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    The Layout of this OOC has been altered from 'Darlings' Elswood OOC - I adore her organizational style ♥



    WELCOME to FAIRY TAIL: RED DAWN. Each and every guild within Fiore strives to be the best, through both hard work and trickery, it is up to you who you shall be, how you shall act, and which moral standpoint you shall side with. Good luck, wizard.


    Life as a wizard in Fiore is a dream - a dream few get to experience in their lives. As a wizard, you find it your duty to learn and gain more magical knowledge, while helping those around you with task a human might find difficult to complete themselves.

    Up until this moment, you were a guildless wizard, one without a home... without an emblem. As the guilds in the great land of Fiore began to grow with popularity, you decided as a guildless wizard it was time to become one with a guild and learn from it's master and fellow wizards, bettering yourself and gaining abilities beyond your wildest knowledge.

    You soon learned that not all guilds are in it for the smiles on peoples faces, and the feeling of warmth that fills your heart when you tend to help someone who is in need. Other guilds are in the race for power, money, and status - some even holding sway over the magical council themselves!

    These guilds are known as the 'Dark Guilds' and serve as the main antagonists throughout Fiore. The good guilds, or protagonists are pitted against such evil guilds, and attempt to restore balance to Fiore otherwise undone by the dark guilds.

    You as a wizard have the option on which side to join...
    Do you turn bad? Gain money, power, fame and fear?
    Do you help those around you? Gaining love, loyalty, friendship, and knowledge?

    It's up to you to decide. The Guilds welcome you.

    is a story based on the original anime/manga series "Fairy Tail" created by Hiro Mashima. All works related to Fairy Tail are his and his alone, this RP in and of itself is the idea of @Ali and @Akashi - stemming from the original 'Fairy Tail'.

    As stated before, both Akashi and I distaste people who join a(n) RP, only to post once or twice, and disappear without a trace. Therefore, there will be a bi-weekly activity check. Every second Friday of the month, your 'activity' as a roleplayer will be checked upon by either myself (@Ali) or @Akashi. These checks are to ensure you are not a stale character/player and are still fully devoted to participating in FTRD (Fairy Tail: Red Dawn). Should you still be active, you get a pat on the back (and possibly a cookie), however, should you not respond to our poking/prodding by the following Monday, you'll get the boot.

    It may become overwhelming sometimes to have to respond to multiple people at once, however, it's totally what all the 'koolkids' are doing these days. Please ensure that you are interacting with everyone in the IC, and not just those who you favour. (This of course has limits, seeing as you cannot interact with someone across the entire Province of Fiore).

    Through-out this roleplay, Akashi and I will have set 'plot points' and 'arcs'. These PP's are to ensure players have the resources they need to create their own side-plots and continue their story without stale posts about sitting in their guild halls, sipping on week old whisky. Should you wish to create your own major plot point (A.K.A - something that will drastically effect FT:RD as a whole), please consult the GM's!

    Whether it be a strange/scary image, or self-indulgent posts, all things that fall under the examples listed below must be put in a spoiler tag, with a trigger warning attached as a title, or posted somewhere obvious before the image/post. No matter how trivial it may seem to you, please respect everyone else - we all deserve to feel safe here... also, Ali has a fear of spiders T_T

    Please be courteous to your fellow members and remember to tag the following triggers if you use them in any gif chats, paras, or other posts.
    • Ableism
    • Animal Abuse
    • Asylums/Abuse of Mental Health Patients
    • Bad Mothering
    • Blood
    • Cannibalism
    • Cissexism
    • Death
    • Domestic Violence
    • Eating Disorders
    • Emotional Abuse
    • Eye Horror
    • Eye-Involving Gore
    • Gore
    • Guns
    • Incest
    • Murder
    • Needles
    • Parent Suicide
    • Parent Depression
    • Pedophilia
    • Racism
    • Rape
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Suicide
    • Sexual Assault
    • Snakes
    • Spiders

    "IC drama is highly encouraged, OOC drama is not...", heard that before? Well, this roleplay adheres by just that mantra. please keep all drama to the IC (that's where it thrives), should Akashi or I witness unneeded drama within the OOC chat, the person/people causing the issue will be warned - should the problem continue, they will be banned.

    Not everyone is expected to get along with everyone else. We all have drastically different personalities, therefore, sometimes we clash as human beings. As a roleplayer, and a member of iwaku, you are expected to be the bigger person and push the drama to the side. Should you have a specific issue with a certain individual, please PM either @Ali or @Akashi with the situation and your side of the story, we will get to the bottom of the issue and take action from that point on.

    Personally, I adore gifs, images, and things of the like, however, some people have much slower internet connection and can barely handle the simplicity that is iwaku's 'rich text editor'. That being said, should you want to post a bunch of gifs, pictures, or fancy text in the OOC, please ensure you place it in a spoiler, that way, those who do not wish to lag-to-death, can steer clear of the images.

    Side Note: One image/gif is fine - multiples need to be placed in spoilers :)

    Seeing as iwaku has it's own system in place to stop spamming from happening, this isn't so much a rule, but more so a "don't do it if you want a tongue" kinda' thing. I'm joking, but seriously, please don't spam. You can condense multiple messages into one thread reply.



    Currently, no.
    That would be Miss @Ali herself.
    Yes, once we as GM's feel the RP is 'full', we will close the sign-up's.
    Really depends on how real life is treating us. We try and get on as often as possible, but sometimes, IRL drags us away. Should either of us expect to be away for any amount of time exceeding normal, we'll be sure to alert you all as members of this roleplay over OOC.
    Either @Ali or @Akashi.
    Within' a week, please. Should you be unable to complete your CS due to outside circumstances, please make one or both GM's aware.
    The four pillars is the ranking system for prestigious guilds. Fiore is full of a bunch of low-level (practically nameless) guilds that sit somewhere in its lands, however, the four pillar guilds are respected by everyone in Fiore, even the guild sitting on the fourth pillar - it takes a lot of vigor, energy, and attitude to reach a pillar spot.


    The current limit is two (2) character per person.
    Of course! Character interaction is a MAJOR part of this roleplay, so please, interact with ALL guilds.
    Absolutely not. Though both Akashi and I are the GM's of this RP, that doesn't make us any more exempt from the rules than any of you - nobody is allowed to control another person's character without their express permission.


    Depends. Please PM one or both of the GM's and discuss your idea before you implement it as your characters ability.
    • BLACK TIER (SSS) - 40 to 45
    • PURPLE TIER (SS) - 35 to 38
    • PINK TIER (S) - 30 to 34
    • RED TIER (AAA) - 27 to 29
    • BLUE TIER (AA) - 23 to 25
    • GREEN TIER (A) - 20 to 22
    • YELLOW TIER (BB) - 17 to 19
    • BROWN TIER (B) - 15 to 16
    • WHITE TIER (C) - 10
    Currently, we are not allowing:
    • God-Slayer Magic
    • Devil-Slayer Magic
    • Angel-Slayer Magic
    • Second and Third Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
    • Iron Dragon Slayer Magic
    • Memory-Make Magic
    • Fairy Law Spell (for obvious reasons...)
    It all depends on your skill as a roleplayer. Should you wish to use a powerful magic, both Akashi and I will need to give you permission. Please PM us if you're interested in using a lost or ancient magic.


    No. Guilds may be allies, or, have friends within other guilds. RED DAWN and HIRAETH SEIS are enemies by plot.
    Yes, but in order to defect, please create a viable story, and give this RP some good plot :D!
    Titanos's Guild Master is: @Sammael9216
    Hiraeth Seis's Guild Master is: @Akashi
    Colomba's Guild Master is: @firejay1
    Red Dawn's Guild Master is: @Ali

    Possibly - there are many points to this question that simply cannot be answered in an F.A.Q section.
    Yes. Your guild halls job board is one out of two places you may accept jobs. The other place is open to all members of Fiore, and that is in Magnolia's city center, where massively important jobs requested by the magic council are posted.
    "Technically", Titanos.
    Yes! Upon character creation, you are allowed to select which guild you wish to be apart of! Sometimes certain guilds are too full to accept new numbers, and upon posting your interest for this RP, it's always a good idea to ask!


    Depends on when Akashi and I see the RP craving a new plot. There isn't specific times when new arcs will be posted, but when they are, they will be posted both in the OOC and the first post of the IC.
    Both @Akashi and @Ali.


    White Tier - 'C': The lowest and most basic wizarding level. All characters (aside from some exceptions) start at this level.
    That's completely up to your Guild Master - ask them how they wish to work with the rankings system.
    Depends. PM @Ali AND @Akashi (you'd need both's approval).
    The tier 5 are what you as players would consider "s class" and higher from the fairy tail anime and manga. The ULTRA tier is a tier of @Ali's own creation - it's for when the regular tier's get too boring and players need more of a challenge.

    Please send them via PM to either @Ali or @Akashi to have them answered.


    This roleplay will be set in Earthland, more specifically, the Kingdom of Fiore. It is very possible to branch outside of this area and roleplay all around Earthland, however, for simplicity purposes, this is where most the activity will be held.


    The eastern part of Earth Land is occupied by a very large peninsula called Ishgar (大陸, イシュガル, Ishugaru), that around is surrounded by scattered isles of differing sizes; the peninsula itself is linked to the mainland, whose geography is mainly unknown.

    The territory seems to be split into several countries:
    • The Kingdom of Fiore, occupying a smaller, secondary peninsula sprouting from the main one, to the west.
    • The Land of Isvan, a country located to the east of Fiore, although its exact location in Ishgar is unknown.
    • The Principality of Veronica, a small country located in the mountains north to Fiore.
    • The country of Seven, occupying a peninsula northeast of Fiore.
    • The country of Bosco, located east of Fiore.
    • The country of Iceberg, located to the east of Seven, northeast of Bosco, north of Joya, northwest of Bellum and west of the Pergrande Kingdom.
    • The country of Stella, located to the east of Bosco, the north of Iceberg and the southwest of Joya.
    • The country of Minstrel, located to the southeast of Fiore, separated from it by a large gulf with an island in its center.
    • The country of Midi, located on a small peninsula south of Minstrel.
    • The country of Desierto, a large region located east of Minstrel.
    • The country of Joya, located north of Desierto.
    • The country of Bellum, located east of Desierto, on the eastern shore of the large lake separating it from Desierto and Joya.
    • The country of Sin, located on a peninsula in the southern part of the continent.
    • The island of Caelum, located in the sea not far from Minstrel's western shores.
    • The island of Enca, located south of Sin.
    • The Pergrande Kingdom, the largest country, located in the easternmost part of the peninsula, linking it to the mainland.

    The western continent of Earth Land is called Alakitasia (西の大陸, アラキタシア, Arakitashia) which is much more monolithic compared to Ishgar, with few islands.
    The only country that we know of so far, is a military-run Alvarez Empire, that once attempted to invade Ishgar in X781.

