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    Here at the Academy, young girls and boys are offered a home. A place to grow into respectable young men and women. Your abnormalities--gifts from our Salem ancestors, will be embraced and explored all within the safety of this boarding school. The first school founded for people of our kind was in New Orleans--Miss Robichaux's academy.

    Since then 3 new academies have come into existence, this one--Lady Baltimore Academy, being the newest. Despite the multiple academies, the existence of witches and warlocks still remains a secret to the majority of mankind, numbers still threatened by the ever growing presence of threats.

    The Headmistress of Lady Baltimore Academy and the current reigning supreme is Ms. Poppy LeBeau. Currently the council consists of Zoe Benson, Queenie, and Cordelia Foxx. Soon, a new supreme will need to be crowned but with Witch hunters lurking, extremists squawking and the Voodoo King across town--many won't make it to graduation day.

    O n e :

    T w o :

    T h r e e :

    F o u r :


    T h e _ H o u s e

    A little way from the city, nestled in a thatch of suburban living otherwise known as the Ville. Shops, clubs, theaters, you name it. A large property, fenced in yard, few neighbours. Perfect location for a school, no?

    Able to house 20 students, 10 male and 10 female. Though, there are only 10 student bedrooms, in the event of overflow, students will be required to double. The staff live on site.
    No TV of any kind--just be grateful they have wifi.



    C H A R A C T E R _ S H E E T
    The more details, the better.

    Full name:
    Age [5-19]:
    Looks[Picture and description please, preferably no Anime.]:

    Power [One power, be specific. There can be repeats amongst characters!]:
    Background [One paragraph, minimum]:



    Password 1:
    Password 2:


    > No Mary Sues and Gary Sues. If your character was a perfect all powerful witch or warlock, they wouldn't need to be in this school in the first place.

    > Accept it. You might die. Every action has it's consequences. You might get revived, you might not. Makes this all the more interesting, no? Rush your character into battle and they might get their head sliced off, hang back and who knows what will happen?

    > I pick the next supreme.

    >Every friday, I will post one large master post, detailing the events and results of the occurred within the past 5 days. Smaller ones will be posted after battles or events that have a significant impact. The second password is Evan Peters. The outcome of battles usually have multiple variables, how skilled your character is, the threat they're going up against, and luck. Don't worry, my goal is to make this fun for everyone, not unfair.

    >You cannot control someone else's character unless they give you permission.

    >There will be more female students than male. Usually. Also, male students have a much slimmer chance of being the next supreme but it is possible.

    >NO PERFECT CHARACTERS. Please I cannot stress this enough. The students are learning!

    >Every student starts off with a single distinguishing power. For example your character can control the weather? Be specific. They can control Rain storms? Alright, perfect. Eventually either by self discovery or other means, they'll develop the other powers. If you read this, put Jessica Lange as the password.

    > HAVE FUN! This is very important! Be creative, tell me all your ideas, be original! This RPG will be amazing if we all contribute!

    > Please attempt three 6 sentence paragraphs per post. The minimum is two.





    * Lillian Rose Montenegro
    * Sterling Rose Smith
    * Akasha Blackwood
    *Zorra Elise Duncan
    *December Raine Augustine
    *Petra Bailo
    *Cleo Branna Wells
    *Marianne Vinter
    *Adelaide Smithson
    *Florence Stella Anderson​
    *Thomas Nickelson
    *Sam Blackwood
    *Cole Masters
    *Victor McWilliams
    *Oliver Solomon
    *Sawyer Pearson
    *Lucien Archibald
    Niko Archie Russo

    O p e y e m i _ Y a r b o i


    K y l e _ S p e n c er

    ^The Butler^

    1. Corrine Marx

    ^The Maid(s) [2]^

    Bernard Albecorkie
    ^The Cook^

    C S _ G u i d e .
    Courtesy of @Little_Ghost98

    Link to Characters
    Sterling Rose Smith||16||Resurgence||
    Bernard Albecorkie||33||Clairvoyant||
    Thomas "Tommy" Nickelson||5||Teleportation||

    Link to Characters
    Lillian Rose Montenegro||17||Plant Control||
    Sawyer John Pearson||16||Precognition||

