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  1. American Horror Story: Stolen Abroad

    Warning. This is a mature Role play. If you are easily disturbed or faint of heart - this thread is not for you.

    During a visit to a third world country, innocent tourists are stolen away by an unknown terror group that takes them to a camp hundreds of miles away from any civilization. The terrorists are actually pagan cultists that resemble Satanists who kidnap innocent people for their torturous sacrifices to an evil entity. You, as the player, could be one of these tourists that is taken and held captive within the horrific camp. You're all the way in another country, no one knows your gone, no one can hear you shout or cry, and there are twisted and supernatural things that are preventing you from leaving.There's also woods that surround the camp that hold an unsettling secret. Will you somehow escape and uncover the truth of the evil cult or be sacrificed in a grizzly way? The choices you make in the role play will decide that. Along the way there are dark and illogical incidences that occur. For example: as a result of black magic, there is even a creepy doll named Franklin that just wants your soul... Or, alternatively, you could be an antagonist that makes the characters lives a frightening hell.

    Play as a Captive, a Cultist, or a Killer.

    Main conflicts in the story:
    #1 The Satanic Cultists (We'll just call them that for now)
    #2 Costumed Serial Killer (Vintage creepy Easter Bunny)
    #3 Disciple Children - creepily dressed and disturbed children of the cultists (the rising generation)
    #4 Deranged Cult Scientist - Inspired by works such as The Human Centipede and Tusk, but with his own ideas.
    #5 Possessed Witch - Rebel daughter of cult leader who becomes ill, because of her forbidden witchery.
    *The Antagonists look similar too, but not exactly like the pictures in the hyperlinks provided*

    There will be other aspects of horror that will be included and touched on within this role play. Including phobias and other things that some people can't stand the thought of. There will be disturbing content and stories that will unfold. Join at your own risk....

    Added Content -

    Main setting: A once abandoned Nazi prison camp that is surrounded by a supernatural forest.
    (I will edit in a map of the camp when I get the chance)
    Captives are held prisoners inside the barracks when captured.

    Other Characters:
    Margie Sue and Peggy Mae - The scientist's twin daughters who became his failed experiments to make them look like real dolls.
    Lars' (body); Lars' (face) - Another of the scientist's experiments, a kind soul, who was mutated as a fetus and tormented his whole life.
    Demon Baby - The result of a twisted experiment on a pregnant captive.

    ~ RULES ~
    1. All members will be expected to post a minimum of two 6-8 sentence paragraphs (spaced how you like). Failing to do so will be accompanied by only one friendly reminder.
    2. No one is allowed to kill another member's character without their permission first, or else approved by myself initially.
    3. Any drama or arguments within any of my threads will not be tolerated for one second and there might not even be a warning from me before telling the troublemaker to leave.
    4. Members will be expected to post at least once per day (or every other day if I'm notified first)
    5. Have fun, because that's the main purpose of RPs in general! :cheerful:
    6. Encourage each other by giving good ratings to posts that you genuinely like!

    (More rules will be added later if I think that it is necessary)

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  2. My Character

    Character Name Aella Lamelle

    Gender Female

    Species/Race Human with Greek and French ancestry


    Birthplace/World Toulouse "Pink City" in France (Midi-Pyrenees region)

    Occupation/School/Grade Sixth Grade of Junior High


    Physique Aella often gets mistaken for being eight years old at the oldest, because she is way smaller than the other kids her age in comparison. Her body is slim and she is short for an eleven year old.

    Strengths She's only child size in shape and strength, so she isn't capable of much physical power. However, she is able to use her size to her advantage by fooling those who underestimate her, fitting into small places, and hiding in good places.

    Weaknesses She obviously lacks much physical strength and she isn't a very fast runner (she makes up for this with her ease of slipping away).

    Habits and Quirks Refuses to hurt any animal, even insects. Likes to hide out in the strangest of places. She can't focus well when things are overly organized or neat. Aella has a habit of biting her tongue when angry and she hums when distracting her mind from negative thoughts or when annoyed. She finds the color red to be beautiful and it's her favorite color. Her least favorite color is pink, because it's too girly and it gives her a headache.


    Current Goal/Purpose She wants to be nice to the cultists and gain their trust in order to possibly live.

    Talents Three of her best talents are her traits of persuasion, tactfulness, and flexibility. She's able to dodge metaphorical bullets by saying the right things at the right moments and convincing others of her worth even if she has to do something she doesn't like to do.