    There are a variety of races inhabiting Earth Land:
    • Human: The main race in Earth Land.
    • Dragon: A rare, large and immensely powerful reptilian creature. They are known to be very intelligent, and, in some cases, to appreciate humans, sometimes taking them under their protection and teaching them Dragon Slayer Magic.
    • Exceed: Anthropomorphous talking cats capable of sprouting wings and flying through the use of the Magic Aera. They hail from Edolas, a dimension parallel to Earth Land, and they were all transported to the latter by interdimensional Anima portals.
    • Vulcan: Large creatures reminiscent of gorillas with a massive horn topping their heads; they are capable of understanding human language and speaking a rudimentary form of it. They employ Take Over Magic to take the form of humans. They are known to reside on Mt. Hakobe, in the Kingdom of Fiore.
    • Hane-Sakana: A rare species of fish gifted with wings for flight that is capable of breathing air.
    • Wyvern: Somewhat reminiscent of Dragons, these winged reptiles are much smaller and more beastly in nature.
    • Blizzardverns are a subspecies that inhabit places with cold climate like mountains unlike Wyverns, which appear to live in the forest.
    • Goblins: Humorous little creatures reminiscent of otherworldly rodents, which are capable of wielding makeshift weapons.
    • Gods: A race of immensely powerful deities, usually large in size, with various types of destructive Magic Power.
    • Giants: A race of, as the name implies, exponentially large human-like beings. They are known to reside in the Sun Village.
    • Demons: A race of humanoid beings with demonic features. Some of them are known to reside on Galuna Island.
    • Celestial Spirits: Magical beings that herald from their own separate universe: the Celestial Spirit World.
    • Angels: A race of white-winged creatures that can be summoned using Angel Magic.
    • Bakshi: Small, reptilian creatures highly reminiscent of chameleons that reside on Tenrou Island.
    • Clipper: A species of bird residing on Tenrou Island known for their brutality and pack mentality.
    • Curily: Small rodent-like creatures distinct to Tenrou Island.
    • Doscadon: Enormous, carnivorous dinosaur-like creatures covered in scales that reside on Tenrou Island.
    • Hodras: A very common species of animal, reminiscent of pigs, that reside in Fiore.
    • Machias: A machine-like species that are all capable of using and retaining Magic.
    • Cubina Gamal: Large and bizarre herbivorous creatures with short, thin limbs and human-like hands; distinct to Tenrou Island.
    • Lizardmen: Humanoid lizard-like creatures; they are able to be manufactured artificially.
    • Rollidillo: Massive, strong, quadrupedal reptilian creatures that reside on Tenrou Island.
    • Spirit-Luminescent Bug: Bugs whose bodies glow; they reside in the caves of Tenrou Island, lighting the area around them.
    • Tenrou Squirrel: Small rodent-like creatures, highly reminiscent of squirrels, who live only on Tenrou Island.
    • Weretiger: Humanoid feline beasts known for their immense speed.
    Magic (魔法, Mahō) in Earth Land is located inside the body of living organisms. In some races, Magic occurs in all individuals, but only 10% of humankind uses it. Magic can be divided into two main classifications:

    • Caster Magic (キャスターマジック Kyasutā Majikku): It is Magic which, as the name suggests, is generated and expelled from the caster's body, as opposed to Magic done through the use of a weapon or outside source.
    • Holder Magic (ホルダーのマジック Horudā Majikku); It is Magic that requires a Mage to employ an external source to be produced.

    Snow Peak; Fiore's northernmost town, with a low population, perched on a hill overlooking the sea. It is snow covered nearly all year minus the summer.

    Pirate Cove; Pirates have plagued the world as long as their have been ships. Under all manner of banners and flags, names and titles. Vikings, Smugglers, scum and rebels. Pirate cove is a collection of caves, coves and shipwrecks, some shanty towns, and of course bands of marauders. While Piracy may have died down, you can be sure to still spot the Jolly Rodger flying from the shore.

    Coppertown: First mining settlement along the "ridge" as some have termed it. Coppertown connects to mountainous paths leading to the mining camps. Mostly populated by miners and their families, they tend to be standoffish with outsiders, even as they fill carts full of ore for the Kingdom. The gap between rich and poor is readily noticeable in this small city, and many a squatter's tale is about how they came to Coppertown to strike it rich.

    Kugumi: A city located on the high road north of the capital, a rather modest city, both in terms of size and temperament of its people. Kugumi is famous for its mountaintop temples and monks. The large grain brown rice grown on its mountain fields is a primary export.

    Rose Garden: Home to noble estates and the Royal Vacation home, Rose Garden is a high class region for the Shakers and Movers of Fiore, new money, old money, noblemen and pompous asses. A beautiful area with great scenery, but these areas are not open to the public without a pass.

    Given the beauty of the location and its villa's there is a public portion and tourist district. The local lords not being too foolish begrudgingly at the worst allow this. With tasteful, retreats, inns, suites and hotels, romance is often in the air. And the public sector is among the most safe and friendliest in all of Fiore.

    Overall a highly famous location for lovers and weddings.. Oh, and of course honeymoons. The massive parks and Rose Gardens of the public sector are a tourism hotspot across Fiore, and beyond. Rose's from the Rose Garden are also highly valued and pricy, with the more rare the color the higher the price. A gift of one of these is often considered as good as an engagement ring.. Or at least alongside of one.

    Motor City: If Foundry is the muscle Motor is the brains. Originally established as an educational city, for non-magical research and development. Fiore's first Locomotive and cannons were, even if copied from imports, reverse engineered here. Many products that have improved day to day life in Fiore come from here. Unfortunately the city is home to white collar eccentrics, blue collar thugs and has an unusually large number of mechanical contraptions. It and Foundry often work hand in hand on numerous tasks.

    A grimmer part of Fiore, motor city is every wizards one stop shop for mechanical wonders of the ages. From magic mobiles to Sorcerer cycles this city has your back covered. Be wary though, when the night rolls around, Motor City becomes the home of thieves and thugs.

    Foundry: The mother of all invention is necessity. Or in the case of Fiore, Foundry is. Originally founded by a tycoon willing to take a chance with novel ideas. The city is aptly named for its massive forges, cranking out the cannons of the Royal Navy, the massive gates of Crocus, and the rail works of the kingdom. Given the pro-industrial leaning of the city, mages are a rare sight. The Treasure hunter Guilds however tend to be rather active, taking up jobs for the wealthy and...the less honest of the population.

    Ruins of Hanza: Hanza was an ancient capital of a long gone civilization. Scholars believe they may even be the originator for some of the cultural practices of Fiore. What is known is hidden tombs, forgotten magic, secret cults, and the scars of a massive battle, all linger this large region.

    Izumu: Famed for its fishing and small boat construction, Izumu tends to be rather rural and peaceful. Valuing hard work and its isolation, Izumu has from time to time had landed more problems than fish with the passage of time.

    Forest of Izumu: making naval trade a necessity, this massive forest is filled with all manner of nasty beasts, making travel fairly difficult.

    Lavender Port: Fiore's 2nd largest port, Lavender is at the end of the so called "Industrial line". Carrying goods from Motor City and Foundry to the far reaches of Earthland. Primarily handling heavy shipping and construction, Lavender port has its fair share of corruption, but the various naval forces garrisoned makes it a rather safe location.

    Iris: Given the pollution from its neighbors Iris is a rather dark and gloomy town, famed for its fields of Iris flowers and its caves, Iris often serves as a "shadow city". Given the destruction of its local ecosystem, and its reliance of fungus growth products, namely mushrooms, people in the town have sought means to make extra money. Smuggling, burials and bribery. Iris is a town in a desperate situation.

    Iwata: A curious little town, famed for being built on a collection of small islands and stilts, Iwata stands as a testament to the human will. Iwata was originally founded as a monastery city for a group of warrior monks. While that has lost its shine over time, the temples still stand, and a few are even active. Currently the city mostly survives as a tourist location.

    Lilac Beach: The "poormans" Akane Beach. If the later is more known to host the rich and powerful, Lilac and its small towns often play host to the working class to the north.

    Kazami: A rural sprawling Village with simple wooden structures, Kazami is renowned for its massive sunflower fields and being the last major "green lands" along this stretch of the highway as one heads south. Sporting a rather well rounded population figure, most job requests from here seem to be more of the peaceful sort. Kazami also has rather cordial relations with the National Council.

    Bend City: founded upon old ruins, Bend City is in a rather fearful position, a crater valley surrounded by a river bend to its north. While it has strong earth works, it should be noted almost all structures are in the crater walls and rim, with parks and agriculture on the floor. Bend city largely exists and has a vibrant economy thanks to Columba, and Titanos.

    Shipwreck Cove: with islands hosting terrible creatures not so far away, and the fog that's produced from this channel, Shipwreck cove is an ill advised location to attempt sailing to and from Hargeon. Crashing into the jagged rocks and mighty swells, many a ship has came aground.

    Junction Station: Central railyard, rest stop and one-time construction site. Junction Station now serves as a small city built by railmen and traders, for railmen and traders. Welcoming to travelers, it should be noted the city values Jewels above most else. A curious note is rather than fixed buildings most of the inhabitants live in trade caravans and old decommissioned locomotive cars.

    Lily: Located in the central dry plain, lily has a collection of swamps around its borders. A rather typical city, its in a rather isolated location.

    Eldwald forest: Tundra like forest, extremely cold, seems to be home to numerous creatures at home in such an environment. Is famous for its rich mineral hot springs.

    Edelweiss Town: Located high atop the northern straight, Edelweiss Town is culturally akin to Iseberg, where many of its citizens hail from, refugees unable to settle in Seven. Its famous for its breweries and the namesake flower, which only blooms in the summer.

    Waas Village: A village to the East of Waas Forest, primarily counts on logging for its income.

    Iss Forest: A rather "young" forest compared to Waas, given its remote location, Wyvern are known to dwell here.

    Misty Peak: A ruined city buried beneath the mountains, filled with traps, goblins, golems, and other beings of ill repute, one should use wise judgment and sure vision while at this location. Famed for its never departing fog, adventures have been loath to explore too deeply within, calling it a crypt city.

    Bloom: Cornerstone of two trade routes, Bloom is a multicultural city heavily dependant on outside trade. Rather uninterested in most of the internal ongoings of Fiore, Bloom is the primary destination for land-based trade to Fiore. The city is rather typical by most accounts, minus it does have an Army Garrison to keep security.

    Seven Checkpoint, Bosco Checkpoint: Standing along the Eastern Roads is two moderately sized Forts, handling travel into and out of Fiore, the concerned countries maintain a custom post and small military garrison. Naturally, there is a small town around both, and the head aches of bureaucracy abound. Patrol issues, and bandit raids often plague the outer roads, not to mention scams and hijackings.

    Fort Mashima: Principle key defensive base of the Royal Guard. Its men train here, and the families are often based here as well, the city around it often hosts retired soldiers, museums, and men who live on glory long past, at times searching for more.

    > As written by @RedArmyShogun ,as tweaked by @Ali <


    Throughout this roleplay, two out of the five guilds which are player controlled will be focused on with much worth in terms of the plot. RED DAWN and HIRAETH SEIS are the protagonist and antagonist guilds. RED DAWN is controlled by @Ali and HIRAETH SEIS is controlled by @Akashi .

    RED DAWN (being the name of this RP) is what the roleplay itself will be centered around, however, RED DAWN'S rival is HIRAETH SEIS, which from the beginning is a fals good guy guild which parades around as the third pillar, offering assistance to keep up it's act when in reality, forces good people to do awful things and abuses the system in order to keep it's ranking.


    Red Dawn was founded by its current guild master, Alaska Young. She was on the run as a young woman, from a tragic accident that befell her previous guild. Upon desecration of Alaska's previous guild due to her being hunted down, she made the rash decision to leave everything behind and found Red Dawn - trying to keep away from her dark history and those who are seeking to kill her due to past indiscretions.

    Currently, the Guild holds the spot of number five in the 'five pillars' - however, beneath its respected ranking and standing lies a dark past which has clung to Alaska since her younger years... back when she still spoke with her children, and wasn't afraid to venture too far from her new home.

    Red Dawn is blatantly and ostentatiously smack-center in the bowl of a cavernous mountain range. It sits with in the mountain, incorporating mother natures beautiful design of self-preservation into its manmade atrocities.


    Alaska Young
    Played By: @Ali

    Jericho "Jer" Reigalia
    Played By: @Whispering~Melody

    Griffin Green
    Played By: @KatherinWinter

    Sonny Everclear
    Played By: @Warm Regret

    Frederick Heindall
    Played By: @Blitzfang43

    Nero Greyhart
    Played By: @Akashi

    Miryz Teigan
    Played By: @Yaoi Master Gavin

    Kaito Iwasaki
    Played By: @xLarius

    Virgil Greyheart
    Played By: @Artorias

    Played By: @NacNak



    Thanks to the previous wealth of Alaska's prior guilds high standing, she greedily made a hasty escape from her then-destroyed guild with a vast majority of its earnings. These earnings were used to craft the grand scale infrastructure known as Red Dawn's guild hall. The exterior itself resembles a small-scale castle, grandiose in appearance. Its exterior is a molded sandstone, beige in colour with mahogany doors and window frames. Metal light fixtures adorn both upper and lower levels inside and out, however, they seem to shine much brighter on the outside. The windows are barred with metal and steel, giving the appearance of a lock-in styled home, when in reality, the inside is much larger and more inviting than it seems.


    The halls within Red Dawn's walls are large and beautiful, expelling an air of royalty and stature. Regardless of being the lowest on the five pillars in terms of power, Alaska has modeled the guild hall after wealth, riches and status - a remembrance of her previous guild. The halls themselves are made by many large, roman-styled pillars, fitted with Red Dawn stylized banners and massive statues resembling famous guild masters from other well-known guilds. Alaska finds humour in fitting her guild with statues of the 'five' - those masters currently in charge of the five pillar guild halls.