    Link to Characters
    Brian Dennis Le'mont||19||Lightning Manipulation||

    Link to Characters
    Zorra Elise Duncan||19||Necromancy||
    December Raine Augustine||18||Power Negation||

    Satan's Mistress
    Link to Characters
    Akasha Blackwood||19||Ice Control||
    Sam Blackwood||19||Spirit Element||

    Link to Characters
    Cole Anthony Masters||18||Molecular Combustion||
    Adelaide Maria Smithson||18||Blood-Bending||
    Niko Archie Russo||19||Human Voodoo Doll||

    Shattered Secrets
    Link to Characters
    Petra Victoria Bailo||18||Telekinesis||
    Victor Bennett McWilliams||19||Teleportation||

    Poisoned Rose
    Link to Characters
    Cleona Branna Wells||18||Sonokinesis||

    Link to Characters
    Marrianne Kristien Vinter||17||Audiokinetic Bending||

    Wonderful Thing
    Link to Characters
    Florence Stella Anderson||9||Age Manipulation||
    Oliver Solomon||19||Statue Manipulation||

    s k u l l.
    Link to Characters

    Sterling Rose


    "I'm not afraid of you, of death or of anything in between."

    Sterling Rose Smith
    16 years old

    Sterling is a tall and thin young woman. Her complexion is rather fair in comparison to her relatives on her mother's side. A light toffee color that pales even more during the winter. Often she changes her hairstyle, from cutting to coloring and anything else you can think of but lately she's simply been wearing it down, sometimes pulled back in a ponytail or braided to the side. Her hair is naturally curly but she's fond of flat ironing it when time allows. Sterling's axinite brown eyes are almond shaped and sparsely encased with dark lashes. Her lips aren't thin like her father's were, but full. Something she got from her mother's side. Sterling takes 'stick figured' to a whole 'nother level, not that she cares. Her hair is a sandy brown but she dyes the tips a honey brown every now and again.

    "Hey...whoops. You looked like a guy from behind sugar lips, my bad. Look that way from the front too."

    "Well now, it's a good thing that you have enough ass for the both of us. Sugar lips."

    Height: 5'7
    Power: Resurgence.
    "At least I never have to worry about not being able to say goodbye."

    Personality: Sterling is generally a kind girl, she does her best to be polite to strangers but get on her bad side and you'll regret it. She has a venomous tongue, lashing out when you least expect it. Often she is regarded as quiet but that's usually because she spends most her time watching everyone else. Her wrath it quick and painful but if her enemy apologizes or offers a truce for the time being, she'll happily take it for the sake of peace. If Sterling runs out of words she'll resort to her fists, so be wary of the silence. However it takes quite a bit to set the patient girl off. Sterling is very studious and bold, shy had never been in her vocabulary. When she's stressed depression is usually close behind and often she worries about amounting to nothing. Her greatest fear is that she will live a meaningless existence. Sterling has always been weird, thinking out loud, pausing mid sentence, laughing through her tears. She's a very sad girl but does everything she can to mask it all. Anger is her friend, a controlled rage at everything is what fuels her.

    "Sometimes, I think of killing myself when I feel like I have no reason to live. Then I remember, I don't have a reason to die."
    Likes: Animals--primarily dogs, sweets, staying up late, taking long baths, watching youtube video's of ballerina's, writing, cuddling with pets, baking, learning something new, bath bombs, her mother, getting her hair brushed until she falls asleep.

    "We kill time, while time silently kills us."

    Dislikes: People most of the time but there are those who she offers a special place in her heart. Bigots. Most cats. Know it alls. When other's lash out without explanation. Crying in front of others. Being Late. Getting Acne. Being told not to pop said acne bumps. Donald Trump. Stupid teachers. People who think they're better than everyone else.