    Inabilities Aella is unable to whistle and she wishes she could, because she finds that it'd be useful in order to get the attention of others in stealthy situations or to cause a distraction. She isn't very acrobatic and couldn't do a cartwheel or balance on a fallen tree trunk if her life depended on it.

    Fears Pyrophobia - Aella has an extreme fear of fire no matter the size or use and her worst fear is being burned.

    General Personality Composed: Aella is extremely emotionally mature for her age. Brave: Aella will do whatever it takes to stay out of harm's way - even if she has to face her worst fears. Creative: She's quite creative and uses this to her advantage to impress people or think of clever ways to deal with bad situations. Cultured: Aella is part Greek and French, so she is naturally cultured with her accent, love of macarons, and interest in greek mythology. Curious: She can be irresistibly curious and this can often get her into trouble. Good natured: She's naturally kind and has a good sense of right and wrong. Opportunistic: When an opening presents itself to better her predicament, Aella takes it immediately. Reliable: She very seldom goes back on her word. Quiet: She's a natural introvert, but she isn't shy to talk.

    Inner Personality Calculated: Aella tries to think smart and tries to think of all the outcomes before acting. Tough: For an eleven year old girl, Aella has a strong back bone and she can handle pain pretty well without crying like a baby. Conscientious: She's very careful with her action and always tries to make the right move. Apprehensive: Because of her bad experiences, Aella always worries that something bad will happen at any given time. Anxious: She has an anxiety disorder and it can sometimes get the best of her and cause freak panic attacks at times. Feisty: Aella will put up a fight if she absolutely must and she has to bite her tongue often in order to stay alive. Empathetic: She is really sensitive to other people's pain and emotions. Vengeful: Aella never forgets an offense against her or one of her friends and she strongly believes in an eye for an eye. Patient: Very few kids her age have as much patience as she does.

    Secret Aella is an unwilling medium and she sees dead people whether she wants to or not. She is also able to communicate with spirits, but she avoids doing so normally, because it scares her. Aella sees her mediumship as a curse, and she wishes she didn't have it. Her secondary ability, a gift, is Sight Sharing. Aella is able to see through the eyes of another person or share her own sight with others (including sights they can't normally see in the worldy dimension). She keeps her "curse" and "gift" a secret from the people she does not trust.


    General History Aella was adopted by a Greek mother, Barbora Bernier-Lamelle, and French father named Antonin Lamelle. Her mother was unable to conceive a child and so she and Aella's father decided to adopt a precious baby girl. Little did they know that Aella was a special newborn who would discover her psychic abilities as she would grow older. Within the first week of bringing her home, her mother and father experienced what they believe to be a haunting in their apartment in Toulouse. Aella was never discovered to be the reason of the frightening incident until years later. Her parents first realized that their new baby wasn't normal when she was only two years old. She would point at corners of a room or stare into mirrors for long periods of time and cry at random moments unprovoked visibly. As she grew up, Aella never really encountered a murdered spirit or evil one. She always found the ghosts that she would find to be rather pleasant and friendly; ghosts that died of old age and only had positive unfinished business.... until she would be captured by the cultists and realize that not all ghosts are friendly.

    On the normal side of her life, Aella was homeschooled by her father who studied philosophy and worked from home as a successful web designer. Her father was surprised and very proud of how easily she learned and applied things. However, her parents were worried that she wouldn't be able to fit in well with other kids, because of her strange behavior and talk of seeing people that weren't around. Aella was taken to child psychologists would couldn't diagnose her with a clear cut disorder besides the possibility of schizophrenia, but she was way too well behaved to seemingly have it. Surprisingly, Aella got along well with other kids and knew how to deal with them in a beneficial way. She got use to her friendly ghost experiences, and promised herself that she would try and accept that she wasn't like the majority of other kids. Aella never really knew that she could help the ghosts find their way to the other side and she never really knew how to help. One day, her mother's close friend revealed that she was a medium as well and that Aella reminded her of herself when she was little.

