Air and Light and Time and Space

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  1. While personal space is important, the old guy in the cartoon is right. Your creativity is based on input, you get input through living. Yes you need the quiet moments to put all those thoughts into your art, be it writing, drawing, music etc... BUT all the time in the world doesn't equal creativity.
  2. I do agree that it's true to a large degree. At the most inconvenient times, my brain starts whirring and I get ideas that I want nothing more than to develop, flesh out, and work with.

    However, having the time and the right environment to actually do that is useful. I mean, sometimes I get ideas that I want to work on, hammer out, make perfect... but I have to answer a customer's dumb question, or I have to do a category count and scan all of one type of product we have, or something like that. Which means that I have no way of working on these things and I have to focus, so I can't even really think about it.
  3. If that's true I'm fucked for life. I'll never RP again.
  4. If you are a creative person, you are going to be creative no mo matter where you are or what you are doing! The ideas and the inspiration will always be there!

    ...DOING something with those ideas, on the otherhand, really do require personal space. D: At least for me, anyway. I'll be out in the middle of a crowded walmart and think of something awesome. Or hell, even just while babysitting. But I can't write it all down or really work on it when there's people all up in my space. They're distracting.
  5. I'm pretty good at doing my own thing in the middle of a crowded, loud, public space as long as people are generally leaving me alone. Everyone is different! On the job, though, focusing on literally anything else is impossible, but that's the nature of my job.

    I actually have a degree of trouble doing creative things at home since there are so many chores or videogames or roommates distracting me.
  6. I agree with most of the comic. If one is a creative person, then they will be thinking of ideas all day long, whether they realise it or not, which is why I am always carrying a notebook with me. Of course, if I am focusing on something else, like a university lecture, ideas are not going to come to mind, but as soon as I stop focusing, I almost always start to think about characters and plotlines. Interestingly, I can work in a wide array of circumstances, but being cold or feeling uncomfortable really bothers me, not to mention that I have a hard time starting. Once I have started, though, there is nothing that can stop me from being creative, except myself of course.
  7. I think that its important to have something going on around you to be creative (not for everyone though). You can find inspiration from your workplace or family members. But it can also be good with your own space though not all the time because then you will probably just become lazy and stop doing anything. That's how it is for me anyway xD

    Sometimes though you get irritated because you are sitting in the classroom or at work and suddenly gets an AWESOME idea that you can't put down on paper since you don't have it there and you can't leave at the moment. And later the idea is gone. If you had personal space all the time then that sort of thing wouldn't happen cause you would be allowed to doodle everything down immediately when you got it. But where would your inspiration come from if you always were in your own personal bubble? Most peoples inspiration comes from the world around them and their own experiences.

    So I think personal space is important but it doesn't work to have it all the time xD So personal space mixed with work/school/taking care of family/etc.
  8. I don't need some special place. I just need a quiet one. I have a short attention span, and I'm easily distracted, so somewhere quiet, with maybe some background music so it's not stiflingly quiet, really helps me out. Provided there's not too much noise, I can create anywhere.