Ah... OnexOne anyone?

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  1. So, ah... Yes. Hello there. (Is it too obvious that I'm new here? I sincerely hope not...)

    I'm currently seeking a roleplaying partner, you see. (If that wasn't obvious enough) As I am incredibly bored and it is very late at night. I can and will do nearly anything, though I do have several characters built for specific types which I will more then happily use. I like to do things that are a little bit less cliche then say, vampires and werewolves and what-not, though I'm not adverse to a good vampire or werewolf here and there... Ehe.

    I currently have my sights on a roleplay dealing with my newest character, Kirameki. He can control demons with the help of his cell phone through an app by the name of "Demon summoner app" (Anyone here know about Shin Megami Tensei: Devil survivor 2?) after it being forcefully added to his phone by nearly dying and telling it that he didn't want to die. There is this website know as Nicaea, which can show a person who had signed up a clip of someone they know dying before they actually die. My character is based loosely off of the protagonist of the game, but you don't need to have played it to be able to roleplay it!

    But that's only what I want to do the most. I'm open for suggestions, and don't mind reviving one of my older characters to fit a certain roleplay! Go ahead - toss ideas at me! Anything is fine, really!

    I like romance, but I'm not very comfortable doing femalexmale or femalexfemale, though if I must I could do either most likely. I also like gore, violence, fighting (Though I'm complete rubbish at it), horror, and the like.

    So... Yes. That's about it - save for the fact that I prefer to do para and up for length, though I'm fine with dropping to semi if I really need to.

    Now that's really all I have. I do hope this won't go utterly ignored. :'D
  2. Would you be comfortable in a very little romance involved horror role play?
    I prefer to play female, but if needed, I can play a gay male. :D

    I'd like to do a horror role play, with a mix of a few movies, such as The Grudge, The Ring, Insidious, MAMA, ect.
    I love horror, but no one really wants to do role plays with it.
  3. Ohh, that sounds fine! Though I must admit I haven't seen a single one of those movies.

    If you'd really like to play a girl, I'm fine with it - though of course I would prefer you'd play a man for me~

    People really don't like horror roleplay, it seems. I love it because it's the only type of horror anything I can not be too afraid of, since horror movies normally give me nightmares for weeks and that is just not fun, right?
  4. Oh, you haven't seen any of them?
    What movies have you seen that you've been scared of?

    I can play both maybe, if you'd like. D:

    I'm not sure why people don't like it- but it's the same for me.
    I get very scared with movies. And, well, I've kinda put myself on hold for scary movies at the moment.
    I still have nightmares from seeing "MAMA" last month....
    It's the longest "nightmare" i've had- over a month.
  5. Wow, that's a long time! And really the only one I've seen recently has been mirrors, which is also the reason why I no longer have a single mirror in my entire house. I still have nightmares from it, and it's been somewhere around a month for me too. /Please excuse me. I'm a scardy-cat/

    And please, play whatever your most comfortable with.
  6. It is. If you're the same as me, you probably should not watch MAMA. Or Insidious.
    The Grudge doesn't scare me too much, and the only reason the Ring scared me is because I was 9.

    Mirrors was pretty creepy.
    I dislike mirrors. D:

    I'd prefer to play female :x
  7. A nine year old watching scary movies? I admire your younger-self's courage!
    I'll be taking your advice on that, though - neither of them will be something I'll be watching anytime soon~
    Anywho, female it is~ I think I may have a fun character of mine to use, even though we haven't really decided on what to actually roleplay - just the genre. I haven't used him in quite the time, though.
  8. I've always liked scaring myself.

    Well, I hope it does turn out to be great!
    We should discuss plot though..
    Do you have any ideas?
  9. Mmm... Not really, to be honest. What about you? Anything interesting you've been wanting to do lately?
  10. Well, there are a few ideas, if you don't mind me listing them.

    Idea one: A bloody mary type deal/mirrors type.
    You move into a new home, there's something evil that travels through mirrors.

    Idea two:
    Your family moves to an island that is very odd, and you meet a girl who isn't like everyone else.
    You find out some very interesting and scary things about the island.

    Idea three:
    You move into a new house, or you clean our your house, and your sister finds a diary or a jewelry box,
    and she becomes posessed, or unleashes something.

    Pretty basic. But yeahh.
  11. Oh, I rather like the last one! Something being unleashed would be fun. Who doesn't like paranormal/demonic things in their home?
  12. Okay :D
    Should I make the thread, or do you want to?
    And do you want character sheets?
  13. Would you mind making it for me? And they aren't really necessary, I think.