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    Hello Iwaku, I'm Eleyvan. There is a particular character of mine I'd created some time ago, yet, I never got around to roleplaying as. In general he faded to the back of my mind and a roleplaying hiatus pushed him even further back toward the abyss. Recently, however, he has returned to my mind and I find myself desiring to use him. I realize the description I've provided down below (for his character) isn't much to go by. This, unfortunately, is a combination of the trouble I have in writing out descriptions of personality and the lack of experience I have with him. If you have questions about him, please do ask; but first, rules.

    Rules & Regulations
    • Adept+ Excellent spelling, good grammar, variation of sentence, proof read, etc.
    • I'd say minimum of 450 word. I'll probably be averaging more around 600-750, with potential up a lot higher. The more you write, the more I'll write.
    • I'm looking for someone with very few limits in regards to violence, gore, language, mature themes, etc. It comes with the territory and I'd like to not have to be worried about losing a great RP because I wrote something that bothered my partner. If there are one or two things you absolutely cannot stand to see, let me know, and I'll adhere to your wishes. If you don't say anything about it, I'm going to consider it fair game!
    • My only real no-go (in terms of 'things too explicit') would be no graphic sexy-times. I'm fine with our characters going at it, should the RP take such a direction, but I'd like to keep it fairly vague. Sexual themes as a whole will still probably be prevalent.
    • Romance can be an option, if you'd like for it to be. It should be noted though, that it wouldn't really be a typical romance and would contain essentially zero fluff.
    • Did you see the tags I clicked? Look at them again, just in case.
    • Please contribute to the world and plot. Be communicative. Tell me if you hated the way I did something or if you're going on a two-week holiday. Even if you're just bored or you got something other than you expected, let me know. Communication can solve a lot of problems.
    • Plot posting frequency will be anywhere from a few posts a day to slow as molasses. If I lean toward the latter, I'll send you a message. In fact, if I'm posting much slower than I previously was, I'll send you a message.
    • Finally, questions. If you have them, ask them!

    |The Character|

    Sarrion Kaeralt
    Larger Image

    Sarrion’s life is dedicated to his King for whom he serves with zealous devotion. To call him fanatic in his loyalty would not be erroneous as to him the very words from his Lord’s mouth are justice itself as granted by supreme right. Primed to serve from a young age, Sarrion proved proficient in the various fields of weaponry. Talented as he was, the eyes of the King’s Guard did find him; little had they imagined the difficulty they would have in his behavioural manners. Yet they dared not dismiss him for he was nearly unmatched in the ruthlessness and efficiency which he achieved the King’s command. Eventually, and through many hours of strenuous labour, he did become more disciplined. With the passage of time, Sarrion worked his way up the ranking ladder until held a position directly beneath the King where he became known for doing His Majesty’s dirty work.

    |Setting & Plot|
    Less than a year ago the King passed a new act. This act was known as “Inquisition against Impurities” and was made to counter the discord His Majesty felt was creeping into the region. Those to be purged were none other than the heinous practiser of devil magic, the witches. The witches were not his only enemy, however, many other unnecessary groups needed to be removed, such as the cults of druidic worshippers he knew festered in the crevices of his realm. More than a few of his subordinates protested the harshness of his actions. Little was achieved from their complaints aside from the death of those who’d protested a bit too loudly. Only the loyalist were chosen to head the Inquisition squads and Sarrion was one of these few.
    I’ve left the setting vague enough so there is plenty of room for my partner and I to collaborate. Similarly, the plot is even less defined and could be summed to “something to do with witches.” Thus, your own ideas can be worked in. I’m going to list some things below which might help plant plot seedlings in your brain.

    Firstly, the setting will be either low fantasy or high[er?] fantasy. This largely depends on whether or not you want witches to be actual users of magic. Either way I’d like to avoid having any ‘mystical’ races present. More expansive world building can begin after this significant point is elaborated on.

    Secondly, I’m thinking it might be interesting to incorporate a rebellion of some kind. It could be the peasants revolting against the higher ups, the Lords revolting against the king, or the Clergy rebelling against the cruelties. All three could also happen, if you want things to get hectic. If you desire, no rebellion at all is also fine.

    Thirdly are some suggestions for roles of your character. If you have something else in mind, suggest it!

    • Someone else hunting witches. A member of the Inquisition (someone equal to Sarrion's rank, someone serving under him, a new recruit he's training, etc). Or if witches are actual things (and potentially bad things) you could be a solo witch hunter teaming up.
    • A witch/druid. This might take a bit to make it work, but could be quite interesting.
    • One of the upper class denizens. One who agrees with the kings Inquisition, one who doesn't and supports the rebellion. Someone Sarrion knows, perhaps a cousin/distant cousin?
    • Someone important to the King who Sarrion has been charged with watching over (after all, the region is no longer safe).
    • Sarrion's fiancée. He is technically of a ranking House and high in the Kings favour. The King might marry him off to increase his own power.


    And that's it! You can reply here or start up a conversation if you're interested. I very much hope someone out there is! ^^

    Teenager is done trying to be edgy, now.
    And yes, I do realise that I've switched between two fonts.
  2. Are you still looking? Because I'm very interested in this.
  3. Hello! Yes I am very much still looking. I shall start up a conversation for us to further discuss. ^^

    Lovely avatar image, by the way.
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  4. Hey, somebody else replied to you, but if you wan to do another version or another game let me know :)
  5. I'm fine having mulitple of this. It's varied enough that it should be different with different people. I'll start up a conversation for us to plot more in (momentarily).

    And to anyone else potentially interested I'm willing to take 1-2 more.
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