    After her parents were educated about mediumship, and other psychic gifts, they became less skeptic and Aella finally felt understood. Her mother's medium friend, Adelise, became Aella's mentor and offered advice and support whenever she could. Life became somewhat easier for her when Aella found that she wasn't the only one who was able to see ghosts. Then one day, Adelise and Aella's father were discovered to be having an affair behind Aella's mothers back. Aella never knew why she couldn't see Adelise anymore and, at the age of 10, was extremely heartbroken and confused as to why her father had to move away. Her mother, Barbora, didn't want to tell Aella that her father was an unfaithful scumbag, so she kept the cheating from Aella's knowledge and it caused some resentment to form within Aella. She misbehaved around her mother and wouldn't listen to her often times. Aella would cry herself to sleep every night, because she lost her mentor Adelise who she needed in her strange life and she had been close to her father who she dearly missed.

    Present Life Aella, now almost twelve, currently lives with her mother in a townhome in Siena, Italy where they moved after her parent's divorce. Her and her mother left the country to visit Aella's wealthy grandparents in Munchen, Germany. When in Germany, Barbora and Aella were tricked into taking a different bus and were stolen away to be held prisoners at a supernatural and horrifying prison camp. Upon arrival to the camp, Aella and her mother were separated from each other and her mother's whereabouts are unknown by her. Aella accidentally reveals her gift of sight sharing to one of the cultists out of desperation and she is taken to the cult leader who keeps her alive for a special purpose. Aella wishes to see her mother again, but no one will tell her where her mother is and she feels guilty for shouting at her on the bus before they were captured. She sees more dead people than she has ever seen in her life at the camp and she is terrified of the vengeful ghosts that were murdered there.

    In her backstory, you'll find that her mother is linked as an actress from the show :P
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  3. Margie and Peggy and the demon baby give me the creeps! I'll get started on my CS very soon.
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  4. Lol I know, me too xP I should probably provide this:


    Character Name

    General Apperance
    Habits and Quirks
    Current Goal/Purpose
    General Personality
    Inner Personality
    General History
    Present Life

    I know it may seem like a lot, but I want everyone to really know their characters. Everyone's character should feel real and not flat - Dynamic and not stagnant.
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  5. Is this still open?
  6. Tart, I just noticed that it says you're 13 on your profile. I'm sorry, but this is a mature role-play for 18+ members only. I'd gladly let you join if you were of legal age!
  7. [​IMG]
    • Name
      • John Wyatt
    • Gender
      • Male
    • Species/Race
      • Human of Irish and Italian descent
    • Age
      • 36 (May 21st)
    • Birthplace/World
      • Trenton, New Jersey, United States
    • Occupation/School/Grade
      • Exploration Geologist
      • B.A from Rutgers University
    • General Appearance/Physique
      • John is 6'2" and weighs 183 pounds. He has a slim build and keeps in shape by running and swimming and enjoys being active. He is obviously quite tall with dark hair, dark eyes, and lots of eyebrow.
    • Strengths
      • John is a runner and has the stamina to match. He can run for quite a while before having to stop and catch his breath, and he's also quite fast when he's not pacing himself. He's a strong swimmer and has no problem in open water. Years of swimming have kept his muscles healthy and John can lift a moderate amount of weight.
    • Weaknesses
      • John requires glasses or contacts to see far away and he also can't see very well in the dark.
    • Habits and Quirks
      • John is quite competitive even when it comes to every day tasks, he likes to be the best at what he does. He's also very neat and organized when it comes to both his professional and personal life. Sometimes, he's very impatient and also has the habit of being passive aggressive. John is left handed.

    • Current Goal/Purpose
      • John's current goal is to escape the cultists and get back to civilization with his sanity in tact. While held captive, he offers minimal cooperation to his kidnappers, but has also decided to try and bond with one or two of them in order to gain their trust and perhaps escape more quickly and easily.
    • Talents
      • Organization and the ability to thrive under pressure. He's also very good at multitasking and thinking of several different things at once without becoming distracted. Math is another one of his strong suits.
    • Inabilities
      • John is a terrible cook and it bothers him immensely because he has a hard time accepting any kind of failure.
    • Fears
      • Death, tight spaces, mediocrity.
    • General Personality
      • John is a well-rounded individual. His job has allowed him to travel all over the world and he thinks of himself as cultured. He's a very good public speaker and has no problem with social interactions as long as they aren't too personal. He's an intelligent man with a dry, witty sense of humor and often uses it to take the edge off of seeing the world in black and white. He often makes up his mind about people and things very quickly and doesn't usually falter from his initial impression. Many would call this judgmental, but John would say he's got conviction.
    • Inner Personality
      • John considered himself to be very calculating because he likes to be two steps ahead of everyone else, and that requires planning. He can be very distant and cold at times and forming close, personal relationships has always been a little difficult for him. He fears rejection and disappointment and there's a large part of him that prefers to be alone. He's also quite arrogant but he knows to censor himself so that he still comes off like a decent person.
    • Secret
      • Sometimes John hears voices in his head, but he's too proud to acknowledge them and refuses to think that he may be having a mental breakdown. It has never occurred to him that these voices may be paranormal because he doesn't believe in such things.

