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Simple premise. One poster makes a point or statement and the next poster says whether they agree, disagree, or maybe something else, and if they wish to why. Then continue what the first poster did.

I'll start:

The people you despise the most are ultimately the people you know the most.
I agree

Money cannot buy happiness.
Happiness has many faces, to some its a simple as a roof over their head an a meal in their stomachs, money helps with this.

This thread belongs in board games?
Possibly agree. We'll wait and see what the admins do.

Every mistake teaches you how to not repeat said mistake.
Disagree. The mistake itself doesn't teach you how to not repeat it, you have to know that you made a mistake and learn from it. Some people don't accept that they made a mistake and thus don't learn and will likely repeat that mistake.

A true friend is hard to come by.
Mostly agree. Depends on the person making friends usually.

There are atheists in foxholes.

The evil that men do goes on and on
I saw what you did there. And I agree.

Capital punishment isn't really helping to decrease crime rates much.
Definitely agree.

Violent videogames and movies have a negative effect on adolescent boys.
I disagree, I think everything has a potentially negative effect on everyone. Yea I'm one of those, Its all in the individual types.

The Lochness monster exists.
I disagree, we should not encourage some silly superstitions and doctored photos.

Playstation is better than XBox ;3
Different target audiences, different capabilities.

Mildly disagree (xbox nondedicated memory without loss of speed is a technical achievement and deserves credit =B)

Humanity as a whole learns very very slowly.
Agree. Takes time for information to really seep into the entirety of us.

Cultural relativism doesn't justify other peoples all around the world doing destructive/harmful/just plain bad shit.
Agree, but with a reiteration of the previous point that humanity learns very slowly.

Wisdom and knowledge do not often accompany one another.

Sometimes all the mistakes and lessons in the world cannot teach someone.

A lot of very similar ideas can come from very different people.

Every government, in theory, should work. But any government can become fucked up.

Private car ownership for everyone (in the Western world at least) is a dream we can't really sustain.

War is a necessary of life, to defend what one has rights to

All Democrats are actually aliens from another galaxy, sent here to make us weak and defenseless. Their ultimate goal, to take us over and enslave the human race.