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  1. Inspired by the manga of the same name: Ai-Ren

    Story goes:

    At the age of eighteen, he should have a bright future ahead of him. But since the age of three, he'd been diagnosed with a terminal disease that's slowly eating his life away. Ever since young, he knew that he doesn't have long to live in the first place. Confused about life and his purpose of existence, he is a lonely soul that's dying as seconds pass by.

    The latest test had determined that he had less than three months to live. As such, he made up his mind to request for a special "girl" from AGH-RMS (Artificial Genes Human Regenerated for Mental Support). These people are genetically made so that they help heal and ease the mental burdens of the terminally ill.

    Era of time:

    Future Modern (Approximately between 2060-2070)

    Genres of the plot:

    Characters available:

    Playable characters:

    18-year old dying man
    18-year old member of AGH-RMS

    Non-playing characters:

    Boy's parents (mum+dad)
    Officer from AGH-RMS

    Extra notes to take note of:

    1. [*=center]My style of writing typically is on par with you and that applies to the length of the posting (normally I'm able to write 2-3 paragraphs--but it would also depend on my writing mood, but usually how much do you write is an indication of how much I'm going to write)
      [*=center]This is tragedy so the guy will die in the end, there is no way he's going to survive it. So if you're not the kind who likes this sort of thing, please stay away.
      [*=center]I'm expecting formal standard writing English i.e good grammar and spelling.
      [*=center]That's it for now.

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