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  1. American Horror Story Fans come chat with me!
    Does anyone else love AHS or is it just me? I love it! Just wanna talk to people about it and about the new season since hotel is ending :'( but on the plus side, the new season looks REALLY interesting. I'm really curious to sell what the characters are and how they'll play into it and everything will work out there. I'm kinda confused about the setting though...but I guess only time will tell! So who is ready for the season finale?!
  2. Never seen it. But you're thread was looking empty and kinda sad.

    Is it worth a watch if you're not of fan of horror?
  3. Lady GaGa in the latest season.

  4. Watched Season 1, Loved it.
    Watching Season 2, Loving it.

    Although I'm going to be terrified by Freakshow when I get there.
  5. Holy shit yes. I never thought if her as super sexy before. But vamp gaga? Hooooooly shit
  6. I absolutely love evey episode!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.