    "You're no one special. You are organic, recyclable, forgettable. Die and the world will just keep on spinning. You are nothing to me so go parade elsewhere."
    Background: Sterling was born right here in Baltimore in the middle of Winter. Her father died in a accident on his way to the hospital to visit his newborn baby girl and the love of his life. She lived a apprehensive childhood, not learning that her father was actually dead until she was 15. Lately he has been plaguing her thoughts. Sterling grew up with strong figures in her life, she was loved and cared for but the one common trait she's noticed was how everyone in her family spent their days working themselves to death. She's determined to bring them happiness, give them the love and care she received when she was small. Middle school like for everyone else, had been the worse years of her life. Tortured by bullies she spent the majority of those years begging to stay home and lying depressed in bed. One day her mother grabbed her and though she didn't understand the full extent of the way those bullies bothered her daughter, her words were comforting. 'Don't you ever let anyone walk over you, do you understand me? You're more intelligent, more caring, more beautiful than those brats will ever be.' The next day in science class the teacher let them hold the class pet--a white rat. The bullies cornered her, but rather than wilting she turned her fear into anger.

    The rat died in the bullies hands, and then when the screams started, she told her teacher that the bullies had snapped its neck.

    Freshman year of highschool was no better but all that fear was manifesting itself as anger, her bullies didn't torment her long, especially after she stuffed dead birds in their lockers, only to resurrect them and have them all come flying out when they opened the locker.

    The first person she resurrected was her father. She was eight years old when he got into a car accident, she had never met him until then. Her mother took her to the hospital where they were informed that he was dying. Her mother went in first to speak but by time it was her turn to meet him he had died. Upset, her mother went to get the nurse and left Sterling alone in the hospital room. Sterling just wanted to say hello and goodbye to the father she never had and even the chance slipped right through her fingers. She held his hand instead, crying while she waited for her mother.

    She never expected the hand to squeeze back.
    "Hush little birdies don't you cry, mama's going to sing you a lullabye..."

    Strengths: Quick thinking on her feet. Talking trash. Manipulation. Resurgence. Reading. Writing. Fighting with objects.

    Weaknesses: Her family, no upper body strength, indecisive, relentless.

    Other: She talks aloud--to drown out darker thoughts, often directing said speech to animals if present. She has an aptitude for being a human voodoo doll and telekinesis, these powers are undiscovered and untapped.


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  2. I will have my char up later tonight or tomorrow morning^^. This is what I've been waiting for a AHS rp lol, if you need help with getting people to join, I have like a lot of Iwaku friends who we be in to this, I could ask around, just let me know.
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  3. Please do! I'd appreciate it!! I think it's going to be great, I finished the season yesterday and loved it. xD So far, I'm pretty sure of myself and the plot. Have an arsenal of antagonists and ideas. xD

    Take your time with your character sheet(s)!
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  4. [​IMG]

    "I'm Lily"
    Lillian Rose Montenegro
    "I can drive"
    "I'm from Ireland"
    "I've got boobs, right here"
    "Look at me"
    The tall slender girl has stunningly exquisite emerald eyes that could stop a man in their tracks. The long wavy orange hair only brings out her eyes even more. She has a small little button nose, with her brilliant pink lips. Standing tall she could be a model, although with all of this Lily has never seen it in herself.

    "I'm taller"
    Six feet Two inches

    "I make things die"
    Controlling how fast plants die
    "I'm pretty cool, ya know"
    Lily is a quiet girl, in the house she finds her power absolutely useless. She puts on a happy face though, and follows all the rules. She doesn't challenge anyone and goes along with whatever others want to do. Lily doesn't really know what to do with herself in the house. She is scared of her own magic, trying not to touch anything beautiful anymore, scared she'll destroy it. She is nervous usually, although she may come out of her shell once she starts controlling her powers.
    "I like a lot of things"
    Poetry / Nature / Books / Swimming / Violin / Brussel Sprouts / Christina Perri
    "I don't know"
    Her Magic / Fire / Clowns / Darkness / Tight Spaces / Concerts
    "Well you see"
    Lillian grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. She was a happy kid, had a perfect life. Every morning in the summer she'd wake up and go to swim practice, come home and go outside and play with friends. It was all fun and games until one day she ran into the woods with her friends to play hide and seek. Her red hair gave out where she was, but not to her friends, a man approached her and backed Lily into a tree. Lily can still remember the evil in his eyes, the scruff where he hadn't shaved and that...smile. Although as soon as Lily had hit the tree, despite being summer the leaves started to fall off rapidly. Then twigs were falling down, and soon a branch broke off as the old tree died instantly. The branches were falling off as it hit the man on the head, Lillian ran never looking back, not knowing why it happened.
    Lillian then was in high school, as a freshmen she was asked out to prom by a senior, they were on the swim team together. Lillian accepted, silly of her going to prom with a senior and soon found herself in a green dress. While at prom Lillian was abandoned, her date found another girl. Lily just ran to the bathroom and cried, as the corsage on her wrist wilted instantly. Without her even knowing the other girls in the bathroom also had their corsages wilt. Lily brushed it off, until she finally realized why it was all happening and made her way to the school.

