AI programmed to play NES games

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  1. Something I found that I thought was cool and wanted to share with people.

    Basically it's a video of a guy creating a program that's supposed to learn how to play various NES games and then play through them. Now before you say "What makes this different from an AI in any other game?", this is the same program that can (ideally) learn to play any game without the code needing to be altered, as opposed to an AI specifically programmed to play just one game.

    It's better at some games than others. The games that it's good at are really interesting to watch, especially since its "strategies" for most of them are pretty far removed from what most humans would think to do. o.o And the ones that it isn't as good at... well, the results are rather amusing. XD

    He spends a really long time talking about the programming specifics (most of which kind of flew over my head), so, if you want, you can skip to 7:40 to get to the interesting bits. The tl;dw version of the intro (as far as I understand it) is that he basically spent a short amount of time playing the game himself, and then put that data into the program so that it could figure out what it was supposed to do and then play the game based on what it thought the objective was. He explains it all a bit more as the video goes on.

    He also has two more videos of his program at work, which I also found rather amusing.
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  2. this is pretty cool
  3. One day we're going to see South Korean Starcraft players losing to a computer. :P

  4. given that i am keeping up with the tournaments of 2015, i would heartilly, heartilly disagree

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  5. AI will win some day.
    Haven't you ever seen Terminator?
  6. ....didnt they eventually lose?

    isnt that why they sent Ahnold to the past?

    to kill the resistance before it could be born?
  7. ... Details.
  8. important details!
  9. Not really...

    *Gets a Terminator ready to kill Razilin*
  10. I love AI.
  11. [​IMG]

    Remember kids.
    AI isn't all fun and games.
  12. Did you even watch the AI in the video? It's adorable. XD Watching it trying to play Mario and being really good at it until it just decides to jump off a cliff for no clear reason...

    And then in episode 2 of the series, it plays Legend of Zelda. It checks its inventory near-constantly. It's almost like you just wanna tell it, "No, Playfun, you didn't gain any Triforce pieces in the last 2 seconds... no, you still don't have any... still don't..."
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  13. Yea I saw the AI. :P

    But when the most evil men of men start off as a cute adorable little baby.
    I mean just look at Hitler.



    ...wait. wrong movie.
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