    On the upper floors of the guild hall lay the C - Tier guild member bedrooms. Each bedroom is separated by a private bathroom that links directly to the members bedroom, both giving them their own lavatory and spacing apart each bedroom in order to create some semblance of privacy. Guild members have been given the freedom to decorate and alter their rooms however they wish, so long as they remain the same size. Each C - Tier bedroom has a large, luxurious, single person bed; a dresser and large wall of drawers for storage as well as wooden pillars supporting the room as a whole, fashioned from the mahogany of the wood chosen for most of the guild hall itself. Candleabras line the room on both the walls and in stands, with the overshade of leaves and foliage surrounding the open and exposed areas.


    The bedrooms set aside for the ULTRA tier wizards of Red Dawn sit on a different floor from the C - Tier bedrooms. Each bedroom is specifically designed for whichever wizard currently occupies it, however, it leaves nothing less than the best for the strongest wizards within the guild. Rumors float around Red Dawn that the higher ULTRA tier ranking a wizard has, the better room they possess; this, however, is just silly hearsay. The rooms themselves have largely risen platforms which hold the beds, as well as side tables. The rest of the room is supplied with the necessities as well as an en-suite bathroom for each ULTRA tier wizard.


    Due to Red Dawn's guild hall being so large, there are two main and massive areas within its walls that wizards tend to spend most of their time in. These two main halls are placed on opposite ends of the guild hall itself. The first build main hall looks and feels like a cathedral - it is said Alaska wanted to model this area after a church, in order to feel more 'holy' and have God forgive her sins. The area itself has been renovated and rejuvenated, the pews taken out from it's authentic design and replaced with stone benches, modeled after roman catholic structures. It is lit with faux light and candles, keeping the warm, honey glow of candlelight radiating throughout the entire cathedral-esque area.

    The second main hall has been fashioned with more of an ancient Rome style in mind. During the time this area was being built, Alaska was going through a rough and troublesome time - one which brought fighting to her doorstep rather often, thus, she modeled this area after a old-style throne room set back in ancient Rome. Metal suits of armour line the open archways that lead into the hallways of Red Dawn - armours from many different eras and times that have been salvaged and forged from the wreckage of Alaska's previous guild hall. In the center stands a statue of a winged knight and throughout the hall are the same benches that line the other side of the Red Dawn. The hall itself is lit by a large open-styled hole directly punched in the ceiling, opening the area to natural sunlight and giving it an outside feel.

    Both locations hold the same job board that all Red Dawn members use, and it is updated by Red Dawn staff in accordance with accuracy, so no two people take the same job.


    In many different areas there are access locations with classical victorian era staircases. These staircases lead both up and down to different locations within Red Dawn. Each area is incredibly well lit with gorgeous crystaline chandeliers. Each alcove which cascades above the stairs themselves is engraved with beautiful architectural scrawlings and carvings, many which tell a story from times long ago.


    Red Dawn has little to no use for this area, however, the greeny' wizards (wizards who specialize with nature and the ever-growing, even healing) tend to use this area more often than not. The room itself is small, no bigger than two walk in closets stuck together. To the left of the room once you enter down the small single doored staircase sits a large amount of shelving which holds kettles, bottles, vases, jars, and ingredients of the like. To the right, is a small counter lined with three barstool looking chairs. Behind the counter are rare ingredients that are kept high up, away from prying fingers, yet accessible to those who wish to use them.


    Red Dawn has two dining halls within its walls. The first is the largest of the two; spacious and grand. It's walls are closed off to practically all the rest of Red Dawn with large mahogany doors, double in origin. This leaves the hall itself quite dark, yet very cozy and secluded. Most wizards find this area better for dinner, rather than any other meal of the day. Often times, those looking to study spells or incantations can be found in the warm cavern of a dining hall. The place is lined with wooden benches and velvet lined couches, haphazardly strewed across the floor, occasionally coming into close contact with many of the small singular-in-origin fireplaces placed randomly throughout the hall.

    The second dining hall is smaller and comfier than the first. It is rather inaccessible from the larger of two rooms, yet can be found in the basement level of Red Dawn's Guild Hall. The room seats five to six, depending on the size of its occupants, with the chairs circling a large sphere shaped tabled in the center of the room - a small fire raging in the center. Above the table, a large chandelier sits, illuminating the room with a dull, hazy light. The introvert's of Red Dawn tend to hang out in this area, seeing as it's secluded, quiet, and rarely visited.


    Red Dawn's bar area is more open and less dark than the rest of the guilds classical and historical style. The bar is multi-leveled and found in the basement of Red Dawn. The actual counter itself is small, yet to the far right coming up from the staircase, you are able to feel a sense of open-concept living with the broken stone, letting the sun bleed in from the outside, and the full moon on nights of wonder. Foliage lines the bar and its patrons sitting areas, giving the bar itself a sense of outdoor living. The tables are made of the Red Dawn mahogany, where its seats are made of red velvet. This is often the place in Red Dawn where all its members are found partying.


    On the main floor of Red Dawn's Guild Hall, the pool can be found. This spacious 10,000 square foot recreational area is often the home of many of the more active guild members, the ones who enjoy roaming for jobs and are rarely found anywhere but the training hall or out on a job. Its Indian themed room reflects the outside light that streams in through the open bay windows, cascading glimmering luminance against the waters of the pool. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the room is the star-like insignia lining the floor of the pool. This room also has a hot-tub, as well as a sauna for those not eager to swim.


    Added due to boredom, Alaska craved the activity of sitting back with a few drinks and some friends and partaking in some good old-fashioned gambling. What she lacked at the time was a room to do that, which wasn't horribly lit; thus, the Red Dawn Game Room was born. It's massive ceilings give the room a feeling of open concept whilst the green-tinged flame keeps its patrons calm - Alaska remembers reading somewhere that green was a perfect colour for relaxation and playful banter. The chairs are classic roman style, with green and/or yellow backing, whilst the tables are mahogany like the rest. Games of all variety stay within this room, and are even accompanied by a small bar, unmanned and not nearly the same size as Red Dawn's regular bar, but enough to keep the room's occupants satisfied.


    Perhaps the largest and most grand of everything in Red Dawn is the training hall. This area sits in the dungeon levels of Red Dawn (not to be mistaken for actual dungeons, seeing as Red Dawn doesn't have those), very deep underground. A single large, duel-story door opens into this cavernous seeming arena. The center is where the fighting occurs, whilst the pillars surrounding the center are for observing. Weapons of all types and styles can be found here, as well as training dummies and partners always willing to spar. Red Dawn flags with the guild logo flutter from the alcoves lining the entire room's perimeter, reminding those who choose to train, just who they fight for.

    Deep in the bowls, underneath the massive guild hall that is Red Dawn, sits a library chalk full of books; steaming from anything like ancient hyroglifics to lost cities, and even the paranormal. This area is a book-horders haven, circling in and around itself multiple times for different levels of the library entierly. In the center on the lower floor, accesable by ladders, is a small seating area with a few comfy chairs and some lighting. On a couple of the levels there are small mahogany desks sitting alone with candlelight illuminating the smaller areas. This library is filled to the brim, and the best place to relax.

    Alaska had decided early on in Red Dawn's construction that she would most likely benefit from an office. Regardless of only ever stepping into the room once or twice a year, she keeps it clean, furnished and stocked with guild records. Often, she leaves the office to it's own accord, always seeming to never have to search long in order to find what she's looking for. The office itself isn't as grandiose as the rest of the guild hall, however, it does match the wooden architect and elegant feel.



    Hiraeth Seis wasn't always a guild. It originated as a cult before a singular wizard who was once a part of the magic council brought it to light within the official guild roster. Many times this guild has fluctuated from official to 'off the charts'. Once taken by its current guild master: Arba Grehel, the guild almost instantaneously jumped the ranks of guilds in Fiore, landing it in third place on the five pillars - giving Arba and her guild the utmost respect for hard work and practice. Truth be told, some suspect that Hiraeth Seis's jump to third was almost extreme in origin - some even claim to speak of conspiracy behind its walls and within its basement.

    Hiraeth Seis is located over a very precarious and cavernous opening, right to the west of Clover Town and coming into contact with Waas Forest.


    Arba Grehel
    Played By: @Akashi

    Eliarte Vexis
    Played By: @Ali

    Misaka "Saka" Janemira
    Played By: @Karyra

    Alma Kregan
    Played By: @RedArmyShogun

    Theodore Bellfrost
    Played By: @Sammael9216

    Conan Kregan
    Played By: @RedArmyShogun

    Lucielle “Lucy” Kregan
    Played By: @EmperorsChosen

    Esil "Angel" Sodon
    Played By: @DustBunny

    Izoto Hiro
    Played By: @Artorias

    Zechariah Ashkew
    Played By: @firejay1

    Played By: @Yzmael



    Hiraeth Seis has been styled to fit the shape of a very large octagon. It's perimeter surrounded by a large moat, with four interconnecting bridges from land to guild hall, reaching similar -if not identical- wrought iron doors. The building itself has the look of an unkempt disaster which hasn't been tended to, nor lived in, for years, however inside is quite the opposite. Aside from the iron and metal encasing the body of Hiraeth Seis's guild hall, it's golden tinted adornments give it the style rather befitting of the guild and it's status within the five pillars.

    The guilds first hall can be described as rather earthy, calm and inviting - or so say the members of Hiraeth Seis. Most find this area rather calming and welcoming, with large oak benches strewn about the bottom floors main area, wizards of Hiraeth Seis finding homage on their varnished seats. Near the center of the main floor stands a large and old oak tree, stretching stories above Hiraeth Seis's main floor, cracking through an opening in the ceiling, and even breaking through the second floors table of six, coating most of the ceiling and second floor in shrubbery and foliage. Also on the first floor are the bar, job board, and dining hall.

    On the guilds second story is where most ULTRA tier activity and planning takes place. The large, octagonal hall itself holds a small table, suited to 6 people that are Arba's personal strongest (and herself) reside when they choose or are summoned by Arba. The second floor also holds a training area, secluded and off to the side, hidden from prying eyes. Near the right side of the training area, resides a library with books from different eras and centuries that some choose to spend their lives buried in, whilst others would much rather burn the archives down.


    Fashioned with the idea of neglect, Hiraeth Seis's library reflects the look of an old, worn and read Library. This is not to be mistaken with the upkeep of the library itself, seeing as it is kept in a rather lovely condition. The room itself has been made to look as though it was forgotten long ago, left to sit with books of 'ye old times' filling its shelves. The room itself is two half-levels, making up a full room in the guild halls second floor. Cases line both top and bottom accessible by the large set of stairs towards the back of the room, facing an open bay window. Chairs of different origin are scattered throughout the room for sitting and reading purposes.

    Located on the second floor, the Hiraeth Seis training hall is small, but impressive in appearance. It's round-about stage hosts those wishing to spar or fight in its center, while surrounding them with massively encroaching pillars. Strung from each pillar is a small basin of live flame, which is used to keep the rooms ominous lighting at just the perfect state. Surrounding the arena are pews which are used for sitting and witnessing whatever may be taking place in the center of the room.



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    • Every character starts of as a WHITE TIER - C wizard, please ensure you write this down upon character creation
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    • All jobs must follow this format upon creation:

    • In order to accept a job, your character must speak with the guild master of your respective guild and make them aware of your acceptance.
    • Jobs are often made to be branched out on, therefore, when going to complete a job, wing it and add some plot!
    • There are two locations a wizard may accept jobs from their guild's job board, and Magnolia City Center's job board.
    • Often times, the preferred tiers for a job are just that... preferred, should your character wish to embark upon a higher level quest, simply get the guild masters approval and enjoy your funeral ♥
    • As with the anime and manga, most fairy tail jobs don't always go as planned, this is your chance as a roleplay to branch off from the set description
    • Occasional jobs are "one-time-only" jobs, meaning that only one person/group can complete this job and then it is gone forever!
    • Job acceptance must be roleplayed in character, you must also attain your guild masters approval before accepting a job.
    • Magnolia city center jobs are 10x as difficult as guild jobs, be careful while accepting those!
    • Your character must follow all laid out rules and explorative prompts in a job - there is no instant transportation to a location!
    • Any rank is allowed to complete any job they wish, unless specifically denied by a guild master or a posting, but be wary accepting jobs 2-3 times higher than your respective ranking!
    • Ensure you are always rolling to determine your job success rate.The first roll is a must - sometimes jobs will have second rolls, follow instructions for those!
    • If in a group, it is your leader's responsibility to roll the dice for the group (unless otherwise stated)


    Dice (open)
    This RP uses a 5 sided dice to determine the odds/outcomes of jobs.
    When sending your character on a job, the role of the dice determins the level of difficulty, NOT THE CHANCE OF WINNING OR LOSING. If you role a one, you may still succeed (should you so wish) however, it will be a difficult road to the finish line.