    "I'm not strong"
    Potions / Hiding / Charming
    "I have tons"
    Social Anxiety / Scared to use powers / Hurting People


    Lily can play the violin, and will often be found playing it while she is stressed out.

    Password 1: Jessica Lange
    Password 2: Evan Peters

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  5. @Sav question can we have more than one char, like two maybe? wanna make a boy and a girl, if not than I will stick with my girl char^^
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  6. Sure! Have at it! :D
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  7. Sweet
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  8. Cool thanks^^
  9. Um..maybe not sure if I get what it's about though
  10. xD lol you've never seen American Horror Story xD, you need to watch it lol.

    But Coven season is about a house of witches who are basically learning to control their magical powers and one day one of the young witches will become the new supreme, Leader of All the witches... and @Sav as other plots and stuff that I can't wait to find out lol.

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  11. Couldn't have explained it better. There will also be lots of horror, a moderate amount of gore and so forth. Definitely watch Season three of AHS! Coven is great!
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  12. Welp, I'm done. Oops.
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  13. Full name: Brian Dennis Le'mont
    Age [5-19]: 19 years old
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Looks[Picture and description please, preferably no Anime.]: [​IMG]
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 180 lbs

    Power [One power, be specific. There can be repeats amongst characters!]: Lightning bolt manipulation/projection
    Personality: Brian Dennis Le'mont is a joke character. He is a feminine looking and acting heterosexual male but he has trouble acting masculine, and he seems to be enchanted to look and act the way he does. He constantly studies and works out.
    Likes: Brian Dennis Le'mont looks out for Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and Greek food. He loves Fantasy literature and movies, as well as Science Fiction.
    Background [One paragraph, minimum]: Brian Dennis Le'mont was an ordinary boy until he turned thirteen years old. He inherited an enchantment which he considers to be a curse. The day after his thirteenth birthday he was brutally assaulted by two men, emerging from the assault as a teenage girl. His body changes based on his mood, however he became enraged when students in junior high attempted to rape him again and killed three students, brutally torturing a fourth to death in his own bed, but not before frying his first three victims with lighting bolts. They became ashes. He spent years being forsaken by neighbors, other kids and sometimes even friends. Eventually by the time he was nineteen, he was taken off the streets as a hustler and taken into this "Coven".

    Strengths: Brian is much stronger than he looks, on par or better with his fists than Misty, who's very good even compared to men her age in hand to hand combat, and he possesses very unorthodox magic such as lighting bolt projection and weather manipulation. He enjoys telling the stories of fighting and beating up men who attempt to mug him or fight him for being weak. Interestingly, he learned both through experience and through growing his body athletically. Over time he has beaten hyper masculine men who seem to be strong enough to bend steel bars with their teeth (hyperbole), and knocked out some men with one punch. He has been beaten before, but if his life is in danger, sometimes he doesn't bother with a fist fight, he can put his enemies to death with a thunderbolt.

    Weaknesses: He seems to be wildly emotional. It's too easy to bate him into a fight and he can seem wimpy in one moment and then wildly masculine and out of control the next.


    Password 1: Lebraun James
    Password 2: Evan Peters.
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  14. Do you have to watch American horror story cause I really don't like the show
  15. Nope! Totally not required.

    I feel ya, hate season one.
  16. She's great! Accepted. <3
  17. I have tried all they just don't catch my attention
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  18. I love every single episode of every single season xD.
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