:

    Master Xerxes
    Kotaro 'Quick Shot' Yumi
    Nako Homura
    'The Lone Soul' Gan Shin

    Character Sheet:
    Armor: (if applicable)
    Imperial Arms: (If applicable and description of weapons abilities
    Combat Specialty: (Close range, mid range, swords, axes, bows etc)
    Other Talents:
    Other: (For anything that I may have missed)

    1. Typical rules apply with godmodding, meta gaming, and other such offenses will result in ban if it is made clear the user will not stop.
    2. You must be accepted by me personally before you are allowed to post in the IC.
    3. Imperial Arms are allowed within reason however you will need a reason for having one and it must be a valid one not simply finding it on the side of the road is not a valid way to obtain one. I recommend running ideas by me first before making a CS if you intend to have a character with one.
    4. You may have sympathizes towards either side or even prefer one of the sides to Salvation but you must be in Salvation.
    5. You must inform me if you chose to leave this roleplay doing so otherwise will result in a ban from all future roleplays I gm.
    6. A solid paragraph and a half is the posting minimal. You may go higher but unless you don't have much to work with you shouldn't go lower.

    Character Roster:
    Natsuo Phoenix - VanceXentan
    Mochni Baker - Cat
    Kinzey Shihelm - TheForbidden
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  2. Name: Natsuo Phoenix
    Nickname/Alias: Silver Blade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Though usually peace and calm are natural comments about Natsuo's personality it is merely something that scratches the surface of his personality. Natsuo is in earnest a unstable person who enjoys fighting and killing people. Not for sport but for the thrill of besting an opponent that others wouldn't ever dream of opposing. He almost sociopathic in his tendencies in a fight but also knows when it is best simply to kill an opponent. Though he doesn't like torturing his opponents he does enjoy messing around with people who aren't nearly on the same level as he is himself. He can be deceitful and a deviant liar whenever he fancies and has been called a habitual liar by some though he merely sees it as bending the truth.
    In spite of this intense need for violence in his life Natsuo has a side to him that does enjoy talking and getting to know people on a deeper level. He enjoys spending time with others and naturally enjoys comedic situations. He fancies himself a master of sarcasm and is always the first one to try and get out a remark at someone's expense. He enjoys swimming and reading just as he enjoys practicing his swordsmanship. He loves dogs and other furry creatures to the extent where he wishes that he could own one but knows he couldn't properly take care of one if he did.
    However it seems from his troubled history that Natsuo has a deep and well rooted distrust of people despite knowing them for extended periods of time. He refuses to comment why or change his ways and he will make it clear to people while they may be his friends or even allies they will never truly earn his trust. Trust and love itself have become a distorted emotion for Natsuo that he hardly feels anymore and refuses to try to understand it. He views women and relationships the same way a person would if they a shut in: a way to get out of loneliness. Though he doesn't view women as naturally inferior to men he does view with with some distrust more so than males.
    Though he does not especially care for any material or financial reward he does like them and hardly refuses what he believes to be a fair reward that he believes won't comeback to haunt him. He has a deep dislike for drugs and alcohol and refuses to touch the stuff in general unless it comes in the form of medicine and even then he complains.


    Hidden History of Natuso (open)

