Air Fighter Squadron RP?

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What's your ideal aircraft?

  1. Performance Fighter

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  2. Performance Bomber

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  3. Stealth Fighter

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  4. Stealth Bomber

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  5. Multirole Fighter-Bomber

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  6. Subsonic VTOL

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  7. Attack Helo

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  1. I've got an idea for a story slightly inspired by the Ace Combat series.

    So, setting: Semi-Futuristic Earth, where imperialism, overpopulation, resource plundering, and terrorism have made government infrastructure weak and unreliable. There are too many people and not enough resources to keep track of everyone - sliding under the radar is both easy, and for many people, preferable. Communes of people without allegiance have popped up. Some of these communes are militaristic "Pirate" Communes, dedicated to taking the best for themselves, attacking countries and other communes for resources and materia. Some of these communes are defensive "Hippie" Communes, dedicated to protecting each other and maintaining their holdings. Only renewable resources are readily available, and so machines of war have been adapted and adjusted to meet their initial specs with renewable resources. Biofuels have become a high demand industry, and so governments and corporations have invested in agriculture to make it. Communes spring up around unoccupied (or forcefully taken) Biofuel Processing Plants.

    As for aviation in a semi-dystopian semi-future, avionics itself has yet to breach modernly established apex. Many models of aircraft from modern times are still in production, although their engines have been reconfigured to work to specifications with specialized biofuels. Most jets, from the Raptor to the Flanker, now run on Aerosene - a Biofuel made specifically and meticulously to effectively power these new jets. Most internal-combustion planes, from the Mustang to the Spitfire, and even biplanes like the Gladiator, run on Wing Juice, a colloquialism for the Biofuel used to power the rare yet inferior planes. Pilots are allowed to use ANY aircraft - biplane, jet, helo, et cetera - produced in the present and past. Richer governments and experienced pilots utilize higher quality jets than small communes with rookie fighters. Modern jets, however, are capable of carrying new ordnance and sometimes feature a "mindjack module" - a module for cybernetics that allows pilots to hook into their jet's combat suite, projecting a HUD over their vision - including basic avionic statistics like speed, altitude, course, pitch, and roll indicators - and using the pilot's brain to compute weapon lock, gun tracking, and allow for certain functions - flares, missile fire, and ejecting - to be triggered by neural command rather than physical input.

    There will be various factions, each with its own aces and motives. Each will be listed here with their flagship aircraft - fighter, then bomber - and will have some significance in the story. Aces from each faction are not restricted to the flagships (But don't expect an American in a Sukhoi or a Russian in a Lockheed-Martin), but rookies and standard pilots are. Communes are ordered by tech levels (Combustion/Biplane, Combustion/Monoplane, Jet), the listed flagship is only applicable to jets - not only can Communal Aces conceivably acquire any aircraft (means won't be stressed, but are welcome in bios), but Combustion-Level Communes can use ANY combustion plane you can conceive, Ace or not, but only Aces of these Communes can use jets.

    American Democratic Empire (ADE)
    General Dynamics F-16 "Fighting Falcon"
    Lockheed-Martin A-10 "Thunderbolt"

    Russo-Slavic Unified Nation (RSUN)
    Mikoyan MiG-29 "Fulcrum"
    Sukhoi Su-32 "Strike Flanker"

    European Union (EU)
    Dassault Mirage 2000
    Panavia Tornado GR.4

    Asian Independent Communes (Collective)
    Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 "Fishbed" (any variant for any role)

    New World (American) Independent Communes (Collective)
    Northrop F-5 "Freedom Fighter"(any variant for any role)

    Old World (European/African/Middle Eastern) Independent Communes (Collective)
    Alenia Aermacchi M-346 "Master" (armed for any role)

    The ADE covers most of the Americas and Oceania, from Alaska to Argentina, and Hawaii to Samoa, as well as Japan and Taiwan. Most American communes are coastal and Caribbean, and security is tight on any agricultural heartlands - Minnesota, Brazil, et cetera.

    The RSUN covers much of Eurasia, from the Transylvanian Alps to Kamchatka, and south into India and all the way down to Java. Most Communes arise in Pacific Islands and Middle Eastern regions.

    The European Union is the alliance of many West European entities and then some, from Ireland to Germany, and all the way to the Sahara. Most Communes in this area start in Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

    There are a few communes that will be pre-ordained, such as the Bermuda Pirates and the Cuban Community. Communes are largely multi-racial, with a few exceptions. The South African Pirates are white supremacists, for example. For the most part, however, Communes are radiant; you can lead your own if you want, but it helps to have your location in the name.

    Aaand that's my pitch. There's going to be conflict between ADE, RSUN, and EU, but we'll try to focus mostly on Communal Air Forces unless people go for the main faction positions.
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  2. I'm interested.
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  4. Updates: Changed the title to reflect the different available aircraft, as well as further explaining Communal Air Forces and how some Communes have lower tech standards.
  5. This certainly is potentially interesting. I'd lean a bit more toward something more futuristic like Ace Combat 3 if I had complete freedom of choice, but I could possibly still do something interesting with this.

    I'll at least keep an eye on things and see how they go.
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  6. Somewhat interested. Reminds me of Ace Combat, which is a better setting than our world kinda. So the main point of this is pvp?

    If I were to do an AC rp however I likely would go with the setting from its alternate Earth.

    Not saying I'm joining or not just wanted some details. I'll keep an eye on it for now like R-9
  7. The main point is freedom of direction. Players can choose to go against each other or take each others' sides. We'll have a story with both PvP and PvE. Either way, remember where "eject" is.
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