Aggravating Side Quests

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  1. What are some aggravating side quests in games that just make you say


    Getting the Celestial Weapons in Final Fantasy X speaks for itself -_- Some of that shit is just sadistic!

    The Fiend Arena in Final Fantasy X-2 International is HARD AS BALLS!
  2. "You must escort this person who we didn't program to recognize threats of any kind whatsoever. They may literally walk off a bridge or run straight into a zombie horde because they don't realize that zombies will eat them. They also have one hit point. Protect em'!"

    "Repeat this same repetitious side quest 100 times across a massive world map! This is what a thriving, living world is like: Doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!"

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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I am not your errand boy. I do not need to go halfway across the map and delve deep into the bowels of some forsaken dungeon to get you the wooden spoon of your ancestors. You go get it yourself.
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  5. Dying Light. Tried one of the escort quests and it sucked (help me I need worms to fish). Tried another and eventually left him to die after his requests as well as the quest itself became more and more ridiculous (hey bro, help me look for my sports trophies while I walk straight into a zombie horde). Never did another escort quest again.

    Fun game regardless.
  6. Every side quest in Infinite Undiscovery. It was to the point I stopped doing them because they were annoying. The spoils of doing them were not appealing and nine times out of ten you have to find a party member, connect with them in order to complete the damn quest.
  7. There is a fetch mission that ends pretty hilariously in Dying Light, if you find it XD
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    • Fallout 4, here, pad out this mediocre story with some randomized fetch quests. Fuck you Garvey you synth bastard.
    • Skyrim, specifically Thieves guild random quests.
    • Mass Effect 2. It was a giant sidequest.
    That's all I can come up with...? Really? Maybe this not hanging on the negatives so much anymore is starting to make a difference.

    Side quests that don't impact the world bug me the most. I like seeing differences. All depends on the game though.

    Will agree. Watching my friend get those special weapons from FFX was arduous. Twitch dodge 100 lightning strikes? C'mon..
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  8. That large sword in LoZ OoT? Travel across the entire map within so much time, get this item, travel across the map in time again, give it to the giant and wait a few years. Shoop de doo, here is your large, heavy, sword that you'll probably never use.
  9. Basically any MMO side quest. They're designed to force you to grind, not to be engaging.

    Old Republic's is more bearable cause actual dialogue = some level of investment, but the mechanics of the quests themselves are just as lazy.
  10. Are there board games with side quests? I can't imagine a board game to be that elaborate.

    You know, aside from roleplaying games.
  11. New Side Quest, DM drops boulders on you, roll Reflex.
  12. New side quest, the boulder is made of paper maché and a man with a megaphone is yelling "Cut" at you. Roll attack.
  13. 200 lightning strikes actually :P Fuck that BS!
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  14. Collect-a-thons, Christ they annoy and bore the fuck out of me.

    "Please collect 30 of this plant that's just so growing in an area filled with bullshit tier enemies that wreck your shit"

    Go deepthtoat a fuckin serrated knife you fuckin prattling whazzuck -_-
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  15. I'll second the Skyrim random guild quests. The Oblivion guild quests all felt impactful, like you were always progressing through the guild. In Skyrim having to fill time doing repetitive crap, might be more realistic but just sucked.

    Not a single side quest per se, but in Sacred 2 the sheer amount of sidequests was too much. Along the way to complete 1 of them you'd find like 20 more. If you tried to do them all you just got pushed further and further away from the main quest.
  16. Silver ranking in World of Warcraft. It's hard as heck sometimes!
  17. Carrying notes back and forth between two characters. You learn the best path to avoid monsters after your third time walking across the entire map.
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  18. I think the only time I actually minded doing side quests was in Skyrim. Even Nier wasn't so bad because they gave hints to the lore of the world and such (but I also felt Nier gave you too much to focus on). But Skyrim? If you complete the Brother Hood assassins guild quests you he stuck doing the same quests and the guild is never the same again v.v

    Otherwise I kind of like doing side quests and taking games slow. In Primal there's a lot to do and that's part of the reason I like it so much (though sometimes evdnts pop whilr you're lost in a cave o.e).
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