    Born in a fairly wealthy province in the center of the empire young Natsuo was the son of a minor noble and his mother was a born warrior. His father intended for Natsuo to be his heir as his older brother had been wounded badly in war. His mother on the other hand wanted someone to pass her knowledge down too and viewed her first born with some distaste after he came back crippled in the war. She wanted Natsuo to be the pride of her life and she intended for him to be like that one way or another.
    Natsuo himself was a rather bright eyed child and was often walked around the village as a small child by his uncle Rin in an effort to show him the life outside of the castle however that would ultimately end up backfiring as Natsuo, despite his uncle's efforts, witnessed some unsavory events outside of the estate and would ultimately become worse for it. His father however would have him take courses on various political and economical subjects as well as acting/performing tutors in order to properly mold him into a great politician.
    His mother however wouldn't allow him to take certain classes occasionally and often took him out at night in order to train him in the gardens in her own sword techniques. Her close friend Sanji would often also help out teaching him some of his own prized hand to hand and close combat styled fighting methods. While he liked his acting classes, Natsuo would often despise the political aspects of the others and would spend time with his mother more which greatly frustrated his father.
    On a trip to The Capital he would meet and talk with a interesting individual who would befriend Natsuo and his father and come home with them. This man forged a weapon and mask made especially for Natsuo himself. Who this man was Natsuo was never told though the man was clearly powerful and strong and even his mother respected him. This man was brought here for security purposes according to his father and Natsuo would learn to idolize this man.
    During his teenage years things would become more complicated as his older brother started to become more discontent with his current situation and he started to take out his frustrations on his younger brother however their mother put a stop to it quickly. His father however was seriously considering putting Natsuo's brother in charge instead due to the boy's odd tendencies and life choices so far in life. One fateful night Natsuo snuck out of his home and went off to meet a stranger in the middle of town whom he had saw earlier that day training in the woods when he and his mother went out earlier. Intending to see what type of moves the man had been practicing. However on the way there Natsuo ran into and had to fight off a group of thugs which he quickly dispatched only to find out his brother was plotting against him.
    His uncle Rin showed up not long after and introduced Natsuo to the individual whom he had found out was a member of Salvation named Nako Homura. Nako stated that she was to take Natsuo away to train and become a part of a movement to take over the empire. Natsuo was confused at first but Rin told him that his father did this as he was a part of the movement and intended to use Salvation as a way to keep his heir safe from his treasonous older brother until the time was right. His mother didn't know however Rin said he'd explain it to her later. Natsuo agreed though hestitantly and left with Nako. Though he didn't train with Nako often, more often training with other members of Salvation, he quickly became infamous in the group for his talents and was given the nickname Silverblade after his beautifully made Katana.

    Weapons/Items: A long black hilted Steel Katana with a ruby pommel.
    Armor: A White Jester's Mask made out of Stainless Steel made to fit him customly and an overlaying plate of steel that covers his chest and shoulders. He also wears black gloves with iron studs embedded in them and thick leather leggings.
    Imperial Arms: None at the moment
    Combat Specialty: Close to Mid Range - Two Handed Swords Mastery
    Adept at Daggers and hand to hand
    Other Talents: Disguise, Voice Altering, and Hunting
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  12. Name: Kinzey Shihelm
    Nickname/Alias: Lynx
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Personality: Kinzey is a rather childish person in general despite her age. She's a really curious person and always wants to know why things happen, and because of this she's often open and accepting of others and their ideals. She can be rather lazy at times, but when she has motivation she'll do whatever needs to be done; however, she's very unorganized and also loses things easily. She has a tendency to not think things through, and sometimes this might put others in danger. She's very friendly and loves interacting with people. Kinzey is also very trusting, and that can be taken advantage of because she'll trust again and again until it hurts someone other than herself. She's very excitable and loves jokes, but can also occasionally be oversensitive. Otherwise, she's rather laid back and is hard to anger. She absolutely loves cats.
    History/Bio: Kinzey was born to a tradesman who lived in a small town on the far reaches of the Empire. This town was in a terrible condition due to the tyrannic ruler of the country, and most had inherited a deep-seated hatred for the Empire. Kinzey had had enough of all of this, and when she turned 19 she left to the capitol, hoping to change the world. She still holds onto that naive hope.
    At one point, she joined the army, hoping to move through the ranks and hopefully find herself as close to the emperor as possible and in an influential spot. When nobody could find a match for a certain Imperial Arms, Eclipse, the lower ranks were tested; Kinzey was found to be compatible with said Arms after she went blind in one eye. Because of this, she was moved out of the army and to the side, to be called up only should they be short on soldiers. She realized she would have to change her plan, and joined Salvation when Natsuo recruited her. (I know nothing about the other NPCs so I'd figure I'd just have it be yours, if that's okay with ya.) She has a tendency to pick up stray cats, and her latest is named Tols. Unlike most of the other cats she's found, she plans on keeping this one.
    Weapons/Items: She carries with her a sword that is attached to a chain at the pommel. At the other end of a chain is a good sized ring, a bit smaller than the size of one's head, to help with controlling the movement comfortably and quickly.
    Armor: She wears a pair of gauntlets underneath her hoodie to block attacks with, as well as a knee brace of sorts that also makes kneeing people hurt like hell.
    Imperial Arms: Shadowed Movement: Eclipse
    This Imperial Arms causes darkness to fall over the area despite any lights, allowing the user to move using senses greatly enhanced by activating the Arms. The ability can be either self-centered or be used within a certain area, depending on the user's wishes; if used in an area, the opponent is blinded while the user can see just fine and attack, if with a tad more speed and strength than before.
    When self-centered, the ability blinds the user, but their senses are greatly enhanced and they can detect even minor movements with ease. They have to rely on what they feel from their environment and cannot judge by sight, which makes this ability treacherous if not practiced. It takes the form of a simple necklace with an animal's tooth at the end, said to be the tooth of a nocturnal Danger Beast.

