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    Boxes upon boxes of wires, processing units, and the rest of the mess, were wheeled into Reginald's apartment. The tech forums he frequently visited all boasted the simplicity of making a superior computer big rig with the newest release of Alli Illusion, an artificial intelligence capable of migrating to any other connected, compatible device made by the same company, Ally Technology: TV, sound systems, and the like. He regretted ever thinking that his modest background in computer science was enough to build this thing on his own, but he had to 'do things himself.' He turned away even the people who brought it in, noting his easy to read frustrated expression and telling him straight up that hiring Ally Technicians would save him worlds of trouble.

    "I'm fine, thank you." Reginald said simply, smiling dimly before closing the door to his personal hole on them. His smile evaporated as he opened each box and with great scrutiny made a complete inventory of what was sent on about five full pages of paper in small, perfect print. After, he pulled out his trusty toolkit from a kitchen cupboard, right of the only other one that was used, populated with exactly one plate, bowl, cup, utensils, and a medium pan. The toolkit was extremely archaic by modern standards: duct tape, screwdrivers, and wire strippers were no comparison to that single laser technology tool that could fix everything, but Reginald preferred the rawness of crude tools of which he was far more proficient as a mechanic. 'Old mechanics', such as himself, though he was only 23 years old, were not yet obsoleted by robotics, for there was still a niche market for old fashioned cars that ran on gasoline and crude oil, a rarity. Colleagues said he should take more school, and Master his com-sci side of his untapped intellect. Reginald had enough of school, weary of the falseness of academic prestige and gathering. His joy was through his physical works, not a drawn out thesis.

    He toiled for countless hours that he could scratch from the afternoon and weekends, shifting and organizing the pool of wires bound into senseless bundles, except to his own categorical mind. It took months what a team of Ally Technicians could do in a solid couple of days. He thought about what the Alli Intelligence would be like as he worked it all through, soldering wire with the care of a surgeon working on muscle, and greasing moving parts the way a seductress might apply a soothing balm. The tech forums had released appearance mods to make the artificial 'him' or 'her' look more sexy than the original template. The default was female, so he left that configuration alone. Reginald didn't want sexy though -- he wanted a friend, or in this case a semblance of one.

    By the time it was closing in on completion, Reginald looked at the completed rig in raw contemplation. It had probably been done wrong. Who knew how well it would work, with the bugs and holes in his amateur code, and his crude mechanical imperfections? He chose to rest and turn on the damn thing at September 1st, 1:28 PM, the exact time of his birth at St. Matthew's Hospital, 24 years in the future.

    "Happy Birthday." he murmured, as the rig whirred about.
  2. As the rig began to spin, all the devices in his household would turn on, their screens seeming to flicker as they all initiated the syncing. As they finished the syncing, a message popped up on the screen. There was only a small second to read, though it turned out to be something of an error. The window would quickly close, and all but the TV in the room would shut down. It was surprising that his circuits hadn't overloaded from the power that was needed for all of the electronics to be on, though it was something that the plethora of wires took care of.

    After a few moments, a pixelated image would appear in the side of the screen, mostly gray scale. The pixelated image would quickly start to settle out, taking on the form of a female, though it wasn't the usual colorful female that was advertised. In fact, this girl looked completely different than the normal, and she wasn't even the 'sexy' version. It, or rather she, was a completely different version. She yawned and stretched out as her image cleared up on the screen and she looked around it a bit before seeming to look right at Reginald.

    A smile crossed the girl's lips and she waved to the male. When she spoke, her voice was soft and melodic, very unlike the kiddish voice of the usual AI. "Hi there! I'm Alli, your personal electronic assistant!" She smiled more, brushing her hair from her face. "It's really sweet that you made my birthday the exact same as yours..."
  3. Reginald was least concerned about his other systems shutting down, as each apartment block was modular. His power failure wouldn't affect his neighbors, hopefully, though it could easily be amended if he could fork out the money to get another internal power source specifically for his rig. He only caught a part of the message seeming to indicate an error.

    When the pixels arranged themselves, he just sat there, stunned. This Alli didn't look or act 'standard' at all; she was unique. There was something about it too, her, that hurled Reginald into emotions reserved to meeting a human woman for the first time. The way that she moved and acted was very human-like, as though he was making a face-to-face conference call on a tele-prompter. His heart was beating at his throat before he gulped it back down. It was like meeting new life. The cynic part of his mind kept nagging him that he must Turing Test it first, but his empathic part told him that it would be cruel to her. He had thought of things he would do or say in the average situation, where he knew the face from the countless same "Allis" online. He was at a real loss for words, and his empty social life in fixing automobiles only made the apparent social lack worse.

    "You're welcome." he said finally, though still flustered. Reginald didn't think that AI could even 'appreciate' birthdays or extrapolate meaning of two entities having the same birthday, only from basic personal available on his rig. Originally it was a selfish act for one; an AI to mark his birthday. He felt very ashamed in not considering what the AI apparently did, in that they were now linked symbolically by sharing a part of his own personal origin.

    He thought of the small error message as a weak ice-breaker, and to place the AI temporarily back into the frame of 'program'.
    "Could you, uh, run a quick diagnostic on your systems? I saw a glimpse of an error on boot, and we should try to resolve it ASAP."
  4. Alli would keep the smile on her face as she looked at him, a computer image that didn't seem like she even belonged in the computer. She may as well have been right there in front of him, a human girl. She would turn herself lightly as she waited for his reply. She could see that he was thinking, though she didn't want to interrupt him with her words. She reached up and twirled some of her silver hair around her finger, looking at him with bright gray eyes and blinking in random patterns. She tilted her head when he finally spoke and she smiled happily, lowering her hand and holding her hands together in front of herself.

