Agent of Death and Deaths Last Hope

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    Plot : death is not made from god nor made from the devil he has no allegiance to either side he merely gets the souls that are doomed for death. Every 200 years a human is blessed with the power to see Death and for as long as that human lives they are the agent of death himself. Unknown to this they rarely ever use their powers correctly and often use them to get back to people often causing death himself having to kill them off. Till now a human was born after 200 years. But this human was different, this human could save his rotting soul and free his life.

    Other ideas with Death

    Plot : A human decides to take his or her life and Death saves them being all mysteries the man leaves. The human goes to find who saved them running across a supernatural entity that is beyond human understanding.
  2. is this based off a book and does anything need to be known to rp this with you?
  3. No just on my wild wild mind XD

    No just PM me and we can talk logistics of the roleplay.
  4. still seraching
Thread Status:
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