    Trump Card: Suffocating Darkness: The user practically absorbs all of the light in the area, focusing it into a single attack aimed where the opponent is. Unfortunately, this is very hard to aim, as the user has no enhanced senses then, and must rely on intuition. The darkness in the area is so thick that the attack can't be seen as anything but a small pinpoint of light rushing towards the enemy, and is actually much larger than it appears.

    Trump Card Drawbacks: Using the trump card more than nine times causes the user to go completely blind for life; after using it once, the user may become temporarily blind for a few minutes after firing, making missing fatal, depending on how much energy was used.

    Drawbacks: Immense strain is placed on the body, of course, and if the Arms rejects you, you pretty much just go blind, much like the drawbacks of the Trump Card, except you're not used to being blind, duh.
    Combat Specialty: Varies: Mastery with a hammers and bludgeoning weapons of all sorts, from maces to warhammers, she's mediocre with a short sword, and her hand to hand is nearly mastered.
    Other Talents: Big fan of music and may be found singing, if you're lucky enough. She seems to be shy about it.
    -She walks with a limp. She manages to move just fine in battle, but afterwards she will be limpijg heavily or maybe incapitated for a while. She refuses to say how ths happened.
    -The blindness skips every generation in Kinzey's family, and she so happened to be next.
    -Anyone approaching on Kinzey's blind side might get a kick in the crotch, whether it's a guy or a girl, since it hurts there either way, (I know from experience. Yikes.) despite the fact that she's somewhat aware of anyone on that side.
    -Always found with her cat, Tols.
    -A little cosmetic effect thingy of her Imperial Arms, when used on herself, is that her eyes turn completely black (whites and all) except for the iris, which becomes a yellow/orange.
    -Kinzey got her nickname, Lynx, from her love of freerunning as a child and for the fact that she was attacked by one (a minor battle) and actually managed to kill it, though with quite a bit of luck.
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  13. Name: Mochni Baker
    Nickname/Alias: Crow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Without costumes (open)