    • General History
      • John was born on a warm night in May in a Trenton hospital to two happily married parents. His mother, Karen, and his father, Gavino already had one child, and the two would go on to have one more three years after John's birth. His childhood was happy and relatively uneventful. He spent most of his time hanging around his older brother and protecting his younger sister from neighborhood bullies. At age ten, his parents divorced one another and the family never did recover. He saw his father less and less over the years and by the time John reached high school, he only spoke to Gavino once a year on his birthday. This continued for years until his father's early death just after John had graduated from high school at age eighteen.
      • After high school, John went on attend Rutgers University where he majored in Geology and finally began to come out of his shell. He made a handful of close friends, had a few semi-serious relationships and really started to grow up. Being the middle child, John worked extra hard to stand out between the baby of the family, and his older, free-spirited brother. The differences between the children became more apparent over the years, and relationships began to break down, but John always remained close to his mother.
      • After college, John floated between employment until he obtained his job with E&E Technologies. The company offered travel opportunities, and John had always wanted to see the world outside of New Jersey and what little of the east coast he had experienced. He went all over the world, surveying everything from deserts to isolated forests and helped in the construction of a few major oil and natural gas pipelines. His work allows him to live comfortably, even if he isn't home all that much.
    • Present Life
      • After taking a yearlong break from work at the end of his last project, John began a serious relationship, got engaged and then watched the entire thing fall apart. Very raw from the ordeal, he threw himself back into his work and didn't hesitate to take a new surveying position over in Germany just to clear his head. He was only at the job site for a few weeks before he was taken prisoner by a mysterious cult. Now, he spends his time in the barracks, trying to work out a plan of escape even though he has no idea where he currently is, or if anyone even realizes that he's missing. There are others, but he feels alone and afraid and he just wishes to return home and leave the horrors of this unusual place behind.
    Hope he's alright. Let me know if you'd like me to change anything, or add on. I'm not the best with long character sheets. Also, I left his sexuality up to interpretation because I'm not sure of it myself. Guess we'll see if the opportunity presents itself!
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  8. No need to edit, I really like John. You are accepted :jump:
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  9. I need to sit and stew on a character. But I will try to come up with something :)
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  10. Great! We're making some progress :bsmile: Yesss I just explored the smiley section, so expect a lot more hehe
  11. I'd like to join and make a CS and i hope this Roleplay is still open. My CS won't have a picture because i have a feeling you don't except anime pictures but i hope you don't mind? I would also like to follow you because i usually follow people who is in the same RP that i'm in.
  12. Sure, I'll follow you back! And yes, the thread is always open for CS submissions! I would prefer that your character be realistic looking, but you can just have a description if you'd rather do that. Your character doesn't have to be a real photograph tho. Here's an example of some great realistic art that you can find on deviantart. Just be sure to link the pic rather than using the actual art :P
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  13. Character Name :: Sharon Bethany Rogers aka "Beth"
    Gender :: Female

    Species/Race :: Human
    Age :: 22
    Birthplace/World :: New Orleans, Louisiana; United States of America.
    Occupation/School/Grade :: Senior College Student at Louisiana State University/Psychology Major and Sociology Minor/LSU Volleyball player

    General Appearance
    av5.jpg av10.png

    Physique :: Very Tall and semi-toned build. Her height places her at 6 foot even, with a proportioned body of curvy hips and figure. Light Brown eyes and a semi-tanned complexion. Has well toned abdomen and some light muscles on her triceps and thighs, perky in the non-discriminant areas.

    Strengths :: Beth is exceptionally fast, capable of sprinting, jumping, and athletically moving in dire situations from her LSU training. She is very flexible and nimble also with a loose-jointed body. She has high stamina and also a resilience when it comes to physical turmoil derived from both her physical fitness as well as her strong will. Decent swimmer, and also has mild experience with climbing and parkour. Her physical awareness of both her body control and the surrounding environment causes her to have above average coordination and agility. She also has a very fast metabolism causing her to process bodily components very quickly.

