Ah... How do you say it? I think it was, Hello.

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  1. Hello... I'm Cantarella. Or my as my father would call me by a nickname, Ari. That's the only hint/tip I'll say about my name. I enjoy roleplaying, quite a lot.

    I aspire to become an author after adolescence.

    I move around a lot, a new place every month. Currently, I travel with my father to learn about different languages, cultures, and lifestyles of different peoples. My mother isn't with me and my father anymore, sadly, cancer taking her away from us. However, we take our minds off of this by traveling from place to place every month. I'm home schooled yes, but communities like these, I love, for they teach me how to write exponentially well. I bring a trusty laptop with me where I document a journal monthly.

    My father often says, "They'll teach you better than a school ever would."

    Currently, I'm staying in the city of Zurich, in Switzerland. Next time, it will be Minsk, Belarus.
    I hope you, members of Iwaku, will be able to let a humble traveler, like me, stay with this wonderful roleplaying family.
  2. O: Whoa. What a cool way to live!

    Welcome to Iwaku, Cantarella. :)
  3. I assure you, it's very lovely and fun!
    I've already been everywhere in Asia, and my dad is starting to explore Europe now~
  4. That sounds amazing to move around the world and travel. I've always wanted to visit Japan, Ireland, Scotland and Poland.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Hi there Canterella, welcome to the community! :D
  6. Welcome the the site, Canterella! Have a great time roleplaying to your hearts content and making new friends! :D
  7. Whoa! Thats pretty awesome. Y'know what else is pretty awesome? You for joing Iwaku! You'll have fun, you can be sure of that.
  8. Iwaku will let anyone stay with the family! Hope to see you around more often here. Oh and Welcome to Iwaku!