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NEW LINK Air Gear/ Jet Set Radio Roleplay Invitation

Discussion in 'OFF-SITE ADS' started by Negative J3T, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Been looking for a roleplay where you can both relax, enjoy slice of life, make good interesting stories while at the same time having the option to shoot tornadoes, laser beams, and even disappear from people? Ever wanted to have a Jet Set Radio RP with a little more flair?! Come Join Air Gear: Wings of Freedom! AIR GEAR: WINGS OF FREEDOM: An action Packed guild based on the Manga Air Gear. Wanna ride the storms? Wanna become king? Wanna just break shit and be a Rebel? The choice is yours. Just make sure the ATP don't catch. WE would hate to see you in handcuffs. Unless you into that thing. This roleplay is on Gaiaonline. If need some help, just join the Discord here:Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers and ask us. We will greatly be honored to help you. If you wanna just jump in chat rp and get your feet wet for a little bit before deciding whether you wanna make the jump :3 you are welcome to come test us out.