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  1. I think this would help out a lot. Make it where if you are 18+ you cant talk to people under that and same with people 17 and under. make it like they are invisible, like they don't even show up and nothing they post shows up...if i'm making any sense XD
    I have kids wanting to rp with me ( which seems to be the only people wanting to)
    I am one who dose not like Rping with anyone under age I am in my 20's, its just weird to me. but when I am looking for someone to rp I put 18+ to make it clear for younger people to not even bother.... then the volunteers assume i want something sexual which is not the case. I just wanna rp with some my age is that so wrong to ask. I am sick of my RP partner request being sent to the sex one when that's not want I fucking want.
    sorry for my mini rant at the end...I'm just tired of this happening.
    I hope this made sense XD
  2. The Bedroom subforums are specifically for roleplays that will involve sex. If you don't want sex, but still want people a certain age, post your search in the regular search forum, and specify your preference with more than just "18+"; something like "I prefer adult partners because I like (thing) that I don't feel comfortable playing with teenagers."
  3. Ok i can try that...i just want anyone saying it has to go to the bedroom, if write it like that.
  4. If you specify that you want an 18+ RP for the following reasons, other than sexual content, it won't be moved to the bedroom. Have you considered making a Partner request thread, if you're interested in One X Ones? That way you can clarify what kind of people you're looking for in a partner, :)
  5. I'll rewrite the one i had to make it sound better. but if i do have trouble with someone saying something about it who do I go too?
  6. You can report anyone who harasses you over it. Most people on the site are very respectful when they understand what you want and why you want it, though, so I don't anticipate you'll have trouble.
  7. thank you so much for your help ^^
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  8. Not a problem! Best of luck. <3
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