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Trying to support the Writer's and Artists corner, if only so it will still be around when I get my book to a place I feel I need advice on it.

WARNING: a great deal of this is fanart. And most of it is unfinished. I got these stupid 'chronic termors' about a year ago and it's gotten to the point where I have a really hard time drawing at all. If you ever wanna finish/color any of these (I would probably be flattered to the point of heart failure, but I'm not expecting it) go ahead, so long as I get to see the end result!

So I'll probably upload something once a week, unless I get impatient... who knows maybe this will get me back in the mood to draw again, tremors be damned...


So this is Amalie Somethingorother... and the only child I feel I have come close to drawing successfully. This is pretty old, but if remember right she was a commission for a friend who was trying to do a Full Metal Alchemist fancomic. But it fell apart over a disagreement between him and I and the other artist (or she and him, and I wound up taking her side.) So I suppose she's fanart. *shrug* she's pretty cute though, I think.
D'awwww, she's so cute! :3 I really like it!

And oh man, I know exactly how you feel about the tremors thing! Mine wasn't so much chronic as it was caused by asthema medication. I got so mad though that it would make my hands shake that I just stopped taking it. I guess back then drawing was more important to me than breathing, kekekekeke.
Cool TZS, Can't wait to see more.

I don't draw much myself , but I have friends that do and I have heard Kids can be hard....something to do with the proportions or something? But yea, It turned out great.
@Ampoule, you know that was my first guess, cause I know my inhalor gives me the shakes (as well as a sore throat and itchy lungs, but that's over the counter crap for ya) so I stoppped for a while but it didn't help. My dr. thinks its psychological, that I'm just twitchy, so we'll be seeing if the lorowhatsit helps...

@October, kids are freakin hard! Its cause their heads are bigger and their limbs are shorter or something. My kids usually come out looking kinda gangly and awkward looking- I think the fact this one came out pretty good was cause its just a portrait, not the full body.

Thank you you guys are so sweet! I'm still collecting my crap from different computers and other sites they're on, some of them aren't wanting to show up so I have to dig for them- otherwise I have to scan them in all over again an I'm too lazy for that...

Kiddos can actually be a challenge to draw sometimes but for me, it's easier because you don't have to draw curves, boobies or muscular arms. xD I can't wait to see more cuteness. CUTENESS COMMANDS ME.

Well Ampoule inspired me to challenge myself so I'm going to start drawing again. But in the meantime MOAR DOODLES.


FURRIES! Or Nekos is prolly more accurate. Whatever they're called. I was trying to draw my kitties Bella and Leopold, but I'm not great at animals do I made them little peoples... which then inspired the fantasy novel I'm writing...
:D I love these! You look like you have a great sense of anatomy, too<3 I feel like [from experience] it's especially hard to draw two people together in a drawing, so good work. :D

They're so cuuuute. <3
Aaaaand some fanverse silliness for a goofy fic I never wrote. My husband calls this my Pimpin' It Yohji picture. XD The girls are Roulette and Russian, currently being used as npcs in Project Shine.


I like doodling Yohji's hair... *headdesk* I feel like suchafangirl.
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AI drew wonderful nekos. o___o MOAR~ I LIKEY CATGIRLS AND CATBOYS~

And I love the pimp. XD
if you want me too I'll colour them in in gimp (im too much of a tommy tightarse to buy photoshop 8]) for you.
Go ahead, if it amuses you! I have Photoshop Elements but I have a loooong list of stuff to color and I need a new laptop so it will stop crashing whenever I try to save...
they are so cute. I like them and yes color would be good. But very light i think. Just some light pastels or something. I dont know, just though very cute.
wonderful! i shall colour "Undercover", jsut as soon as i finish my Starship Troopers/Starcraft/Warhammer40k mashup!