Ages of Heroes

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  1. The GM: @Salsacookies

    Gareth, The Hero: @Michelle the Editor

    The Wierd Guy: @PatchedUp

    Welcome to the kingdom of Yhaesimir.

    Our hero, Gareth, has come to meet the king, who resides within the grand castle in the Giant City, built upon a mass of land not swallowed by the World Maw. He has just reached the gates, which have opened to the market square, bustling with activity, savages bartering their skins for gold, hermits selling their scrolls and potions, and tailors making shoes and shirts.
  2. Gareth passed through the marketplace on foot, leading his horse behind him. The beast had carried him this far and it was already getting antsy, tugging at the reins whenever it saw something that looked edible. Hopefully the King's stables were close by--in Gareth's experience castles tended to be frustratingly farther away than they looked, thanks to their size.

    The one he was approaching was fairly standard. Stone, lots of towers and ramparts, more ornate than secure but then that was what the outer walls were for. Coming in Gareth kept an eye out for trouble, but so far he hadn't noticed any of the usual red flags. Couldn't be a plague or a monster demanding human snacks on a regular basis; everyone seemed busy and cheerful. That also often meant the king was a good one, which was always a relief because rebellions were very time-consuming and rarely paid well. Not that he was greedy, but for more than two or three months of labor it was nice to be able to feed himself for a little while afterwards.
  3. As Gareth went his way, he came across an interesting sight, a Styx is preaching in the middle of the district.

    He is a fish folk, with scales shimmering gold and aqua in the presence of the overcast sun, and rather than a few purple cloths and rings with gemstones, his physique is in full show. He stands tall, towering over even the tallest Orc by a good head, though still shorter than the giants. He is extremely thin, looking unhealthily gaunt, in his shell of scale. What catches your eye, however, is his eye. They look like that of a serpent, and they burn red within. you've met many of his kind, and all have unnerved you, their intense eyes especially unnerving

    He gargles in thick fish speak, and you can't help but hear. Their voices have an odd magnetism to them, like it pulls the entire being.

    "I beckon to you, dwellers of land. I am a priest of the Styx, and I have come to the land to tell you, the lords' coming is soon. Join the Mantra's Styx, and rejoice in his coming, for his reign is great, and our king delights in his presence daily! Either way , all will know of Styx!"

    He continues his preaching.
  4. Standing in this crowd is a rather large man who seems to be paying close attention to the Styx Priest. He,honestly,doesn't care but the priest was his ticket into the kingdom since he is being paid to be a bodyguard for the man. He sighs and turns from the podium,watching the crowd that is gathering around him. His eyes flicker over the faces and come to rest upon some unknown man(Gareth),whom he resembles,sort of but not really. The scars that disfigure his face would prevent anyone from being able to tell...a perk. He walks away from the crowd and towards the closest market stall...weapons. He didn't need any but it provided a better view of the unknown man. he looks down at the stall and can't help a small snort,the weapons of these people were incredibly crude but when one needs to be able to spy,one takes advantage of ones surroundings.
  5. Gareth slowed down as he saw the Styx preaching, noting the small crowd that had gathered to listen. The sermon sounded a tad ominous, and after a few minutes Gareth forced himself to move on. He had business elsewhere. That comment about the king delighting in some lord's coming was an odd one, though; that might be worth looking into. Silently he moved around the crowd, continuing towards the palace.
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