    Roll 1 =High chance of winning a fight/easy quest
    Roll 2 = Medium-high chance of winning a fight/semi-easy quest
    Roll 3 = Medium chance at winning a fight/quest can go either way
    Roll 4 = Semi-low chance at winning a fight/semi-difficult quest
    Roll 5 = Low chance at winning a fight/difficult quest

    --> Each roll constitutes a "probability" outcome for the jobs/quests
    --> Rolling a 'low' number generally means your quest will go swimmingly/be easy (numbers 1,2,3)
    --> Rolling a 'high' number generally means your quest will go sour/be difficult (numbers 3,4,5)

    •Rolling a "three" (unless otherwise stated) is a 'wild card' when it comes to quests/jobs. Should you roll a three, it is automatically up to you/your group leader, how the quest will go.


    when questing.....
    • Jobs which REQUIRE dice must always be rolled. This can be done in the OOC thread on any of your newest posts that are, of course, your choosing.
    --> If you are questing with a group, the group leader (or the person who has been designated as 'roller') is the ONLY one who may roll the dice. (There are no multiple roles by different people during group jobs, so pick your leaders people!)

    • There are a few jobs which do not require dice-rolls, please ensure you do not roll for these jobs.

    • Some job will have 'roll lists' that entail what each roll will do - more specifically, what each dice face will do. These must be followed, no exceptions.

    when fighting NPC's....
    • Your original dice roll for whichever job your character/characters are partaking in determines your success against any and all NPC's, unless stated otherwise.

    --> Even if you roll low, your characters still have a (if a very) slim chance at defeating all monsters and completing the job at hand successfully. However, you and your group must respect the dice roll and make the job either very difficult/easy - depending on the original dice roll.

    • Occasional jobs have "bosses" or quest completion points that require a dice to be rolled in order to determine your groups/your own, fate
    --> If there is no statement that an objective needs a secondary role, proceed as planned.

    when fighting a higher/lower tier player....
    •No dice need to be rolled
    • There are no maximum turn posts
    • If you come to a draw (upon agreeance) you may roll a dice.

    When looking to send your character on a job, you must get your guild masters approval or a GM's approval in the OOC. Once that has happened, fill out the following form and post it in the OOC so that (@Ali) can organize who is where and doing what, as well as update your status.
    *Delete all information in brackets (aside from the 's's)*
    Character Name(s): (Your character's name, as well as any others who are accompanying you.)
    Tier(s): (What tier your character or characters are in, this is very important!)
    Tag(s): (This is not for hashtags, though that was pretty funny. Make sure you're tagging your partners if you have any, here.)
    Job Name: (Take the name directly from the job board, please)
    Team Leader: (Delete this line if not applicable)
    Other: (Things you may be bringing along that have been gathered from previous missions/prerequisites)

    Each character will be given "5 re-roll" opportunities from the start of their interaction in the IC.
    You do not need to worry about keeping track of your re-rolls, as @Ali will be doing that.

    Should your character wish to re-roll a dice that did not come out with a favourable outcome, you may do so, but it counts towards your 5 re-rolls. If you make it down to 0, there will be no more re-roll's allowed, so please ensure you're using these re-rolls towards jobs that have meaning to you.

    Voting (open)


    This roleplay will be using a 'voting' system to determine who will win a same tier .vs. same tier fight. Each fight will be read and monitored by both GM's (@Ali and @Akashi) and should we come to a disagreeance, our newest moderator (@Artorias) will have the final vote.

    There will be no favoritism. Each players moves will be judged based on style, tactics, and quality of post.
    Side Note: @Artorias is not a general moderator for this roleplay, only a judge for fights. Any questions can be directed to either @Ali or @Akashi.

    when fighting someone of the same tier...

    • There is a 10 post maximum for these fights, if and when the fight comes to a close, make the judges alert (if the close comes before 10 posts) and we shall' pick a winner.
    • Fight with your all (unless, of course, you're purposely trying to lose).
    • Do not try and sway the judges votes by pointing out your tactics, ethics, characters-awesomeness, ect... we will vote based on our criteria.



    Those using real, human face claims are no longer allowed. Please stick to using realistic fantasy or anime face claims.

    When creating a character or characters, please ensure you do not exceed the maximum character limit of 'two' (2). This is to ensure we don't have an overwhelming amount of players and characters, therefore overpopulating the roleplay and causing it to die. This limit will not be lifted.

    As you may have noticed on the character skeleton, there are a few lines that begin with "(OP)". What this means is that that specific line in the character skeleton is optional to fill out - you do not need to fill that out. That being said, character skeletons are life references for other players, and should you wish to truly become involved with Red Dawn - the more detail, the better.

    Seeing as it's quite difficult to find the perfect faceclaim, the availability has been opened to realistic fantasy and anime images. Whatever sparks your inspiration, you may use - be sure to be courteous with face claims, as we don't wish to find a bunch of pictures up in the OOC with hentai chicks taking it from behind.

    (In Order of Logo Appearance - Left to Right)

    RED DAWN, the protagonist guild, ranked fifth and least powerful on the five pillars.
    TITANOS, the strong knight-esque' guild, ranked first and most powerful on the five pillars.
    COLOMBA, the helping hands of Fiore, healers and lovers, ranked fourth on the five pillars.
    HIRAETH SEIS, the false good-guy guild with a massive secret, ranked third on the five pillars.

    There are quite a few places out there to find faceclaims, I personally prefer using deviantart to find my face claims, however, so long as it adheres to the realistic fantasy/anime rule, you may use whatever you wish.

    When choosing an ability, be sure it is of Fairy Tail origin. Should you have an idea in mind that better suits your view of your OC, you may contact either GM and ask about creating your own ability.
    • Devil-Slayer Magic
    • Angel-Slayer Magic
    • God-Slayer Magic
    • Memory-Make Magic
    • Iron Dragon Slayer Magic
    • 2nd and 3rd Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
    • Lightning DS (Dragon-Slayer), Blood DS, Phoenix DS, Shadow DS, Ice DS, ect ect...
    • Fairy Law
    • Zeref's Spells
    • Mind Control
    • Ability Takeover
    These lists will be added to when we as GM's see fit.


    In the spoiler below is the official FT:RD character skeleton. Please use this skeleton to make your character and be sure to follow all rules stated above - beneath the skeleton are available add-on's should you want to give your CS more depth.

    Show Spoiler

    NOTE: If you see this "(OP)" placed before anything on the skeleton, that means it is an optional aspect and you DO NOT need to fill it out. Also, please be sure to delete the "(OP)" lines, should you not care to use them.
    Though Ali would like it if you did c:


    (OP)Zodiac Sign:


    (OP)Defining Characteristics:
    Guild Mark/Location?:






    Seeing as character skeletons are very in-depth looks into your character's personality, some people (like me) enjoy adding tons of depth to their character skeletons. You are free to add whatever you wish to your biography that is not already provided in order to create the best character you can.

    Four basic-element dragon slayers will be allowed throughout this RP. EARTH, AIR, FIRE, AND WATER - DRAGON SLAYER(s). Please do not ask to have a sub-elemental dragon slayer, as we will not allow it. The current dragon slayers are:

    FIRE DRAGON SLAYER - @BlueFlameNikku
    EARTH DRAGON SLAYER - @Whispering~Melody

    Demons come from myth - though are very real. Created by a 'puppet-master', the demons found in FT:RD are limited in numbers, but interesting creatures of their own. They respond to the call of their creator, yet are fiercely loyal to their current counterparts. Demons are limited in number, and in this RP, we will allow three (3).

    DEMON 1 - @Sammael9216
    DEMON 2 - @CursedDawn

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  2. [​IMG]
    There was a time when guilds didn't mean much in Magnolia, or more specifically, Fiore. A time where guilds were only created to socialize with specific people, or to receive benefits from the Council, however, this changed at some point. The Council decided that they needed a guild that could protect and be a pillar for the people, be a beacon that would rally others to do the same. A guild that would be created by request of the Council, a guild that would directly be supported by the Council.

    The Council decided to create guild called Titanos. A guild that later in the years grew in reputation and power, a guild that consisted of members with a variety of magic. However, it did not take long before this guild met with a tragic event. It was almost if not destroyed by some mages that were powerful enough to bring it down on its knees. A lot happened back then. Some say they were after the Guild Master, while some say that jealousy was the reason. Rumors spread and fear was plastered in the inhabitants of Fiore.

    People were afraid how a guild such as Titanos was able to be met with such a fate. Their Guild Master from back then also disappeared during the unfortunate event, never heard from again. No one really knew what had happened. The Council also decided to stop supporting them, because their reason to exist had made sure that other great guilds were created. However Titanos, over the years, rose back up and became the most powerful guild in Fiore. If anything, they are still the first pillar that keeps Fiore safe.

    > As written by @Akashi -- As tweaked by @Ali <

    Titanos's guild hall is nestled among the small mountain range as shown on the map above. This keeps it isolated, and also makes it a challenge to reach the guild hall, the surroundings serving as a natural trial of initiation for those who wish to join.


    Played By: @Sammael9216

    Bellia Arturi
    Played By: @CursedDawn

    Rayner Von Emmerich
    Played By: @Sammael9216

    Sarah Pepper
    Played By: @Karyra

    Bastion Magora
    Played By: @BlueFlameNikku

    Siyah Tinuviel
    Played By: @Merlin

    Ivan Zahariev
    Played By: @Aleksandar

    Played By: @B l u E s



    Titanos Guild makes it home in the once ruined fortress named Castle Drummar. The castle is built between two mountain peaks, and suspended over a beautiful waterfall. Which ironically is how Castle Drummar got it's nickname, 'The Hanging Keep'. The castle sits at the head of a rather small mountain lake. Despite the bitter cold atop Fiore's highest mountains the lake remains a warm and steady temperature no matter the season. This is due to geothermal heated groundwater that bubbles up from the lakes depths. Because of this natural massive hot spring, The Hot Lake, as it is called has become one Fiore's most visited tourist destinations.

    Despite the impressive title as Fiore's' mightiest guild, Titanos requires a small fortune to keep operational. Maids, servants, laundresses, and cooks all require an upkeep. A fortune to be exact, and one that cannot be paid from the many jobs Titanos takes on. Because of this outrages expense a previous guild master had opened the Hot Lake to the general public many decades ago, for a fee of course. Over time an investor had approached the guild with an offer to solve their need for a fortune. He offered them a chance to earn a steady income that would keep the guild afloat. The guild master at the time accepted the offer, and in no time at all bath houses and resorts were built all along the lake. These bath houses attract tourists from far and wide, and bring in a sizable revenue that keeps the guild operational, though not to such an extent that the guild need not seek employment. Many of the lower ranking guild members work at these resorts to make ends meat.

    Alas, these resorts are also where the guild can recover from strenuous jobs. A small, yet pleasantly spacious resort was built close enough to the guild, to serve as their own private getaway. Here guild members enjoy a home away from home, and can find luxuries not found within the guild itself. For instance, a cafe built within the resort serves as the guild's main dining area, and as a result the castle's main kitchen no longer functions.
    > As written by @Sammael9216 -- As 'tweaked' by @Ali <

    Due to the militaristic nature of the guild itself, members are separated by tiers. The tiers are separated into three groups, these groups are listed below. Each group is housed in individual dorms, with each dorm being outclassed by the next. These dorms serve as living quarters for each mage of Titanos. Some are far more lavish than the next, which acts as a incentive for gaining rank.
    The file and rank of Titanos says a lot about how guild members enjoy their living arrangements. The dorms of the lower rank and file are drab and boorish compared to the higher ups, yet are still elegant and lavish compared to many of their rivals.

    The officer ranks ranging from A to AAA enjoy a vast improvement over the the lower ranks of the guild. The living arrangements are far more spacious with much comfier beds. The dorm hall is complete with its own bar, and several pool tables, and a private library. Here one can find luxuries not found anywhere else in the castle.

