Ah, its a pleasure to meet you.

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  1. Vincent here, Though most just call me Vince.

    I am classified as male

    I am 26

    New to the site, but not too role-playing, not saying I'm an expert or anything though. ^_^;

    Both group and one on one is fine with me.

    I have a bunch of western themes stuck in my head, been listing to them while I work on a steam-punk story.
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    Welcome to Iwaku. Enjoy your time here.
  3. welcome to Iwaku :3
    Hope you can have a lots of fun :hugs:
  4. Hihi Vince, welcome to the siiiite! :D
  5. I already feel great about the community ^_^. thanks for the warm welcomes.
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  6. Welcome! :3