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  1. “Ghost are still magical entities.”
  2. *Scars ship arrives and he steps out and looks around. Turning back to the ship, he gestures for Haru to follow him before heading toward a group of caves.*
  3. Haru arrived with Scar following behind him nervously.
  4. *Eve circles around Haru on all fours and examines her before standing up straight.*

    Eve: Scar, you can't be serious, look at her. *Grabs Haru's arm.* These lanky arms, timid face, *Pokes Haru slightly in the stomach.* Not a bit of muscle on her, she's not worthy. Look I know we need a third member since Titano passed, but still, this scrawny thing. What you think you'll take her under your wing, train her and she'll be a worthy hunter? It doesn't work like that, you're out of your mind if you think. . . .

    *Scar rounds on Eve and lets out a snarl. He then goes over to Haru, points at the armor and then points to her.*
  5. Eve: Of course it is, you're so scrawny.

    *Scar walks over to Haru and gestures for her to follow him before leading her to another part of the cave. He pulls a lever and several holographic targets appear. Scar takes out one of his blade discs and throws it. the disc flies through the targets and then comes back to scar, who catches it. He then folds the disc and hands it to Haru.*
  6. I dont know. The last time we did that the rp ended fairly early XD
    I think sticking with our rps would be better.

    Though are you saying that because you are growing bored of the rps we are running?
  7. Hello everyone.

    I have been in the hospital and in recovery/physical therapy the last few months and that's been keeping me from most online activity. I am still very interested in properly joining in with this group RP.

    Any pointers on where I may join in?
  8. Apperantly I need to clarify: what I mean by hate on dubs is not disliking dubs clearly shown by the sentence "if you don't like them don't watch them", what I mean is when people say that dubs shouldn't exist, you can dislike dubs all you want but saying that you want to get rid of dubs that is, excluding, and that is ableism.
  9. @GamerFangirl Kay didn't say she (sorry, assumed your gender x'D) was upset, what are you talking about? She just told you her opinion about what you wrote because that's what you wanted to know. This issue is one that creates a lot of controversies, so that's why most people avoid talking about it. You should just stop it if you're going to throw dirt at these people (including myself) that prefers subs over dubs. Sorry not sorry, but everyone can have likes that can or will differ from yours. And, by the way, calling us "neurotypicals" is just rude and makes you look like that typical asshole that hates on people that dislikes your preferences. Just saying.
  10. “Shut up.”
  11. “The sentiment part.”
  12. Lucius smiled and poked her cheek before walking to Anya's room.
  13. I am still looking for a picture for my girl.
  14. ok

    :P horny fox who gets her power from the moon meets a girl who's name is basically moon flower :P
  15. Errr......I may had adjusted again. (I am done this time though) But it was kind of bugging me that I made her a spear user, but other than a few starter classes that may use a spear...she did not really have a direct class for it. So I changed it.

    NOW I will go make a post.....

  19. Hope has been sucessfully undone.