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    A Hydra Agent is selling some of Howard Stark inventions from the Sandbox. The director assigns to young female Agents to work together, they have strengths and weakness each other doesn't. Can they work their differences out? Or will the Hydra Agent able to pull past them and cause more chaos.

    Faun Marie Fielding
    Inhuman Agent

    She was an Agent before the outbreak, after taking some fish pills the doctor told her to pick up. She went through the change, now has the ability to use her blood as a weapon. Downfall is body turns blue and as she runs out of energy it starts to fade.


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    Luca Sarah Ramsey

    New recruit for S.H.I.E.L.D.

    The Low Down
    Nickname: Lu.
    Age: 24
    Fact about character: She is a great fighter, but has anxiety with pretty much everything else.

    Lets Get a Little Deeper
    She wants to help whoever she can.

    She can tend to be thick headed, to the extreme that she'll go against warnings of others to do something.

    She is a sucker for a terrible pun, and tends to give them often.

    Last But Not Least
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  3. Luca Ramsey looked out the window of the black SUV that was currently taking her to the newest SHIELD. They were currently looking for supporters and they had found her and were now recruiting her to be a new agent. She found just the idea insane. Her? And agent? Yeah she had won mulitple tournaments, but that place had rules. She had no idea how she would fare in any sort of street fight. Knots formed in her stomach as her mind went back to her life, which was now gone since she had agreed with the scary lady to join. She looked at the older agent driving the car. She looked like she could snap anyone's neck at a moments notice, and Luca noted that for the whole car ride so far, no words had been spoken. Which was fine with her, since she was great with silence.

    Luca was brought out of her thoughts when the SUV took a sharp turn and pulled into a garage underground. The new agent looked around excitedly. Even though this was pretty scary, Luca was very excited by the idea of being apart of a secret agency. The car came to a stop and the driver got out and Luca scrambled after her, trying to make sure she had her things before following after the woman. She tried to see everything as she walked, but they were moving too fast for Luca to really process everything. She had to stop herself from running right into the woman, who had stopped in front of one of the many doors. She paused before knocking and a gruff voice told them to come in. Luca gulped, suddenly more nervous than ever.
  4. Being part of something more was always her dream. People never saw what else they could do other then what was in their little world. By the time she was sixteen, she wasn’t like any other kid. She didn’t go to parties or skip school she was focus and got into a little trouble because she got bored and decided to hack into a secure building. When the men in black suits came to the door, she had freaked out and landed two on their back before a man stopped her by clapping his hand. Not every day they saw that.

    It was from that incident that caused her to be recruited and she loved it. Sure, she was younger then some, but older than others many different people for multiply things. It was a change, a change she sorely needed. With her being able to make a difference was well worth it, something she never thought she could say in her life.

    That had almost been ten years ago. Things had changed, especially for Faun she had been through changes that she had no control over. Her doctor told her to pick up some fish pills and she started to take them. Next thing she knew her blood could be used as a weapon to keep her safe and to take out the enemy if need be.

    Many days after she found out what she was, it made her go into a self-hate. It was the thanks to an Inhuman Shield Agent who was leading a group of their own against Hydra and other evils the world that kept popping up. It was strange, a world that they wasn’t aware of more than a guy in an Iron suit. Gods showed themselves and old Heroes reappeared. The woman and man had showed her that their kind was worth more then what they appeared to be. Therefore, after learning to accept herself once more and controlling a power she was able to become an Agent once more and get out in the fields.

    It was when she got the call to go to the Directors office about a new mission, a mission she would be assigned with a new agent. It bothered her slightly it was not every day she was assigned a new Agent, she did not want to hold their hand. Then, he explained it more; it was about Howard Stark inventions. They were now becoming known, they had hoped was destroyed, but clearly, a Hydra Agent was waiting to use it until the time was right.

    “Come in.” Director spoke causing Faun to stand up from the chair and look back seeing a woman she had only meet a few times. “Thank you May. You may go and check on the others.” May looked back to them and then left the new Agent with the Inhuman and the director.

    “ It a pleasure to see you again Miss Luca This is Faun Fielding, she will be your partner in this. Come sit. I have things to explain about Howard Stark inventions that are still missing and we are assuming that the Hydra agent has.” He explained.

    Faun looked towards the younger female, there was not much in the girls file other then she was a great fighter passing even things she could not do.
  5. Luca gulped a little and tried to still her shaking hands when she was led into the room. She instantly noticed the man, who had to feel of power and authority around him, looking at her with a kind smile. Then her eyes slid over to who she would assume would be the Agent she would be following around. Luca had to admit that she was pretty, though she looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but here. The scary woman that had driven her and led her here, May, was dismissed and Luca was left alone with the other two. She took a deep breath and stepped over to the chair next to Faun, turning to her and giving her a small nervous smile.

    "It's nice to meet you Faun. I hope we work well together." She said before sitting down and looking over at her now hew Director, which was still a weird idea to her. She hadn't had an exciting life. She had heard what had happened in New York with the Avengers, and kept up on the news, but she never thought she'd be apart of it. Now here she was. Sitting in a chair in a secret base, about to listen to the details of a mission to be apart of.

    She glanced over at the woman she would be working with. Luca wondered what kind of person and what kind of Agent she would be. Would she be like she'd seen on TV, or would she be cold and silent? Would she be like Luca's uncle was? The marine who came home changed and tended to distrust every one? Luca hoped the last one wasn't the case. She tended to talk a lot and joke in stressful situations, so if Faun didn't like that kind of stuff, there was no way they were going to get along. She pushed her worrying thoughts aside and focused on the Director in front of her, praying that her first mission would go smoothly.
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