    S rank mages share a dorm with the Guild Master, and thus enjoy living quarters fit for a king. Here the walls are not decorated with trophies or tapestries, yet instead are designed to feel comforting. As soon as you inter the dorm, you almost instantly feel relaxed. This dorm shares many features with the others dorms, save for a few key extensions. The main hall is twice the size of the two previous dorms combined. The bed chambers are fit enough to house royalty should one ever visit the guild. A pleasure garden over looks the Hot Lake below the guild. Though all of these features pale in comparison to the indoor pool. A spring fed pool was built adjacent to the rooms of the dorm, where mages can wash away their worries under a sun roof.

    > As written by @Sammael9216 -- As 'tweaked' by @Ali <


    The library of Titanos looks rundown and unimpressive at first glance, though it is enchanted so that it always snows inside, yet is never cold and the snow dissipates when touching any surface. A great old tree grows through the floor boards of the center room, which is the source of magic that causes the room to snow. The library is complete with every book one could ever hope to read.
    > As written by @Sammael9216 -- As 'tweaked' by @Ali <
    CAFE & SPA
    The Cafe & Spa serves as both a dining area for the guild and a place to relax after a long and troublesome day. A job board is posted outside, with unique jobs tailored to support the local businesses around the lake.
    > As written by @Sammael9216 -- As 'tweaked' by @Ali <

    The great hall of Titanos honors the deeds of their greatest. Commemorated upon the walls and woven into tapestries are the accounts of several famous members. Each corner and every pillar tell a story of sacrifice and selfless acts of heroism. The hall is a quiet pace, for no member will so much as raise his voice above a whisper while walking the hall. There is a time and place for all things, and the Hall of Heroes demands respect and composer from all who enter. The Hall of Heroes serves as a meeting place were the guild master may address the entire guild with ease. Mages may also find work posted on the job boards located throughout the hall.
    > As written by @Sammael9216 -- As 'tweaked' by @Ali <

    A long time ago, there were two siblings who were orphans. A brother and a sister.
    They used any means to survive on the streets: stealing, lying their way to get some food and more. It did not take long for these two particular siblings to stumble upon the wrong person, a rich woman who was quick enough to see through their lies. They were both caught, but little did these two siblings know that this very encounter would change their lives.

    Instead of being punished, the woman took them in. This woman was a mage. She was resourceful and kind, she gave them a home and changed their current perspective on life.

    The mage saw much potential in the both of them. The woman was a healer and usually helped the needy, the old and anyone else who needed it. She was using what was bestowed upon her to help the people, even if both the siblings were reluctant to follow in her footsteps, they eventually saw the horrors the kids on the streets were going through. The atrocities these two orphans witnesses related deeply to them, causing their perspectives to shift drastically.

    The woman who took these two siblings in was also known throughout Magnolia. She became their mentor and bestowed her own knowledge upon them both. Learning healing magic and so on, eventually the woman who took them in died of an illness. By then, both siblings were in their mid-twenties. One would wonder why the woman did not use her own magic on herself, or why her two students didn't use the magic they had been taught to heal her of old age, illness and death. The answer was simple: magic cannot save all.

    The siblings decided to take up her mantle and continue her work, they decided to create a guild, which eventually became bigger, and filled with other mages who could use similar magic. Obviously, not everyone apart of this guild was a healer, but that is how their guild was created - through diversity.

    These two siblings were named Xol Shareen & Veera Shareen, and this is how Columba came to be.

    > As written by @Akashi -- As tweaked by @Ali <


    Neyalisshe Luruliyah
    Played By: @firejay1

    Liz St. James
    Played By: @KatherinWinter

    Styxx Loop
    Played By: @Whispering~Melody

    Arden Cruor
    Played By: @DustBunny

    Kauri Maori
    Played By: @B l u E s

    Saiyako 'Saiya' Winterfel
    Played By: @Detective Zero

    Wynter Archette
    Played By: @Nivi

    Marya Ronnin
    Played By: @Yzmael


    Out of five, Colomba's outer walls shine the brightest. This rustic, 5th century styled church sprouted from the ground many years ago. Its walls and window old and tattered, however, cared for much like a son or daughter would be. The building (though not too large or grandiose) is warm and welcoming, and to those that lay their eyes upon it, feels like a home. Gardens spot the perimeter of this humble guild hall, overflowing with flowers of all kinds, some even the rarest of breeds (crossbreeds too!). In the back of Colomba's guild hall, rests the fallen guildmates, their stones and motifs upright, stock in the sunlight and never forgotten.


    Once entered, Colomba's rustic feel takes a new hold. It's insides reflect finely aged wood furnishings, as well as chiseled craftsmanship. Upon immediate entry, a bar sits snug' in the left corner of the first floor. Seating, as well as Colomba's job board, are also found here.

    Deep in the bowels of Colomba's guild hall lays its most treasured prizes and secrets. Specifically, these bits and bobs are hosting in the guild's treasury, and are often kept under lock and key - a key hung around the guild masters neck. Some say within this vault, lays years of secrets, scrolls, money, and jewels galore. Aside from its stone exterior, not much is known about its inside.

    Separating each floor within this humble abode are aging mahogany spiral staircases. These are often found splattered throughout the guild hall with means of getting from one place to another. Many a guild member can be found sleeping on these stairs, a practice that the guild master encourages, as it allows her to play a game she calls "human stairs." Thus far, she has thwarted all attempts to put signs up that read, "sleep here at your own peril".

    Taking on a more cabin-esque feeling, the guild masters office of Colomba stands out when entered. It's classical add-on's stand out like sore thumbs, however, they often draw attention directly to them. The area itself has a desk, globe, couches, seated of various degrees and bookshelves, all bathed in the beautiful sunlight looking into the room by the offices massive window facing Fiore.

    Found slightly lower underground in Colomba, is the guilds hot spring. This was originally built specifically for the guild master to get some rest and relaxation, though, over time, it has seen its share of guild mates and even injured allies. The springs are said to contain a special 'healing' water, that (coincidentally enough) is known to heal people by a single touch. Classic Colomba and their helping hands.
    In keeping with the historic, woody feel of the rest of the church, the library is spacious and airy, stocked with not only thousands of books, but also squashy old armchairs and polished wood furniture to make both studying and light reading comfortable. It is, aside from the infirmary, the largest area in the guild, as the Shareens and their teacher revered knowledge. However, it can also double as a training area, where some of the furniture will be pushed to the side, and the part of the area will be covered in a barrier to protect the books and furniture. The floor, on the other hand, is never protected, so its polished surface has several distinct scorch marks marring its natural beauty.

    Lodging for guild members, while not provided for free, is available within the guild walls. Each bedroom fits one or two people, and is simple, if somewhat old in design, with dark wood paneling. The main source of light comes from small windows and some lamps. They are small, and not the most beautiful, but serviceable.

    The guild's infirmary is one of its most prized possessions. Although the rest of the guild is far more beautiful in comparison, this obscure little building attached to the back of the church is practically a fortress. It has never been actually used this way, but the walls of the simple-looking building have been magically fortified by all of the best mages to pass through the guild, so that it will be impervious to most attacks both physical and magical. It has its own kitchen, and emergency food supply, a large stock of candles, and of course beds and medical supplies.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Throughout this roleplay, a 'tier' system has been designed to challenge roleplayers and characters within the RP to advance and grow - in order to gain power. As witnessed in the Fairy Tail cannon manga/anime, different and more powerful wizards are ranked different within the Fairy Tail guild and given more responsibilities. The same system will be integrated into this roleplay, however, it has been slightly tweaked in order to fit the GM's design.

    Every single player starts off as a Rank C/Tier C wizard. Only in certain circumstances may players automatically start in a higher ranking. Guild Masters are the most powerful in the RP, they cannot be overpowered, unless of course they are challenging another Guild Master.

    R E D T I E R - AAA
    The red tier class of wizards are high-level caster and holder type wizards. Within the tier 5, the red tier is the hardest level to achieve and often awarded to the most powerful wizards of different guilds in Fiore. Though the red tier is respective to powerful wizards, it is not the highest ranking of all tiers – it does however sit atop the tier 5 as highest rank (above yellow, green, blue and brown).

    B L U E T I E R - AA
    The blue tier is second highest ranking within wizard guilds. Wizards under this rank are powerful in their own rights, yet are not quite as powerful as those of red tier. These wizards are responsible mostly for recon information, and taking the lead position on job requests should a red tier wizard be unable to accompany the group as a whole.

    G R E E N T I E R - A
    Green tier wizards are the third highest ranked wizards within Fiore guilds. Often foot-soldiers, these wizards are powerful in their own respective rights, yet have little to show for it when it comes to flashy magic’s. Often made up of caster-class wizards, this tier is one of the more stale rankings, and wizards often try to surpass green tier as fast as they can.

    B R O W N T I E R - BB
    Brown Tier wizards are the fourth most powerful wizard tier, they often find themselves striving to reach higher levels, especially to surpass ‘B’ ranking. Regardless of being the fourth most powerful, a well-trained brown tier wizard is able to hold a fight with most other high ranking wizards of different guilds.

    Y E L L O W T I E R - B
    The fifth most powerful wizards are in the yellow tier. These wizards are new to the tier ranking, often just coming from the ‘C’ ranking of a normal wizard, these wizards are put on trial periods in the yellow tier to ensure they are ‘tier’ material. Most slayer-wizards often skip this tier, their ability often boosting them directly to green, blue, and red and in some rare cases, even purple.


    B L A C K T I E R - SSS
    The ultimate in Fiore Wizard. Only those of prestige honour hold the ranking of Black Tier wizard. Often little in numbers, this ranking is normally reserved for the next-in-line Guild Masters, or even brand new guild masters. These wizards are not to be trifled with in terms of power and ability, and often find themselves unchallenged in the way of jobs. It takes years to get to the Black Tier, and normally, these wizards come rare in the bunch. Guilds rarely hold more than none. Often times, they may have one Black Tier wizard.

    P U R P L E T I E R - SS
    Purple Tier wizards are normally (if not most always) slayer-type wizards. Dragon-Slayers, God-Slayers, and Demon Slayers. Often times a few caster/holder type wizards find their way into this tier, but it is a rarity. The purple tier wizards are often taken along as companions with Black Tier wizards, yet they find themselves at odds over who is stronger.

    P I N K T I E R - S
    The pink tier plays host to the lowest ranking ULTRA wizard. Not to be mistaken for lowest ranking on the tier, this position holds authority over the tier 5, yet respects the purple, black, and guild master rankings. The pink tier is a wizard’s first experience into the ULTRA – the ultra being jobs much more suited to highly skilled wizards. Often mistaken for weak wizards, the pink tier is everything but.


    G U I L D M A S T E R
    A guild master is in charge of everything and anything guild related. They manage the jobs, money, income, exports, staff, wizards, housing, and more. Guild Masters often find themselves at the peak of everything, and therefore aren’t often out in the field – they’re too busy dealing with everything guild wise to mess with the outside world. Some guild masters find themselves out in the field, but as they age, pull back and stay in the guild hall much more often. Guild Masters are more powerful than Black Tier wizards, but that is the only exception.
    R E G U L A R W I Z A R D - C
    Normal wizards are the typical everyday new off the block wizards that are a part of most guilds. They fill the hall, take the jobs, and do the grunt work. Every wizard starts as a C Tier wizard, and only after proving they’re stronger or being recognized for fantastic actions, will be promoted to a tier 5, then Ultra. These wizards are often pitted against each other with guild in-house competitions that focus on figuring out who is the strongest and deserves to be promoted to a different tier.

    To keep the rankings fair within this RP, each tier is going to have a limited amount of spells they can create for their respective wizard. Every time your character gets promoted a tier or more, their spell limit increases and you (As a creator) are allowed to increase their spells.

    Be sure to keep power levels adequate to your characters tier ranking when creating spells, please.

    50+ Spells
    40-45 Spells
    35-38 Spells
    30-34 Spells

    27-29 Spells
    23-25 Spells
    20-22 Spells
    17-19 Spells
    15-16 Spells

    WHITE TIER - (C)
    10 Spells

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  5. [​IMG]

    April 13th

    Vibrant Red, Right Breast - Underneath Clavicle

    Guild Master of Red Dawn


    (ABILITY 1)
    The Knight (騎士, ザ・ナイト, Za Naito) is a Caster Magic and a type of Requip and Spatial Magic.
    This Magic allows the user to store weapons and armors in pocket dimensions and summon them during battle. This gives the user a high level of offense, defense, flexibility and variety in combat, regarding the type of the armor and/or weapon they Requip. This type of Requip also gives the user the ability to use, and gain resistance to, natural elements through the use of certain armors.

