Air gear with a twist. OOC

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  1. One more thing leaders are known as kings or queens
  2. HOPEY SHIT i didn't think anyone else knew of this. *i made a jump in for this stuff a ways back called trophaeum tower's a bit away. but no one replied. o-o Also don't mean to be a bit of a buzzkill, but a little too restricting there. Air gear is quite literally anything can happen after all. After all, to start a war in air gear you just need to place a sticker over someone else. Not everyone that's a leader of a team can be a king or queen you know. Just look at potemkin and sleipnir. They don't have any kings or queens but they still hold high respect because they worked for everything they had. Also, to be honest.. the rules seem a little too restricting with character creation so i won't be joining. My apologies. Best of luck to get people to join though. Sorry for wasting your time. ))
  3. Name- Psy
    Age- 18
    Description- (Picture) ssssssssss.jpg
    At Description- Thick Brown wheels connected to what looks almost like a pair of combat boots, laced tightly half way to the knee. Embedded into the front is a Dark Green regalia known as the Gaia Hammer. Used to manipulate earth by building up force within the regalia.
    Specialty- Balance
    Clan- Purple
    Extra- Though not the fastest rider around, no one has ever seen Psy fall. Its is rumored that his balance is near perfect due to having a unique center of gravity.
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  4. Name: Takumi Yoshida

    Age: (15-21): 20

    Description: Takumi is a tall young man with messy and wavy black hair that falls over his face and almost reaches his shoulder length and has dark grey eyes. [​IMG]

    At Description: His treks are mostly unused they're black and grey with a few parts shades of green. He sometimes come out and travel around with them going to his client's homes to tune their A-T's

    Bio: (optional) n/a

    Specialties: Tuner

    Clan: Black Clan

    Extra: Takumi is capable of repairing any A-T based technology and keeps a number of tools on him at all times.He is a genius in repair, construction, and maintenance of A·T's.
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  5. Name: Kage Kitsune

    Age: (15-21) 16

    Description: (Picture or words) [​IMG]

    Kitsune is tall for his age and wears a baggy grey jumpsuit with the top half tied around his waist that have ripped pants legs at the bottom that show off his use of the fang road style of using ATs

    At Description:
    (would like the fang regalia) Kitsune's AT's are black with red pipeline trim that had a jagged design. they look very used all except for the wheels, they still gleam and shine like new

    Bio: (optional) Kitsune is the youngest member of the Red clan and is also their second in command. he was excommunicated from the purple clan for his vicious style of riding although his personality suggest the opposite as he is a kind and helping kid. kitsune is also openly gay.

    Specialties: expert in gymnastics and is an active break dancer which gives him super human flexibility and reflexes. He's adapted these skills into a Capoeira like fighting style.

    Clan: Red (formerly purple)

    Extra: ((would like to be in line to be able to become the king of the fang road))

    (wont post until character has been Ok'd)