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  1. Hi there! This is an ongoing work in progress, but feel free to ask about anything or request stories.
    I haven't done a lot of 1x1s in the past, but I have enjoyed the ones that I have been a part of and would like to try improving in that area. I'm not too new to role playing, though I haven't actually done too much on this site yet, so I'm still learning in some things. I usually have time to be on the site at least once a day, but I'll leave a message somewhere if I expect to be gone for more than a day or two. Usually in my signature if not specifically on the thread.

    Stuff to expect. (open)

    I don't normally do a lot of 18+ content; sexual, gore, or otherwise. I have my reasons, but I'd rather just avoid it for now. I can do slightly suggestive stuff sometimes, and bad things will likely happen to characters (I won’t be completely unreasonable), but I'm not good with going incredibly in-depth with the detail. I'm sorry, but it always ends badly.

    If you're totally bored, lacking motivation, or are just finding yourself too busy to keep up with the story, feel free to let me know. Stuff happens, and I'll try to fix things where possible, but sometimes it's better to just let it go if it's too much. This is supposed to be fun, not overly stressful.

    I like anime a lot. My pictures will almost always be anime pictures. I’m fine with it if you want to use “real-life” pictures, just please don’t expect me to. It’s just easier for me to work with this style for some reason…

    Also, the various content tags I used may not be entirely accurate, since I’m not really used to the system and some of these ideas have a little more brainstorming coming. Just let me know if you have anything you really do or do not want, and I can probably work around that.

    Self Introduction? (open)

    Hi, I’m Yami...

    I am over 18, despite my request above. You know, just in case that question ever pops up. I don't care what pronouns you decide to use in addressing or talking about me as long as they are not intentionally offensive. If I find them offensive somehow, I'll calmly let you know, but I'm just too lazy to conform myself to specific pronouns or even a specific gender identity. That's just how I am.

    That being said, feel free to tell me if you have any specific pronouns or identity that you prefer. I will gladly take them into account and I will do my best to remember them. I'd like everyone feel comfortable over all, and would very much like to avoid offending anyone if possible.

    I do have school and other such things, so I totally understand if you're busy. Just please let me know if you'll be gone for longer than maybe two or three days. Otherwise, I'll probably start to worry...

    I like talking about anime outside of roleplay, and I’m always up for hearing cosplay tips. I can talk about other things, too, so don’t worry if you aren’t too big on talking about that. I might not be very talkative, but I’m usually fairly friendly.

    I like cats, foreign languages, desserts, and the color purple. The sky is a bunch of varying rainbow patterns in my world. They switch color palettes at night, but they are still there even when the stars are out. I play a lot of Nintendo games. Just in case you want any non-roleplay related conversation topics at any point.

    Ah…Any questions?

    So, here are a few ideas that I've been considering if anyone's interested. Most of these are fantasy-based, but I might think of some others in the future. I also have a list of possible characters in mind for a few of these ideas, so I’ll post them and you can request any of them if you want.
    Also, romance is not necessary for all of these, though some of them were originally designed for that. Platonic relationships should still work for most of these if you aren’t into that, but let me know first so I don’t start adding in something that you don’t want to deal with. If you do want romance for any of these, tell me that early on as well so we can avoid confusion. I can be oblivious at the worst of times, so please be clear.

    Welcome to the Fun House (open)
    Everyone procrastinates sometimes. Often times, you just can't help it... Unfortunately, you now have a project due in a few days that requires a few pictures taken and you can't afford to lose this grade. Panic often drives us to bad decisions, and just shortly after arriving at this "empty" house, you find that you fell for a classic one. It's a good thing you don't have to survive on your own, but your odd new friend seems less than friendly... especially for a jester. Maybe it's because he's not that good with the puzzles that are keeping him trapped.

    ERROR-3^07 (open)
    Congratulations! You've just purchased/received one of the newest model of androids! It comes fully equipped with a very human-like AI program... but there's just one problem with it. Of course, we'll gladly refund or replace your damaged merchandise, but they might not want that. The ones that grow attached are always the hardest for us to catch...

    A Cat’s Tale (open)
    You found the cat and brought it home, only to have it turn into a human. Mostly. Because of the collar you gave it, the nekomimi now refuses to leave you. And let’s be honest; you don’t really want to leave it in the freezing winter rain in the soaked box you found it in, right?

    You Are A Pirate! (open)
    (This one needs a bit of work, but there should be more details soon.)
    Stories have been going around lately about a certain pirate ship known for its odd yet successful captain and equally strange crew. By some twist of fate, you find yourself on this ship and at the mercy of this captain. What kinds of adventures will you have? Or will you tell no tales yourself?

    Salt-Kissed (open)
    So far, this vacation really hasn’t been all that great. Maybe you’ve been having trouble with the weather, family/friends/traveling companions annoying you, general bad luck, or even just the misfortune of not knowing how to swim. Whatever ails you, you decided to take the first chance you got as soon as the weather turned sunny to get the beach to yourself before everyone else wakes up. It’s so nice and peaceful here early in the morning… and I’m sure that your new mer-person companion would agree, if one of you hadn’t just gotten into trouble.