    (ABILITY 2)
    Telekinesis (卞ヨしヨ片工几ヨ己工己, Terekineshisu) is an unnamed caster-type magic which allows the user to take control of objects with their minds and use them to whichever purpose they desire, such as for battle.

    (ABILITY 3)
    Elemental Manipulation (基本操作, Kihon sōsa) is a Holder-type and Spatial Magic in which the user is able to control and conduct different elemental techniques through the use of certain items.
    Those items can range from weapons, to jewelry, to clothing, and even to different ingestible items.

    The user is given the freedom to store many weapons and armors, as well as trinkets and outfits in a spatial dimension, accessible by opening said dimension and retrieving weapons of the user's selection. Alaska has practically perfected her magic to the point where she stores magical trinkets, weapons, and armors of all abilities and is currently in the process of reaching a larger storage capacity. When wielding different weapons, depending on their elemental capability, Alaska is able to these elements in combat, or for healing purposes.

    Alaska has the ability to control the movement of objects within a radius of 35 feet; this ability allows her to move said object to her will and withstain its control for a good amount of time. Alaska is not able to control the physical bodies of people if their will is of strong-calibur. She is unable to control blessed weapons and anything of angelic/demonic property.

    Upon retrieval of one of Alaska's many weapons or sets of armour, she is given the ability to control a certain element, or multiple elements depending on what she is wearing or holding. With weapons, Alaska often gains an offensive and tactile advantage and often is issued the usage of more volatile elements. With armor, Alaska can gain both offensive and defensive abilities, and if she pairs a respective elemental armour with a different weapon, she is able to combine the two.

    ♥ Alaska's Requip Transformation ♥
    Originally: Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

    Upon transformation, Alaska's feet are embellished underneath by a(n) orange magical circle, inscribed with her personal magical seals and charts. She is momentarily lifted from the ground and washed with a bright, pale orange light, encasing her body. Once the light dissipates, her body can be seen in an alternate armor or set of clothing.

    When it comes to weapons, Alaska is able to summon them without much show.

    Elements & Subelements (open)






    ♥ Caring for others
    ♥ Fighting to the last breath
    ♥ Standing with her allies
    ♥ Cleaning
    ♥ Organizing
    ♥ Mothering
    ♥ Commanding
    ♥ Setting Boundaries
    ♥ Avoiding anything sparkly
    ♥ Alcohol
    ♥ Technology
    ♥ Gossip

    Alaska can be considered the mom of any and all groups. She is loving, caring, and open-armed to anybody who needs her in their life. Alaska is often talkative though scatterbrained with everyday topics - she considers herself too old of a soul to keep up with the current generation. Though often mistaken for a hip and up-to-date person, Alaska is quite the dork. She's slightly airheaded and often requires the assistance of younger people with the new age ways of life. Alaska often mothers people, with occasionally sassing', to the rather indefinite cheek pinching. Even though Alaska is the go-to confidant in most circles, she can be relied on in a pinch. With her 40 years of experience, the woman has picked up more than enough tricks through her lifetime - therefore coming to be known as a rather versatile and powerful adversary. She excels in the mastery of certain subjects, finding knowledge comes easy to her and therefore insists on passing it down through generations and to the wizards apart of Red Dawn.

    Stunning|Blonde Tresses|Icelandic Blue Eyes|Austantatious Makeup
    Alaska is a gorgeous matured woman who's healing magic has assisted in the upkeep of her physical appearance since the age of thirty. She isn't the tallest around, though stands at an amicable height of 5'11 (180cm) and weighs in around 123lbs (55kg). She is well endowed, with pale alabaster skin and hardly any blemishes to be seen. Alaska's eyes are a gorgeous Icelandic blue which are said to seduce men upon mere glance, though the woman herself has never tried purposely to seduce anyone. Her lips are ample in size and often seem to perfect the overall look of her facial features when accented with a sheer flavoured and clear lipgloss. In accordance with the contrast to her blue eyes, Alaska finds herself favouring the opposite side of the colour wheel when it comes to makeup choices, specifically with her lips in which she adores covering in tart-orange lip stain.
    When it comes to clothing choices, Alaska has many to choose from, often storing those she needs with her magic in her personal pocket dimension (it's not every day a girl can dress/accessorize from a pocket dimension!). She enjoys slightly revealing outfits when given the appropriate weather - things such as daisy duke shorts, tube tops, tank tops with slightly too low cuts, and sandals. When the weather turns sour, she often changes into the heavier side of clothing, finding nothing related to the cold comforting or homey what-so-ever; in the wintertime, Alaska refers to her dress attire as 'snow-chique'.

    These will slowly be added when I have the time T_T;

    Arsenal (open)

    Scythes (open)

    Great Swords (open)

    Fans (open)

    Swords (open)

    Daggers (open)


    Bows & Arrows (open)

    Axes (open)

    Staffs (open)

    Rings & Jewelry (open)


    Gauntlets (open)

    Misc. (open)

    Wardrobe (open)


    September 12th

    Dark Purple, Left Side of Neck


    Black Tier Wizard of Hiraeth Seis


    (Ability 1)
    Arc of Embodiment (具現のアーク Gugen no Āku) is a Caster-Type Lost Magic utilizing imagination.
    Arc of Embodiment is a form of Lost Magic that allows the caster to materialize, and subsequently use to their every whim, anything they can imagine. Any of their creations give them great versatility both in and out of combat. They can range anywhere from everyday objects and weapons to more complex creations, even living ones,or even simple images of whatever may be on the user's mind.These creations are also given special properties that goes accordingly to what they are. It has been stated that there are several limits and conditions to this Magic, which as of yet are currently unknown. Despite this, Arc of Embodiment has been considered an invincible Magic by its caster, who additionally claims that nothing can beat the Magic.
    (Ability 2)
    Demon's Eye (悪魔の眼 Akuma no Me) is a Caster Magic and a type of Eye Magic.
    This Magic is based on the use of one of the caster's eyes (more specifically, one eye) This Magic has to be "awakened" in order to activate its as-of-yet unknown effects. When used, a vast amount of magical power is released, giving its user an extreme power boost; however, this magic vastly drains its user mana reserves and often takes a tole on the user's lifespan. It is stated to be a way for the caster to reach The One Magic world with the awakening of dark-magic. This Magic can be deactivated by simply closing the eye using the Magic.

    The user may summon objects of imagination whether it be animalistic, material, infrastructure, imagery, weapons, ect. This magic is near limitless with creation and completely depends on the users imagination. Eliarte's favored use of her magic is weapon creation.
    The downside to this magic is that it requires mass amounts of magical energy and takes a toll on the user's body if too much power is exerted; as do all forms of lost magic.

    When activated, the user may open the respective eye in which the magic takes hold to summon vast amounts of power in order to aid the caster in their endeavours. This magic has been known to be directly derived from the dark-arts and is often considered quite taboo in the world of magic. Some specialities of this magic are 'living magic', which gives the user the ability to bring any object (non-living) to life. In order to resurrect the dead, Eliarte would need to sacrifice her own life.

    ♥ Espionage
    ♥ Listening
    ♥ Absorbing Information
    ♥ Making Relationships
    ♥ Long-Ranged Weaponry
    ♥ Hiding
    ♥ Brute Force
    ♥ Speaking Up
    ♥ Obedience
    ♥ Hot-Headed
    ♥ Memory

    Stoic | Caring | Indifferent | Strong
    Eliarte is the stoic leader-type. She finds it easy to command a situation, however, will respect those more powerful than her, or a part of her guild. She looks down upon no-one, but will occasionally mess with those who attempt to create disorder. Eliarte is kind when the situation suits her, she also thrives with problem-solving instances. She is the type of woman who cannot sit back and do nothing, for her inner self-spirit pushes her up from anything she is sitting on in order to take action. Eliarte is also graceful and extremely intelligent, she adores literature, art, history, and anything that stimulates her brain. Often, the stoic Eliarte can be found sipping back a drink and listening in on guild members conversations before interjecting with her own follow-up opinions. She is a fierce and deadly opponent when she chooses to take a situation seriously, however, more often than not, she plays around with anything that may be considered a target, just to get a rise out of certain people. It's very back and fourth with Eliarte, seeing as one moment she could be giving you a hug, and the next she could be hanging you upside down like a cattle for slaughter whilst reading her favourite book and simultaneously watching the blood pump to your head.

    Waist Length Black & Purple Hair | Sharpened Canines | Indigo Irises
    Eliarte is a woman of sizeable qualities, specifically when it comes to height, as well as endowments. She stands at the height of 6"1 (six feet, one inch - 185cm) and weighs around 140lbs (one hundred and forty pounds - 63kg). She has long, multi-toned midnight black hair, and cosmic purple irises. Eliarte also has surgically sharpened canines, which are often visible underneath her lip when she grins, and more-so when she smiles with an open mouth. Often, she wears her hood, especially when out on a job. Her armour consists of misplaced parts along her body, never truly connecting to one another - her legs portion of the armor being the most ostentatious of the bunch. Eliarte likes to wear makeup of any kind, especially dark colours, as she believes darker colours accent her chiseled features better than light, baby-doll colours would. When she isn't wearing her armour, Eliarte often only chooses to wear the colour black - a simple black pair of stretchy, form-fitting, pants, and a corset, with either short or long sleeves sewn to it - she prefers not to show her shoulders. When devoid of sleeves, Eliarte's tattoos can be seen. Covering both her arms, are murals of famous paintings and artworks she has seen throughout her life and admired. Should one get the chance to see her legs, back, and stomach, they'd find themselves thrown into a world of classic art, fantasy, colour, and much more. Eliarte takes pride in her tattoos, yet often is too covered up to show them off. She rarely wears anything that wouldn't be easy to fight in, therefore, her shoe choice ranges from sneakers to flat toed combat boots, or her main outfits boots.

    These will slowly be added when I have the time T_T;
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  6. NAME:
    Bellia Arturi




    Guild mage, occasional bodyguard


    March 20


    6'0, slender yet muscular build, wears sleeveless leather jacket, shorts, tube top, and heavy boots

    Located on the left side of her abdomen

    History (open)

    Bellia grew up with her mother, an archaeologist, and her rather timid elder sister, Miia. Due to their mother’s work they traveled around often. It was on one of these trips, while “helping” her mother, or as even Bellia admits just trying to “dig up cool stuff”, that she found a very old sword. Her mother let her keep it as a souvenir, thinking it was no different than the various other old weapons found at that particular site and that there was no harm letting her daughter have one as a souvenir. Bellia adored it, often pretending to be a great warrior with it.

    Over the years they continued travelling, going to numerous ruins and dig sites, Bellia generally bored as she never managed to find anything as cool as her sword, while Miia loved everything about it just like their mother. One day, at a particularly important dig site, they came in and went about their work as usual, Miia and their mother working away while Bellia practiced kendo with a wooden sword with her old sword on her back, when a group of armed thugs stormed in, apparently having heard of some kind of old treasure there. When they threatened the researchers, Bellia acted on pure instinct, she went to grab her wooden sword but somehow ended up pulling out her old one instead, she gripped the handle and swung, the sheath, which none of them had ever been able to remove, slid off smoothly and in a blur of motion she cut up the entire group into a bloody mess before they had a chance to react. That was the day Bellia discovered her magic potential.

    After getting over the shock of the events, and discovering the reality of the power in her ‘souvenir’ sword, the trio went back to the old ruin they found it at and did extra research. After nearly two weeks they finally discovered what it was, at least in name and legend anyway. With the discovery of her sword and her magic, Bellia decided her goal was to be the greatest warrior mage in the world (or at least a famous one), and for the first time in her life, she poured herself into constant research over types of magic that can use swords and other weapons. Eventually settling on Requip magic, finding it both convenient and potentially very powerful, and as a result of this choice she decided to go out and find even more legendary items to fight with.

    The first step was going back to the other dig site where her powers manifested, hoping the treasure the thugs had been looking for was maybe some type of weapon she could use, it took weeks of searching as they were doing more than searching over a site, they were essentially digging out an entire fort that had been somehow sunk underground. After enough was dug out however, Bellia managed to find the “treasure”, an ancient shield which despite its age looked good as new. Though disappointed at it being a shield, even still somewhat after learning of its power, she was nonetheless happy she had another addition to her “armory” as she called it so quickly.