    Weaknesses :: Her height can be disadvantageous, giving away her position or maybe not able to fit as easily into spaces.

    Habits and Quirks :: Sharon loves adventure and spontaneity. She is very athletic and a skilled volleyball player. This gives her general athleticism for physical activities. She's an inner nerd under the jock exterior, playing video games and watching superhero movies. She also loves to cook and eats like a sumo wrestler. She enjoys numerology and astrology as well, being an expert zodiac analyzer, derived from her enjoyment of psychology.

    Current Goal/Purpose :: Sharon was touring the country for her senior project on the mind state of third world occupants in respect to the location and status of that country. She had planned to visit two more countries as well, but was caught by the cultists, now she has to adapt and figure out the situation she's in and escape the nightmare.

    Talents :: Sharon is very strong minded and can adapt and think in intense situations. She's also very resourceful, capable of using the environment and situation to her advantage. She is very flexible, athletic, fast, and agile. She isn't a world class fighter, but knows how to hold her own when it comes down to it. The most notable abilities the Sharon is known for however is her wit and cleverness in respect to empathy. She knows how to say and do all the right things according to an individual's mindset and demeanor. the other being able to become extremely aggressive when backed into a corner or threatening situation.

    Inabilities :: Sharon couldn't tell you the first thing about cars. She also doesn't believe in sex outside a relationship, she could also never be spiteful or hateful with intent towards a person.

    Fears :: Fear of not being successful or fulfilling her destiny.

    General Personality :: +Strong-willed - Sharon prides herself on how much pain and obstacles she's been through and overcame in her life. She firmly believes that she was sent to this planet to accomplish a world level destiny, something that has been instilled in her spirit and will. +Intelligent - Sharon is a very smart young woman with knowledge in just about every area of education and information (nerd side) she never uses it to gloat or boast, only to improve and progress. +Witty - Sharon's cleverness is that of the God Loki's. She knows all the comical puns, all the fancy jokes, all the little intricate factors of breaking down people. events, and situations, but when she uses it against you is when you should be terrified. +Outgoing - Sharon is very active in nature, both physically and emotionally. She loves to be involved in adventure and experience and just have fun. +Stubborn - Sharon can be strong minded meaning that she can also not budge when it comes to an idea or action. She sticks to her guns and gut. It rarely fails her. +Melodramatic - Sharon can also be a bit dramatic in nature spawning from her inner feminine nature. It's one of the few ways she knows how to express it.

    Inner Personality :: *Spiritual - Sharon doesn't believe in religion, because it is a man made concept designed to separate the people and dissolute power among nations. She firmly has a solid relationship with God and her faith drives her every step of the way. She despises anything demonic/satanic, or just negative in general. She has that "smite them with the wrath of God" complex. *Optimistic - Sharon always sees the glass half-full. She thrives off of positivity and spreads it to others subconsciously as well. She is a motivational soul that will always lift up whoever needs it. *Aloof - Sharon may seem engaged always in whatever's happening, but deep down inside she is weird and feels that no one will ever truly understand her. So she goes off on mental and spiritual tangents and keeps to herself internally so that she can preserve her own emotional demeanor. *Craving - Sharon just wants to be loved, and needs to be loved and appreciated to some degree (with having actually earned it). Deep down she lusts after connection and true understanding.

    Secret :: Sharon is the way she is spiritually because her mother was purified from evil after she left a coven in New Orleans while pregnant with Sharon. This causes Sharon's spirit to have "supernatural anomalies" tied to it, as if trying to decrypt a unknown signal that has no source.