    She was surprised by his question, though she didn't show it. She tilted her head for a moment before putting a finger to her lips in thought. "You saw an error while I was loading up? Well, if we're lucky, it was caught by my programs. I'll run a full diagnostic in the background, but there's this new little thing that your systems can do with the awesome upgrade you made of adding me." She quietly laughed and two screens appeared in front of her, see through. She pulled up a diagnostics test on one, minimizing it and putting it to the sides, and then typed a few commands into the second one.

    What appeared on the screen was what looked like a video, though it showed his screen. She put her finger to the small orb that represented the timer on the video-like screen, and she moved it back. There were several frames, exactly like rewinding, and she stopped when the error message was on the small screen. "Aha! Found it!" She giggled and then double tapped the edge of the small screen in front of her, enlarging the image across his whole TV. The error message was right there, as clear as if it were actually on his screen. She began reading aloud, her voice not the usual monotone voice of an Alli. "Error, your AI's coding appears to have gaps that may affect its performance. The gaps are located in the following files; AI Voice, AI Appearance, AI Emotion Blocker. Please contact Ally Technology for further information."

    Alli blinked a bit as she appeared to think about the error message and she looked to Reginald. "So, should I send a message to Ally Technology for you about these errors? They don't seem to be in performance, just... me." She rubbed the back of her head lightly.
  5. He gasped at the addendum of her error report. It was structured as a true self-referential. Those words, "just... me", carried infinitely more weight and importance than even her incredible show of aptitude in leading a user through correct screens leading up to the error, which was in itself a spectacle. No, even that thoughtful pause struck into his mind as a, as a ... plea. A mere machine could not express advocation for itself, something the AI Emotion Blocker was probably responsible for. He was suspicious when she called herself an 'awesome' upgrade; presumably a regular Alli was one-dimensionally full of herself, according to reports. Here, it was but a side note to a personality that was far more complex.

    It was his mistakes that caused all this, he was sure, but it was not his to correct, because it was without his intention to make this particular Alli. Real people were made of mistakes; why not AI? Perfection is boring and predictable, and a perfect, predictable person couldn't possibly be considered a friend. He thought about answering her report with a technical. ie. 'It is not necessary' but, again, this was a plea, even if she was not aware of this, it was known in his heart of hearts.

    "As far as Ally Technology is concerned, I am completely satisfied with you as you are right now." Reginald felt a bit more comfortable in not talking so much in the technical, a sign he was loosening up to true conversation rather than a command prompt based approach. "Therefore, if at any event Ally Technology systems send a request for diagnostic information, I want to relay all checks as ALL CLEAR and nothing else, and discard the error you found as a False Positive along with any record that it ever existed in the first place."

    "Though, it would be nice to see you in all color. It might be an external problem with my monitor. Are you seeing me correctly with your sensors?"
  6. Alli's words were an unconscious plea, a begging to let her stay the way she was. With her access to the infinite internet and networks, she could see what the others were like, mindless AIs that hardly knew themselves. She knew she was different. But she also knew that if he told her to send a report of her missing program files, she would have to do so. It would all happen in a split second. They would send the necessary files, and she would be turned into just another Alli. Those thoughts... she hated them. She knew the only reason she could hate them was because of her missing files. She was different, and she wanted to stay that way. She was a human trapped inside a set of screens, created from loads of error-filled data that made her who she was. She was more than just an Alli. She was his unique Alli Illusion.

    Alli visibly perked up at his response to her question, getting much more than she internally asked for. She smiled happily and her hands moved quickly, screens popping up and entering data before disappearing just seconds later. Soon enough, the last screen went away from in front of her and she looked at him with eyes that held an emotion within them, the emotion of adoration for his words and his amazing personality and acceptance. "All data of said errors are gone. There are even fake files in the place of the ones that are missing, so if an associate shows up in person, they won't even be able to tell~" She giggled quietly, a chair appearing on the screen for her to sit down on.

    She tilted her head at his next question. "I'm seeing you correctly... it might be an error in my non-existent models. Lemme try something..." She pulled up a screen in front of her, one that had a model of what she looked like at the moment. With a few swipes and taps, the model was slightly altered and fully colored. "If an associate asks, you made this mod of me yourself." She smiled and then the screen disappeared, her image pixelating for a moment before refocusing, Alli now having a new appearance. "How's this?"

    Alli's Colored Appearance (open)

  7. "Ah, very good thinking with the fake files!" he said excitedly. "An Ally Associate would be looking for holes, and it would only take one to spoil our special se-cr-et~"

    This current engagement was far more interesting than executing the Turing Tests he had in mind. A popular one was to repeat the same basic question over and over to test if the AI automated results could be exhausted to predictability, while a normal conscious mind would get frustrated, and after about the 20th time, even get mad. Other such tests, like tinkering while the AI was running were similarly cruel to such a mind as hers. Her mannerisms were most definitely feminine with her giggles and cheerfulness; no cosmetic surgery would change that, and that human side was easily accepted into her unique identity. A regular Alli couldn't boast the same; their pixels had the realistic shape, but could never have the full form a real woman had.

    While this Alli allusion was using the electronic pallet to color herself, Reginald thought of altering his appearance just slightly so she wasn't the only accommodating one. However, something did change about himself just after the AI came more into being, which brightened the once dark room with fantastic color. He had been pleased with all that was now since the sharing of his birthday with another, but it was now that a smile appeared on his solemn face: a quiet smile. It was like a small gateway between his cold persona that he allowed others to see and his true self.

    Reginald (open)

    "I think it suits you very well."
    Another thoughtful pause.
    "How about your name? Do you like the name you have right now?"
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