    Sometime later, after many more digs, none of which were fruitful for Bellia, and a lot of training, she considered herself a fairly strong mage considering she was only 15. She still searched every site for new weapons, but it was quite a while before they found another, but when they did it was quite a special one. After hearing of some immovable artifact, they went to see it for themselves, and there they found a legendary war hammer. However, as the story said, no one could budge it in the slightest, after days of trying, Miia and their mother thought it best to move on. Bellia however did not, she refused to leave such a weapon behind, and stayed in that town to train, while her mother and sister, with some sad good byes and numerous assurances of a visit, went their own way.

    It took two full years for Bellia to become physically strong enough to lift the hammer, and that was after one of her numerous failed attempts at proving herself "worthy" resulted in her discovering the weapon wasn't picky, just ridiculously heavy. Upon gaining the necessary strength to do so, she proudly took the war hammer as her own, and went off to find her mother and sister to proudly exclaim her success. However, upon meeting up with Miia, she learned that their mother had died in a cave in at a dig site the year before, Miia had attempted to send letters to her younger sister but they never reached Bellia. After weeks of grieving, Bellia made a decision, she would make good on her declaration to her mother from years ago, the last thing she said to her mother, she would become the strongest, and she would be known as a hero.

    Before she left to train further and find new weapons, she decided the first thing she needed to do was join a mage guild, so her sister knew exactly where to send any letters for help or otherwise. So she joined the nearest one that was happened to suit her, Titanos, known for its strength. During her time there she gained several new additions to her arsenal, and spent all the spare time she could training or searching for leads on new equipment.

    Bellia is a warrior and a tomboy, plain and simple. She lives for fighting, and has always found other things boring by comparison. She likes to boast of her own strength, though she notably does so in such a way that she isn’t actually exaggerating such as claiming she is stronger than someone but meaning it literally in terms of raw physical strength rather than fighting ability, though she gets embarrassed when she is called out on the full truth of things. She likes to test herself, and isn’t afraid of losing if she can learn something from it. After losing her mother, she became viciously protective of her loved ones, especially her sister, and will go to any means necessary to keep them safe. While she generally forgoes strategy in a battle, she is quite perceptive, usually able to determine at least to a general degree, the best way to fight an enemy.

    She finds things such as politics to be a total waste of time and effort, and generally dislikes government leaders, as they are leaders that never put themselves in any kind of risk they put their people into, which she views as weak and cowardly. When it comes to working with others, she is most definitely a follower, she is poor at teamwork unless directly told what to do or how to do it. Perhaps the only really feminine part of her personality is that she is very self-conscious about her small breasts, and tends to be very defensive and embarrassed if it's mentioned to the point of trying to hide from others, but if pushed too far, this can go from embarrassed to enraged in a surprising flash.

    The Legend- Bellia's requip magic is named "The Legend" after her arsenal of powerful equipment almost literally straight out of myth.

    Bellia's Armory (open)

    Masamune- sword forged by a legendary smith as a gift to the gods that was stolen soon after its completion and lost over time. Has the appearance of a plain looking and battered katana with a plain circle shaped guard and gray tattered hilt with a chipped blade, held in a similarly battered brown wooden sheath. Despite its appearance it is virtually indestructible, at least as far as Bellia’s experience, and sharp enough to damage steel. It grants the wielder extreme speed and enhanced reflexes, faster than a normal person's eye could follow. While it has the most sentimental value, it is her least favorite weapon as her opponents tend to go down too fast for her liking, but she has acknowledged it as having the highest damage potential against single opponents of all her equipment, and in a true emergency she won’t hesitate to switch to this blade.

    Mjolnir- legendary hammer said to have been wielded by a god of thunder. The stories around this hammer said that only the worthy can move it, but truthfully it is simply ridiculously dense and heavy. It is a massive gray, silver, and black war hammer, with a 4 foot metal handle, the hammer head is barely smaller than a normal man's torso and covered in arcane runes along the edges.Mjolnir is capable of unleashing powerful sonic blasts that are known to sound like thunder. It is capable of extremely punishing blows but it is quite slow due to its extreme weight. Mjolnir is Bellia's favored weapon due to its raw destructive power and because it is “fun as well as cool looking”. Though because of its ridiculous weight Bellia has to be careful of where she pulls it out. Due to its extreme density it is essentially indestructible.

    Aegis- An enchanted shield said to have been crafted by a god for his son. Circular, blue with gold edges, and roughly 3.5 feet around with strange glyphs etched in concentric circles on its face. It is known the glyphs are actually simply some kind of phrase of ancient times but just what it means thus far has yet to be translated. Capable of absorbing any type of magic power that touches it, and does so automatically. Though magic powered attacks are very weak to this shield, as pure magic can be fully absorbed and magic that enhances physical blows can be weakened by draining the magic fueling it, however against regular physical force it is simply a normal metal shield.

    The energy it absorbs can be discharged in a powerful beam, if its energy capacity is reached it will discharge automatically and how close it is to full charge is indicated by the glyphs which gradually become illuminated the more magic the shield absorbs. Aegis has high defense power and some usable offensive power if used carefully. It is favored when it’s best to play cautious, but unfortunately it's rather predictable. Unlike Mjolnir and Masamune it is very capable of being damaged, but it will actually slowly repair itself using magic power it takes in. This self repair isn’t fast enough for immediate reuse if it is severely damaged in battle but it does mean that even if almost completely destroyed it will eventually be ready for combat again at a later time if supplied enough power.

    Another weakness being the user's magic power cannot build Aegis' beam charge, it can only help the self repair function. This is a failsafe to prevent the wielder from mistakenly overcharging it and causing it to fire.

    Jingu Bang- A legendary staff said to be wielded by a great ancient warrior. The staff is jet black with gold bands on each end and along short increments between. The staff is capable of freely changing size in accordance with the user’s will, even to incredible extreme such as shrinking to smaller than a person’s finger or to hundreds of feet tall. However, while its size might change its mass does not. In other words, regardless of its size its weight remains the same. Also, it’s size shifting is (of course) fueled by the user’s magic, so the more size changing the more draining, and altering proportion (such as making it longer but not thicker or only growing part of the staff) requires much more magic.

    Vajra- A very small item made up of two small (not much larger than a fist) hollow, gold, ribbed orbs (google Vajra and you’ll get it if my description seems to be lacking) on each end with a small handle between just large enough for one hand. Vajra's orbs can absorb and redirect kinetic energy. The trick however is that one orb absorbs while the other projects, which can be a problem as there is no visible difference between the two sides of it. What’s more, while the weapon can absorb a vast amount of kinetic energy, it can only absorb one charge at a time (in other words, it can drain the energy of nearly any blow, but only one blow at a time) and must release that energy before absorbing more.

    Kusanagi- A thin double edged long sword that lacks a hand guard, it is said have been owned by a sun goddess. The sword is capable of cutting through nearly anything , nothing yet has been able to withstand a blow from this blade without taking at least a little damage. The problem however is that its cutting power is directly proportional to the amount of power fed into it. Without magic power fueling it it’s actually less effective than a regular, non-magic sword. In order to be particularly reliable the Kusanagi requires a large and steady flow magic power. It is said this blade was part of a set with two other relics, but Bellia does not know what those might be let alone where to find them.

    Vijaya- A recurve bow wielded by a heroic king. Vijaya is white, both limbs of the bow resemble wings, the bow has no chord. Both Vijaya’s chord and its arrows are magically generated by the user. The arrows are composed of concentrated mana and thus have no arc, giving Vijaya significantly longer range and accuracy than any normal bow. The arrow’s will however begin to gradually lose power a few seconds after firing so range is far from limitless. When fired, the arrows are reminiscent of a bolt of lightning (though they have no electrical properties), and though ethereal, the chord releases a thunderous twang as if an arrow was lightning. Because of the noise it makes with each shot, Vijaya is effectively useless for stealth (though Bellia has no issue with that). The more magic used to create each arrow the more piercing power they will have, Bellia must take care however as a missed shot means a complete waste of a good amount of magic.

    Physical strength- Bellia possesses incredible physical strength thanks to her training to acquire Mjolnir, enough to easily shatter stone with her bare hands. Her magic might be based on an arsenal of mythical weapons but that doesn't mean she's weak if unarmed.
    Protectiveness- Bellia is incredibly protective of anyone she considers a friend or loved one (especially her sister). If they are in danger, she becomes extremely angry extremely quickly. This can make her reckless but at the same time she'll be completely focused on destroying the one(s) threatening her loved ones.

    Switching- while Bellia can switch her equipment on the fly, it takes her several seconds to do so. This also means she can't switch repeatedly without leaving herself open.
    Endurance- With the sole exception of Aegis (which requires comparatively little power), her weapons all require a rather large amount of magic to fuel their powers. Between that and her relative lack of experience as a mage, Bellia will run out of power rather quickly, so prolonged battle is a serious danger. She also generally sticks to one weapon at a time so as not to drain herself too fast. She can use more than one but her endurance drops to a meager few minutes in doing so.
    Lack of defense- Besides Aegis and to a much lesser degree Vajra, Bellia lacks defensive equipment. She relies almost entirely on pure offense, so successful strikes tend to wear her down quickly.
    Protectiveness- Bellia is incredibely protective of anyone she considers a friend or loved one (especially her sister). If they are in danger, she becomes extremely angry extremely quickly. This can make her reckless but at the same time she'll be completely focused on destroying the one(s) threatening her loved ones.
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  7. Here's Bellia n_n
    Lemme know what you think of her armory, took me a while to come up with everything and I've never actually been able to user her before (surprisingly few mythical weapons and stuff that aren't swords... >.>)

  8. [​IMG]

    • NAME
      Arba Grehel




      Hiraeth Seis

      Guild Mage

      Guild Master

      August, 14th



      Observing, Blunt, Cunning

      Bright Purple, Below Left Breast

      Below Shoulder Blade Length Black Hair | Hazel Irises | Unique Clothing
      Arba Grehel has a slender and athletic body. She stands at 5''9 feet tall and weighs about 134 LBS. Her outfits or clothing style is usually light, giving her the edge to move about easier in her everyday life. The only thing that makes her clothing style unique is the specially crafted/forged armor arms and leggings that go with the rest of her outfit. If anything, she resembles her mother in face, however, has taken after her father in regards of her eyes. They are not blue like her mother's but rather, hazel like her father's.

      Adaptable | Fearless | Smart
      Arba Grehel can be seen as callous and serious from time to time. Her demeanor is actually quite terrifying. It all depends on her mood. Yet, the woman is intelligent, and has the manners of a professional when she talks. She can be much more easier or lax amongst her guild members. She is also quite perceptive, pays close attention to those around her. To see their development and for other, specific reasons. One can hardly see her being cheerful, but kind is something she can be to those who need to talk to her for various of reasons. The woman can be quietly forceful, and would tend to things until they are complete, or otherwise done from her own point of view.

      Close Ranged Combat | Long Ranged Combat | Respectful | Considerate | Self-assured | Patient | Resilient | Flexible | Dedicated | Tactful | Versatile | Straightforward | Honorable

      Slightly Reckless | Somewhat Provocative | Inhibited (Slightly) | Idealism (Slightly)





    Outfit: http://i.imgur.com/IPc1UzR.jpg

    • NAME
      Nero Greyhart




      Red Dawn

      Guild Mage

      Black Tier (SSS)

      November, 11th



      Thrilling, Battle Ready, Inventive

      Red/Golden/Blue, Left Shoulder Blade

      Below Neck Length Blue Hair | Golden Irises | Unique Clothing
      Nero Greyhart has a well built body. He stands 6''2 feet tall and weighs about 175 LBS. If anything, he has a very unique taste in clothing, and has a personal friend he met on a job far away from Magnolia. If anything, his clothing is more or less suited in a continent away from Ishgar. However this man accompanied him back to Magnolia, due to unknown reason to the others. If anything, he usually does not change his clothing ever so often. If anything, it is the same when he is inside the guild, or out on a job, or anything else. The fabric itself is quite unique, and one cannot say he does not look good in it.

