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  1. With the impending release of "The Great Gatsby", I've been reminded of a role-play I was in a couple years ago which was supposedly based on the book. It ended up being almost completely nothing like the book and it failed miserably. I liked the premise of the role-play (if it were to be removed from the connection to the book) and I wanted to start up a role-play based on a similar premise.

    The story is about the conflict of money and tradition against youth and passionate romance.

    The heroine belongs to a rich and fashionable family built on sturdy old money. She's engaged to a man who comes from new money. He doesn't love her so much as he loves the prestige her family will give him. She doesn't love him but she's resigned to her fate and grateful that she will, at least, be able to maintain her manner of living after she is married.

    The hero comes from a family of very old money. They nearly lost it all some generations back and retired to the country to escape scandal and rebuild their fortune. Now, even wealthier than before, the current head of the family is convinced by his wife that is time for them to regain their prestige. He takes his wife and son and moves to the fashionable part of New York City. They are accepted, but cautiously as the half-remembered ghosts of scandal breed terrible rumors.

    The two leads meet at a party shortly after his family arrives in New York. They click and...fireworks! Their world is suddenly aglow in youthful passion and frenzy. They are in love. Or so they believe. They are determined to be together. She is warned against him by her parents, who are afraid for the family's reputation. He is threatened by her fiance, who is determined not to lose her family's prestige.

    Will their "love" last against all odds or will it shatter like a glass bauble? Will they conquer all and gain permission to marry? Will they elope? Or will they be separated?

    I am looking for someone to play the heroine. I want a decent amount of historical accuracy for this role-play. (If you need resources, I can find them for you.) I'm looking for at least a moderately aggressive role-player. I'm quite aggressive, myself, but I don't have the stamina to carry a passive role-player along.

    If you're interested, post here or pm me.

    Thanks for reading this!

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  2. I think I'm up for it. :D What exactly is the time era?
  3. 1920s... Or more specifically 1922, like Gatsby.
  4. Hmm, all right. [: I'm still up for it if you are!
  5. Oki doki, do you want to move to PM to iron out the details before we begin?
  6. If this is still open for takes...I'd love to roleplay this with you!

    Though I admit, I'd have to go and touch up on the 1920s a little.