    Personality: Outgoing, social, great people skills. Good at getting people to have fun. Physically affectionate. Attention seeking, loves crowds. Seductive, open, revealing, loving, empathetic, attachment prone. Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities. Needs to live life in accordance with their inner values. Disorganized. Prone to losing things. Irresponsible. Acts without thinking. Likely to have or want a tattoo. Rule breaker. Easily distracted. Comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Attracted to strange things and counterculture. Non-punctual. Likes to stand out. Prone to fantasy. Easily talked into doing silly things. Spontaneous. Wild and crazy.
    History/Bio: Mochni was born in a small tribe that was located just outside of the capital. Unlike most tribes, this tribe had an imperial arms. When Mochni's tribe was being formed, the elders deiced that they needed a special weapon to defend themselves from rival tribes. The elders heard that there where people making the king special weapons to defend his kingdom. So the elders sent one of their best men, Mochni's grandfather, to go kidnap one the workers. It took a few days but Mochni's grandfather returned successful. The worker was tortured and treated poorly, until he made the tribe a imperial arms. A few months later, and the worker finally made the imperial arm Nightstalker. After it was finished, the man was let go, but was told not to tell anyone of their location or they will send another one of their people to kill him. Because Mochni's ancestor was the one who brought the man back, he was allowed to test the imperial arms. Once he grabbed the bow, he felt the power flow through him. He imagined a bow, and a bow magical appeared in his had. But the bow was hard to pull back. The elders thought that the man had tricked them. Mochni's grandfather just thought that he was just to weak, so he trained and trained. After a year of training, he was able to fire the bow like it was nothing. The elders assumed that the bow would only work if the user was a Baker (Mochni's last name.). So they made the Baker family the official protector of this new tribe. Years pass buy and the bow has been passed down the Baker family. 10 years pass by, and Mochni's father, Tok, is the owner of the bow. One day the capital found out that there has been an imperial arms that had been made long ago, but it has never been in the capitals position. They saw who had made it, and went to the worker who made it, house. The old man was afraid to tell to them where it was because of the tribe's threat, but the capital forced him to tell them. Once the capital got the location of the weapon, they sent a party to go retrieve it. When the capital made it to the tribe, they started to kill everyone. Tok was asleep at the time, but he was quickly awoken by the screams of his people. Tok told his son, Mochni, to run into the forest. Mochni, age 15, nodded and fled into the forest. Tok grabbed his imperial arms and went to go fight the army. Tok took out a good number of them, but the power of the capital was far to great for him. Tok was backed to a wall. The man had never new fear like this. Tok had no choice but to use the bow's trump card. The explosion made smoke, which Tok used to escape. Tok fled to the forest to find his son. He screamed his name, and his found his son in a tree. Once Mochni saw that it was his father, Mochni dropped down and hugged his father. But their father and son moment was quickly interrupted when the army had found them. Tok gave his son the bow, and told him to run. With tears in his eyes, Monchni fled into the forest. Tok pulled had his dagger, and fought off the army. One soldier got Tok in his leg, and Tok fell to the ground. Tok tried to get up, but he was held down my two soldiers. Tok watched as one of the soldier drew their sword. Tok closed his eyes and accepted his fate. the solider then copped of his head, and ending his life. Monchni was able to lose the soldiers. Luckily the boy was found by the resistance, and was made a solider. While Monchin was being trained by the resistance, he heard stories of a group called the Salvation. Monchin like what he heard about this new group, and when he was done was training, Monchin left to go find this group. After years of searching, Monchin still couldn't find the group. He started to think it was all a myth. Until one day Monchin was aproched by the leader of Salvation. The leader offered him a position on the team, and Monchin quickly accepted. Monchin is nicknamed crow, because of his costume, and his love for crows.
    Weapons/Items: small dagger and imperial arms.
    Armor:(In picture)
    Imperial Arms: Nightstalker- This Imperial Arms is a wooden bow that allows the user to make arrow constructs out of thin air. However, this does not mean the the user can rapid fire arrows. It take approximately 5 seconds to make one arrow.

    Trump Card: Trippe arrow: The user can shot three rapid fire arrows. When each arrow lands on the target, or any surface, it make a huge explosion.
    Trump Card Drawbacks: After the user shots the last arrow, the user can not make any more constructs for 3 hole minutes. This makes the user vulnerable to attacks.
    Drawbacks: The user needs a lot of strength to pull back the arrow. If the imperial arms rejects you, then your hands will be paralyzed forever.
    Combat Specialty: Far range.
    Other Talents: Hunting, fishing, tracking, hiding, and cooking
    Other: Loves crows and cats.
    (I'll finish this up later.)​
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  14. @TheForbidden8thPosition The bio needs to be re-worked unless I was mistaken the group pretty much unanimously elected to remove canonical characters from the story.

    Edit: Also you need to include who recruited you into salvation be it Natsuo or one of the other NPC's and give a reason for how you've acquired your imperials arms as in why were you put up for the selection of Eclipse out of all possible candidates or was it lucky chance.
  15. The history might be the same as Tatsumi's with the whole run-down village thing, but there are a lot of people who left to the capitol to seek fortune. She just got lucky and succeeded.
  16. The below quote directly says she would hope to find herself close to Esdeath who is nonexistent in this timeline.
  17. OH. -facewalls- I'll fix that.
  18. Just changed it to "the emperor" since it works either way.
  19. Just saw the edit on your post, I'll get on that.
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