      Cheerful | Action-oriented | Resourceful
      Nero is seen as nothing more than an optimist. His usual demeanor is his kind and helpful nature, however, his blood tingles when there is a worthy opponent before him. If anything, he can easily become callous, and even condescending. This side of him is rarely seen, but other than that, he takes pride in where he's from. Nero has an adaptable and creative mind, and would not hesitate to bring the hammer down on his enemies or his guilds. He has a confident aura around him, never really shows any flaws or weaknesses. He keeps them close to his heart. Obviously, he can be quite serious, depending on the situation before him. Other than that, he is usually quite active around his guild members, and even funny from time to time.

      Adaptable | Long Ranged Combat | Close Ranged Combat | Smart | Versatile | Strong Will | Resilient

      Chaotic | Selfless | Fire Magic | Ignorant (Slightly)




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  9. Stealing a place in this adventure
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  10. [​IMG]


    Tobias Malcore

    Age: 31
    Gender: Male

    Colomba Guild Master

    Birthday: April 22
    Gemstone: Diamond
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus


    Irritable, Perfectionist, Kind

    Guild Mark Location: Sky blue on his upper bicep of his right arm

    Tobius always dresses to impress. Never seen outside his room without looking like he works in an office and not running a guild. Another thing he never leaves his room without is some kind of book, spanning from a dusty tome to the newest book in a young adult series. He only wears his black wire frame glasses when he is reading or working in his office any other time they're tucked neatly in his breast pocket.

    Tobias is not what you call a fun loving guy. Irritable when he’s bothered in his office or people start to get rowdy. He much rather enjoy the peace and quiet of when his members are gone on their missions.
    Tobious is a perfectionist, working hard to make sure everything is neat and organized around his guild. He has even gone so far as to kick someone out of the guild for being so messy, at least that's how the rumor goes.
    Really though most of his members think he's too lazy to kick anyone out of the guild. Which is true in a sense, Tobias isn’t the one to start a fight or anything for that matter unless he really has to. He doesn’t really do much in the sense of inspiring his members. Push him to far or if something is important enough, and you get to see why he's the guild master of the fifth pillar.





    Gravity (open)
    Gravity Magic has a large range of offensive and defensive properties. The user can freely increase or decrease the gravity of anything around them, rendering most frontal assaults virtually useless. This Magic is strong enough to easily crush solid earth, and can even be used to destroy other Magics. It is also capable of suspending people or objects in midair, or to divert the course of natural phenomena around the user, such as rain.

    Tobias has mastered this magic able to effect an area up to 200 hundred meters around himself with a change in gravity. He can change and keep up 15 different gravity fields while still being able to fight and can control who is affected by his magic. Tobias is known for destroying a dark guild single handedly and unscathed, never allowing an opponent to land a single blow.

    Specialties: Fighting multiple opponents / Hand to Hand combat
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  11. [​IMG]


    Name: Renzo Hy'l
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Guild: Red Dawn
    Occupation: Guild mage
    Tier: Rank C - White/Regular Mage
    Birthday: May 6
    Gemstone: Spinel
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus


    Guild Mark/Location?: Right temple
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Pros: Helpful | Cheerful | Loyal | Adventurous | Confident
    Cons: Stubborn | Careless | Sarcastic | Unapologetic | Dishonest

    Strengths: Quick to act | Refuses to abandon guildmates in combat.
    Weaknesses: His fears | Carelessness | Dishonesty
    Talents: Good at card tricks
    Fears: Fear of heights and water
    Inabilities: He can't swim


    Ability: Fortune's end - Is form of card magic Renzo uses, it is named after the usage of tarot cards to perform the magic.

    Sun's Fury: (Cards used: The Death and The Sun) Renzo is able to create a quick flash of fire and intense heat in front of him.

    Wrath of the Seven Suns: (Cards used: The Death, The Sun and The Tower) Creates a pillar of fire on the location where the cards are placed/thrown to.

    Wind's Edge: (Cards used: The Death, The Hanged Man, The World) Generates a wall of wind that strikes and cuts anyone who touches it.

    Valley of Storms: (Cards used: The Death, The Hanged Man, The Wheel of Fortune) Creates a round zone with strong winds swirling inside it. Everyone inside the zone gets cut once every second while they're in the zone, this affects Renzo as well. The zone perishes once Renzo dismisses it by picking up the cards or exiting the zone.

    Cage of the Titan: (Cards used: The Fool, The Chariot, Judgement) Raises a walls of stone around the opponent before creating a roof on top of the walls, encasing the opponent inside.

    Rockslide: (Cards used: The Death, The Chariot) creates a bunch of rocks, launching them towards the opponent.

    Armada of Seven Seas: (Cards used: The Death, The Moon, The World) Creates a tidal wave that washes over the opponent.

    Dark Swamp: (Cards used: The Fool, The Moon, The World) Summons a swamp underneath the opponent, slowly making him/her sink into it until they're shoulder deep in the ground.

    Card Dimension: Allows the user to encase people into a pocket dimension inside a card for a short period of time. Person inside the card is still able to interact with the world around the card to an extent.

    Weapons: Playing cards


    History: To be built through RP
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    • Name:
      Kinzoku Hardt





      Guild Master of Titanos

      Guild Master

      Dec. 17


      Zodiac Sign:
    • Defining Characteristics:
      His suit of shining armor that he wears anywhere outside of the guild hall. The large scar across his face.

      Guild Mark/Location:
      Yellow, takes up most of his lower back.

      At just under 6' and 160 lbs, Kinzoku is built for speed and agility. However, this natural speed is usually offset by the heavy armor that he typically wears to symbolize the might and strength of Titanos. At a glance, one would describe him as appearing to be cocky and full of himself, although this is not entirely the case.

      Kinzoku has found that self improvement is one of the few things in life that truly bring him joy. Whether it's seeing himself become physically stronger, more mentally adept, more skilled in magic, or just being a better person, Kinzoku takes pride in any way that he improves. He always tells others that improving themselves every day is the only way to be sure that you are the best person you can be. According to him, if you can go to bed knowing you're better than you were yesterday, then it was a successful day. He founded Titanos on this idea of self improvement, and that philosophy is partially responsible for the guild's place as the highest pillar.

      Aside from his daily regiment of self improvement, Kinzoku is generally a very kind soul. He speaks softly and infrequently, but speaks with wisdom beyond his years. He can often be found giving advice to his guild mates, whether it be about something as simple as proper weight lifting form, or something more complicated such as romance. He is always there for his guild mates to share their problems with, and is always willing to offer advice.

      Despite his friendliness, the master of Titanos isn't all hugs and kisses. He isn't afraid to give some tough love to someone who needs it, and a bit of tough coaching is often what helps best when someone is working to improve. Additionally, he is very hard headed, and tends to be more then a little stubborn. He is very set in his ways, since he has found that his ways work very well.

      The master of Titanos is normally very calm and collected, but there are a few things that will set him off. He does not tolerate laziness within the ranks of his guild, and transforms from friend into drill sergeant when guild members cease forward progress. However, he only behaves this way because he cares about the members of his guild. He will also be immediately brought to a rage if a member of his guild is attacked. He cares very little about the world outside of his guild, and because of that, his guild is his world. Should someone bring harm to Titanos, they will find no mercy from Kinzoku.

      Kinzoku's major flaw, as it is with many other heroes, is his pride. Kinzoku is an incredibly powerful mage, but no amount of powerful magics can fix the flaw that is hubris. As guild master of Fiore's strongest guild, he has many reasons to have pride. However, pride tends to blind those it possesses, and Kinzoku's hubris may someday be his downfall.

      • Sheer determination
      • Agility
      • Defense
      • Cool headed in the face of opposition
      • Has an enormous number of connections and friends
      • Strong against maker magic

      • Hubris
      • Stubbornness
      • Single-mindedness
      • Hand-to-hand combat magics (ex; the celestial spirit Leo)
      • He is a perfectionist

      • Offering advice to others
      • Leading by example
      • Making friends

      • He will be the downfall of Titanos
      • He will be too weak to save someone in need
      • He will no longer have the drive to improve himself

      He is unable to accept mediocrity, and as a result, gets caught up in trying to achieve excellence, and forgets that he has to just get it done.

      • Members of the Titanos guild
      • Past clients

      • Lunari Konkonoko
      • Tobias Malcore
      • Various remnants of dark guilds.
    • Ability:
      Arc of Time

      Kinzoku's magic works by modifying an object's "time." For example, he can grow a tree from a seed by accelerating the seed's time, he can turn ice back into water by rewinding the ice's time, and can stop a projectile midair by freezing its time. The main limitation of this magic is that it works on non-sentient objects only, so he cannot change a person's time. It also cannot transport people through time. He can also create "bubbles" which can show the possible timelines of an object, and then select which of these timelines he wishes the object to follow. These "bubbles" also serve as the offense to his magic, flying about according to his will and acting as heat seeking missiles. Although is magic does not have the ability to affect humans, it does, however, have the ability to unlock a mage's Second Origin, a pool of magic hidden within all wizards. It is a painful process to unlock it, but once completed, the mage's power will be increased exponentially.

      • Restore - By rewinding the time of a broken object, Kinzoku can return it to a repaired state.
      • Fast Forward - Kinzoku accelerates his target into its future.
      • Rewind - Kinzoku rewinds the time of his target, sending it to its past.
      • Freeze Time - Kinzoku stops the time of an object, halting it in its path and leaving it frozen in time.
      • Crystal Bubble - Kinzoku creates one or multiple bubbles, each showing the potential future of an object he chooses.
      • Parallel Worlds - Kinzoku creates numerous copies of one of his bubbles, each representing a possible path that the original bubble could take.
      • Flash Forward - The bubbles created by Parallel Worlds follow their paths to the target, their time accelerated to increase their speeds.
      • Luminous Minutes - Kinzoku throws a bubble towards the target, the bubble then reproduces into numerous bubbles, each launching at the target from the origin bubble.
      • Infinite Sphere - A bubble strikes Kinzoku's target, then vastly multiplies into many other bubbles, striking the target from every angle.
      • Last Ages - An absolute last resort for any user of Arc of Time, at the cost of his own time, Kinzoku can rewind the time of the entire planet. However, this spell would age him greatly because of the amount of his time that it would cost, and it would only rewind the planet's time a few moments into the past.
      • Second Origin Unlock - With consent from the target, Kinzoku places runes across the target's body, and when the spell ends hours later, the target will be able to access their second origin, increasing their magic power greatly. However, the target in question has to withstand the excruciating pain associated with the release of their second origin for the duration of the unlocking process.

        Because his magic can dissipate most incoming attacks by sending them into their past/future, Kinzoku is extremely adept at defense.
    • To be revealed through this wonderful RP.
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  13. First completed CS is for the Titanos guild! My friend, you have an excellent taste in guilds. Titanos for the win!
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  14. Oh what poor fools you are. Culumba will crush their foes.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. tumblr_n5zv00YDZJ1s2wio8o1_500.gif
  17. That is a super cool twist on re-quipping, I really like the 'Legendary' factor you tossed in there :D! I really can't wait to see it roleplayed in the IC! I'm looking forward to a lot of action from Bellia!

    Welcome :) I don't think I saw you in the interest check, but if you were there and I'm just a forgetful piece of shit... welcome anyway! :D

    That's actually a solid question. What I meant by 'Ability Takeover' was the ability to control another persons ability. The actually take-over power itself that the strauss siblings possess is open for use :)

    Nice :) Just remember, if you don't want to add the lines with "(OP)" in front of them, you don't have to. They're optional for a reason. I like the card magic! Hopefully it will be fun to see in action!

    @Zarrock & @Honor-Sama Your feud is mighty. Who stole who's toy in the sandbox all those years ago?


    After speaking with Akashi, both he and I have come to the decision that I was slightly over-zealous with the character FC's.
    That being said - the images now allowed are REALISTIC FANTASY and ANIME.

    Should you see a cosplay of some sorts with the absolute perfect outfit of your dreams, you may use that - however, the face in the cosplay photo is not allowed as you characters FC.

    Any questions? Ask away :)

    @★Under The Stars★
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  18. You see me and @Zarrock we use to be the best of friends! As children we had the same master and we both aspired to do great things. I thought we had the same goals but SOMEONE backstabbed the other to get ahead in life. I've always hated him since.
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  19. I have mostly been in the background and haven't really BEEN there for you peeps, but I am enjoying what I'm seeing so far.

    Another thing. I've yet to go over the mock posts from both @Honor-Sama and @Zarrock. Once I have you will both be given an answer for being the Guild Master for the respective guilds you want.
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  20. It's going to be hilarious when neither of us gets the spots and all of our smack will have been for nothing
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