    General History :: Sharon Rogers was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to a mother whom she never saw. She was given up for adoption right after and grew up in an orphanage until she was 2, where she was taken in by Steven Rogers and Lois Rogers. they raised Sharon into a very disciplined, and profound young lady as she was never one to get in trouble and went all the way through elementary and middle school with A's and B's. She won spelling bees, book debates, and was even bumped up to advanced classes at 8 years old. She had made good friends and was very sociable. Middle school was full of typical teenage issues. Crushes that end up assholes, people talking about you behind your back out of jealousy, etc. She met her four best friends there and also shared her first kiss in the 8th grade. She started playing sports in 6th grade, volleyball, swimming and track. She received popularity and well deserved honors in the academic and athletic community. She also got into her first fight in the 8th grade with a girl that tried to bully her. Sharon blacked out, but when she came to the other girl was bloodied up. In high school, Sharon really took over. She became desired and really broke out of her shell there. She went on to take honors and AP classes while becoming a nationally recognized volleyball player for her school. She began dating and discovered her aloof side when she would distance herself from them after they would mistreat her or take advantage of her. This sparked her interest in why people act how they do, getting interested in psychology, astrology, and numerology. She dated her best friend in high school and then the distance from her leaving to LSU caused them to drift apart, as he cheated on her.

    Sharon received a full scholarship to LSU to take up psychology as well as play volleyball. She began o explore her outgoing and adventurous side here, going to parties and many social functions. That made her take up Sociology as a minor to study the different types of social castes and their lifestyles in relevance to their psyches. Sharon is a very spiritual and emotional person, she's only had one serious relationship, a guy she met in college that lasted for two years. He ended up cheating on her with his ex girl who was incarcerated at the time. Sharon's college life was full of fun, adventure, and growth. She averaged a 3.4 GPA, with All-Conference and All-America honors in volleyball playing libero. She's became an immensely popular girl, and life for her has been both incredible and painstaking, the latter she never discusses with anyone.

    Present Life :: It's senior year of college for Sharon, and she decides to use the offseason as a chance to go abroad and study different psychological and sociological conditions of third world countries for her epic senior project. She's currently focused on school and graduating, so that she may gain scholastic prestige and possibly professional notoriety as well as possibly playing volleyball for Team USA in the near future. She steps off of the plane and into the fray of a whole new world as she prepares for her next adventure.

    The greatest adventure of her entire life. A nightmare.
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  14. I'll be making my CS today guys but don't expect me to post so soon and quickly i get a lot of alerts and messages i have to check on
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  15. No worries Milky, the rest are in the process of getting in their CSs as well!

    Accepted, Ch0sen1. I'm really loving these characters so far :sideways:
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  16. Character Name: Taka Sho
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Japanese
    Age: 18 (Probably the youngest)
    Birthplace/World: Japan
    Occupation/School/Grade: High schooler

    General Appearance: Wears a standard japanese school uniform with a orange tie, he wears circular glasses and has orange goggles hanging around his neck, His unusually white hair is long in front and short in the back with his left bang clipped to the side in a slick back fashion and his right bang hangs over his right eye in a unusual fashion.
    Physique: He has a average fashion to him with height of 5'8 and weight of 120 with a slight tan tone.
    Strengths: Intelligent and lightweight for speed and semi strength enough to climb small to moderate structures
    Weaknesses: Not enough strength to climb advanced structures or has too much obstacles, without glasses or goggles he is blind as a bat.
    Habits and Quirks: trainee at parkour and he rather likes weapons and inventions. Rather likes the colors orange and red for there brightness, sometimes gets side tracked if he looks at something orange and red too long.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To find the reason why his parents died
    Talents: Trainee at parkour and moderate skill at weaponry and average inventing/crafting survival items or.. for killing?
    Inabilities: If structures are too high then he is unable to climb them without help or if he losses his vision wear then he is obviously blind.
    Fears: losing his mental state or sanity
    General Personality: Intelligent acting and secretive and to some limits he can be goofy too
    Inner Personality: mentally unstable and sometimes wishes to feel blood between his fingers
    Secret: mentally insane and blood thirsty

    General History: He was born in east Tokyo with his parents and being the only child till he was 14 when his parents died in a house fire, now he lives with his rich grandparents in their mansion in north Tokyo. Police reports said that the fire started from a simple electrical mishap, however they were never 100% sure. Losing his parents was a big thing for him, his grandparents tried to get him various things to make him feel better but that only made it worse, emotionally Taka was destroyed to the point where he would have emotional breakdowns almost every day, Taka would randomly blackout and scream for help which only made his sanity decrease more and more every time. Going to school was even worse when he was teased every day for being smart and rich till he was invited to a group of kids that was called ''the Falcons'' and the members wear orange goggles and practice weaponry and parkour together, this group was secret but not secret at the same time it was like ''the anonymous'' of the school where every member wear a orange tie when in school and after school they wear orange goggles and invented secretive and crazy things that sometimes were found in crime scenes. They soon became big till they were found by the police after one of the members sneaked out of the cultist house and told the police everything, the only people that didn't get arrested because they ran and has yet to be caught was the leader, two lower class underbosses and Taka which was the leaders favorite. Till this day they are in hiding but where could they be and what are they doing now?
    Present Life: Obviously to be seen in the RP, right?

