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Plot:Dream Academy is a school for idols. New students must earn their rankings, and shine as a professional in singing, dancing, modeling, or acting. You can enter DREAM Academy from age 11, and you stay until you transfer to another school due to moving or just not wanting to be an idol any longer.

A special magic called Aikatsu is used by every idol. When performing in an audition or performance, a idol steps through a dressing room, which requires them to insert their student pass and choice of Aikatsu Cards, where they put on their selected clothes. The stage they walk on is largely digitized, providing various holographic displays and special effects during the performance and allowing people to participate in the audience via online streaming or live in concert. The system reads the emotions of spectators, along with the online spectators, to rate each idols performance, which determines their success during auditions and performances.

You have recently entered DREAM Academy, wishing to become an idol yourself. Will you fall back, or step up to the challenge?

1.❖ Follow all OF THE iwaku rules.

2.❖ Please know a bit about the anime/game/book Aikatsu before joining. This is a very hard to explain anime, or, if you need to, go to Aikatsu's wikia page.

3. ❖ Please be a bit literate. Include correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. No text talk, either. This, of course, is no semi-literate RP, but please post at least 2 or more descriptive sentences. The key to writing descriptive sentences is to not only list the basics of what your character is doing. Maybe list how he/she is feeling, what are they thinking about, or maybe even if they have sweaty palms! Think about yourself placed in the situation your character is in. What would you do, how would you feel, and how would you react? Also, write something that other characters can successfully respond to. Don't lead them halfway!

Good :

{Finally joining in on the roleplay! Anyone care to help calm down Molly?}

Molly walked into Starlight Academy, her forehead slightly sweating from the heat..and nervousness. This was her first day, and she wanted to pass the entrance exam desperately. Not only would she lose her dream if she didn't pass, but she would have to return to America with her parents! That is the last thing she wanted. After entering the white, shiny doors of the academy, she sat down on a chair, and twiddled her thumbs.


{Just joined the rp. Somene talk to Molly.}

Molly walked into the academy and sat down she was nervus and sad and worried about getting into the school.

4.❖ Please respect everyone!

5. ❖ No mini-modding, god modding, or powerplaying.

6.❖ Dream Academy is an all girls school in the anime and book. However, in this rp, I will let boys be allowed.

7.❖ Have fun!

OC Template:






Personal Quote: (optional)


Favourite Brand(s):
current cards:


Star Sign:

Favourite Food:

Disliked Food:

Special Skill:

Other Info:


my oc:
Name:Miyako Renjouji


Birthday:July 23rd

Personality:Miyako is a nice girl who would befriend Anyone she Met. She had no problems fitting in at dream academy, and is friends with many idols from Starlight Academy as well.

She is looking for two friends to form a unit with her so she can challwenge herself to aim even higher. She is the nicest girl you'll ever meet if you get on her good side.



Personal Quote:"A rose is a rose and a loser is a Loser.."

Aura:Roses and Unicorns

Favourite Brand(s):dreamy Crown, Aurora Fantasy, Spicy Agaha, and Angely Sugar
current cards


Aurora Kiss Coord
Ice Blue Frill Coord
Sky Restaurant Coord
Sweet Restaurant Coord
Fine Pink Coord
Valentine Style Coord
Rainbow-Colored Macaron Coord
Pink Argyle Coord
Aqua Lace Coord
Ribbon House Coord
Angely Bear Coord
Leaf Bear Coord
Feminine Coord
Feminine Pink Coord
Sweet House Coord
Girly Strawberry Coord
Pansy Garden Coord
Small Flower-Patterned Coord (unofficial name)
Royal Coord (unofficial name)
Frill Pink Coord (unofficial name)
Pure Ribbon Coord (unofficial name)
Water-Colored Macaron Coord (unofficial name)
Star Festival Coord
Aqua Swan Coord
Mermaid Pisces Coord
Triple Ribbon Coord (unofficial name)
Ribbon Pattern Coord (unofficial name)
Lovely Kiss Me Coord
Pink Swan Coord
Sweet Decoration Coord
Sweet Choco Mint Coord
Twinkle Angel Coord
Twinkle Blue Coord
Country Garden Coord
Argyle Lovely Coord
Spring Shower Coord
Hug Me Kiss Me Coord
Pink Small Flower-Patterned Coord
Pearl Shell Coord
Prism Heart Coord
Classical Border Coord
Sugar Ribbon Coord
Yellow Swan Coord
Wannabe Idol Coord
Fresh Sprout Coord
Aquamarine Pisces Coord
Sweet Twins Coord
Angely Gemini Coord
Tiny Floral Coord
Grace Blue Coord
Pastel Sugar Coord
Sweet Cupcake Coord
Wicked Mirror Coord
Girly Devil Coord
Sugar Light Coord
Sugar Planet Coord
Sugar Butterfly Coord
Sugar Balloon Coord
Sugar Bat Coord
Sugar Candy Coord
Sugar Flower Coord
Sugar Moon Coord
Angely Bear Love Coord
Lilac Fairy Coord
Prince of Aqua Coord
Blue Fata Coord
Angel Alice Coord
Yellow Sailor Coord
Blue Princess Casual Coord
Purple Fata Coord
Milky Wendy Coord
Cute Lemonade Coord
Pink Fata Coord
Lovely Mage Coord
Firework Fan Coord
Pastel Marble Ice Coord
Sweet Lion Coord
Bio:Miyako was born in Tokyo, Japan. She grew up wanting to be an idol from the moment she turned 3. Eventually, at age 11 she enrolled in dream academy. Before Long, she had become the top idol, and continued to perform by herself.

Now, she is continuously looking for new ways to challenge herself, such as Trying to find the two perfect partners for her to form a unit with. Her work in the idol world is far from over, because she aims to be Starlight Queen.

Her image song is Aurora princess

Mizuki-Was her Role Model. She learned everything from her
Akari- Best friend
Ichigo- friendly rivbal
oc relationships open just ask me

Star Sign:Leo

Favourite Food:Candy and sweets

Disliked Vegetables


Other Info:Poodle named mimi

Quotes:"I'm a rose in a garden of daisies..", "A rose by any other name is still a prick.." "I'll give it my best!"
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