    If Heaven and Hell Decide… (open)
    (I got this idea from someone else, so I can’t take full credit for the intro. I thought that it would be fun to play out, though.)
    Once there was a very young angel, who went a little too close to a gap in the clouds despite the warnings from both his/her/??? Parents and the babysitter. Scared after falling so far from home and unsure of how to get back, the angel made a deal with a wandering demon in order to find a way to return. Unfortunately, neither one knew that such a thing was against the law, and carried a heavy punishment for the angel. Turned mortal and stripped of all memory of the previous life, the poor angel is forced to live on Earth; however, both the babysitter and the demon, feeling guilty for allowing such a thing to happen, refuse to leave their life completely…

    The Wolf and Little Red (open)
    We all know how the story starts. A kid wearing a red cloak/cape/hat/shorts goes to visit their grandmother and encounters a wolf along the way. However, despite the rocky start they may have had upon first meeting, they eventually become good friends with the wolf-like person. But we can’t have that, can we? They’re not destined to live together happily! At least, not according to the entity known as GRIMM. And so, the two run away to escape their predestined tragedy and the force that wants to drive them to it. While we’re running from fate, though, why not mess up a few other fairy tales?

    Magic Fluff Story (open)
    Anime is great, fantastic even, but when was the last time you saw an adorably chubby magical girl/boy? Or a magical boy at all? Enter a very odd “fairy” disguised as a cupcake and a whole entourage of craziness as we change the status quo with some cute magical persons of a different costume size!

    Piece of My Heart (open)
    You didn’t want this. All you wanted was to get a birthday present for someone. Unfortunately, you apparently ended up with a couple of “cursed” dolls who came to life and now live with you. To top it all off, they’re both gifted with some kind of magic and now have you dragged into some sort of insane quest to discover a couple of portals to some sort of terrible dimension they call the “Fun House” before it sucks in some new victims. At least they’re kind of cute, right? When the blue one isn’t being loud and stubborn or the pink one isn’t being overly affectionate and crying, anyway. But next time, maybe you’ll get your intended gift recipient some candy or a T-shirt.

    Mermaid Mafia (open)
    (This one needs some work. The big idea is just that the character makes an assumption that is eventually proven wrong and how they deal with whatever follows, so even though the intro assumes a male character, it can really work for anyone. It doesn’t even have to follow the twist as it is written here; we can work out any number of assumptions and ways that things change for the character.)
    Has your life been rough lately? Well, it just got worse. In some sort of ill-fated accident, you almost drowned. Your life was saved, fortunately, but you accidently discovered the truth about the existence of mermaids/men in the process. Even less fortunate, this particular pod happens to have a very…dangerous reputation. Because you found out about them, the law states that you will have to be killed…that is, unless you marry the leader’s heir. Of course, it isn’t until after you meet this heir that you realize that “she” isn’t necessarily a girl.

    Heartbeat Hospital (open)
    (This one also needs some work, but I was thinking about having the character who is stuck in the hospital having some sort of special sight or sixth sense that allows them to see fairies or supernatural beings in some capacity.)
    Due to some horrible misfortune, you have been confined to the hospital for an extended period of time. Lovely. At least you have your “imaginary friends” popping in every now and then to keep you company, even if everyone else thinks that you’re completely crazy. During your stay, though, you are visited by an odd young volunteer who refuses to leave you alone, insisting that he wants to be friends. What exactly is up with this kid, anyway? And why do weirder things than what you’re used to sensing keep showing up whenever he’s around?

    My Royal Pain (open)
    He was an arrogant prince known for formidable strength and skill. Now, he’s a lost young girl trying to get back to his original form. This change wouldn’t be such a huge problem, except for the fact that the magical being who changed him also cursed him with an affliction that renders the egomaniacal prince far weaker than any normal human being should ever be. After almost being killed and narrowly escaping marriage with another delusional prince (upon coercion from the terrifying queen who insists that the pea test marks him/her as fated to be with her son), you’d think that he would have learned his lesson. It looks like old habits die hard, though, as he finds himself irritating even more fairy tale characters while under the care of the poor unfortunate soul whose life he just fell into. Will this person survive his antics? Will he survive their wrath? What about the rest of the people he/she keeps getting in trouble with?

    I’m open to other ideas, and I’ll probably have some more of my own up soon as well, but send me a message if you’re interested.
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  2. Love to try the A Cat's Tail one. I have always been a fan of what I recently learned is called Neko Anime/Manga. I love to play as the cat. Are you OK with playing with a 13 year old, if not I'm totally fine with that.

    My character might look like this
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  3. I am also interested in the "A Cat's Tale" plot.
    If you're accepting more than one, that is. :3

    Just let me know, and if not, I'll pick something else!
  4. Oh, wow! I didn't expect to get responses so soon!

    Sounds fine to me! Any specific requests for whether I play a male or a female character? I'm generally okay with either one.

    I'm fine with that! I like the idea of doing multiple threads with the same idea since it provides lots of opportunity to explore alternate possibilities, so repeats are perfectly acceptable. Feel free to send me a message and we can discuss some details!
  5. Whelp, you had me at three words; anime, desserts, and cats. The Piece of My Heart seems like it would be pretty interesting and fun to do, so I'm all for doing that and can send you a pm so we can discuss.
  6. Why don't we play this as a group RP since everyone whats to play the Cat's Tale plot.
    Bloodbitten Yami are you Ok with that?
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  7. Hooray for similar interests! This sounds good to me.
    I'm fine with doing a group version of that one if we have enough interest. If anyone else wants to join in, feel free to speak up, and I can set this up in a group roleplay.
  8. Still open for a couple more!
  9. I'm interested in Salt-Kissed c:
  10. Would it be possible to combine "You are a Pirate" with a concept of merpeople? It seems to be one of your enjoyments-- mine as well. I'd love to play a merperson for you.
  11. Okay! Send me a message and we can discuss some details.

    This sounds like it could be good! Feel free to send me a message and we can discuss it.
  12. I'm interested in the "Mermaid Mafia" one. It sounds really funny!
  13. Sounds good. Feel free to send me a message.
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