    Notes for True Self
    I hope this gets approved and if there is a error please tell me so i can fix it instead of just denying me because i actually done this twice because the first time i accidentally forwarded my windows to my homepage and lost everything! T-T
    Also, i was thinking that i might be friendly at the start of the RP then slowly form into a psycho that attempts to hunt down and kill the other living survivors, would that be ok?
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  17. [​IMG]

    Character Name
    Sophia LaFont
    Gender Female
    Species/Race Human, French, African American decent
    Age 51
    Birthplace/World: Louisiana Bayou
    Occupation/School/Grade: Photographer, High school Diploma

    General Appearance/Physique Average height and slightly overweight, matronly, dark skinned, hints of French bone structure. She dresses modestly.
    Strengths Has very good hearing and a very nice singing voice. Is able to remain calm in even the most dire of situations.
    Weaknesses Wears glasses. She is not a fast runner and a has a slight limp in her left leg due to some early onset arthritis. Not athletic.
    Habits and Quirks Whistles and hums without realizing it. Has a very dominant sweet tooth. Often speaks in combined French and English slipping in and out of each language with ease and without notice.

    Current Goal/Purpose to see the world and document it through photography.
    Talents a very good listener. A warm personality that is approachable.
    Inabilities Has never been good at making things with her hands. She enjoys photography because she can see what it is she wants to portray, and the camera does the rest of the work for her.
    Fears: Heights and deep water as she doesn't know how to swim
    General Personality: Kind, Gentle, Motherly, Superstitious, Brave, Spiritual
    Inner Personality: a woman at peace with the world. She sees there is little to be afraid of in the world, even dark things. She is a woman of strong faith.
    Secret: she has no secrets. She believes there is no point in keeping them, as God can see them plain as day.

    General History Sophia grew up in the backwaters of the Louisiana Bayou. Her family was poor, but she grew up on the values of family, love, and faith. Despite a relatively happy childhood, she barely finished high school, the education system being very poor with old fashioned confederate values still largely in place. With the support of her family, she pushed through.

    Superstition was the nature of the area where she grew up, small sayings and gestures such as hanging mirrors outside of doors and lying 11 small objects on the porch to keep demons away were all part of her upbringing. Growing up so close to such beliefs has made it hard for her to fear thoughts of demons or ghosts.

    Sophia married at the age of 20, and had a happy marriage to Thomas LaFont with whom she gained her love of photography. Together the photographed the natural beauty of the Bayou, selling their photos and even being featured in magazines and books. They had always dreamed of traveling together and seeing the world, however, beyond some small trips to nearby towns and cities, they were never able to do so, due to Thomas' failing health. He died at an early age of 45, leaving Sophia a widow at the young age of 40.

    It took her a few years before she decided to continue to live out their dream and continue to travel. She journeyed to across America, Europe, Egypt, Africa and even some of South America.

    Present Life Most of the places Sophia has visited thus far have been first world countries. However, something she and Thomas had always wanted to do was travel to less fortunate areas, places that resembled their own less fortunate lives. They had hoped that documenting and sharing with the world the beauty as well as the pain of third world countries could help bring awareness that not all of the world was the same.
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  18. Melia, you're accepted! Nice job.

    Milky, I'd like for you to add at least two paragraphs (4-5 sentences each) to your backstory section. Also, every character should have a goal or a purpose so please do go back and think of one. Lastly, habits and quirks are a big thing that make our characters seem real - I'd like for you to add a few sentences to that section as well. For example, does he bite his nails when anxious? Does he grind his teeth when angry? What about rubbing the back of his neck when feeling awkward? Maybe he doesn't like eating oatmeal, cuz of it's texture or he likes the color purple because it's mysterious.

    Think of things like those examples I provided and really make your character more than just a name.
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  19. well i thought the insanity twist actually made my name something more than just a name but ok.... anyways, i have a hard time doing backstories but ill try my best once again...
  20. I like your insanity twist, and that statement wasn't targeted at your character specifically in a negative way. I meant as in all characters in general are made more real with quirks and habits :P
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