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I normally would use my pinky finger to reel stray film back into those tapes. Pens work too, though. :3
Yeah! I used my pinky more often but the pens worked just fine.

Remember when you'd have to rewind the VHS in a separate machine?
they're both defunct because cassette tapes are sooooo old now hur hur

and who the hell actually uses a pen these days?! hello it's call a laptop D<

Back in my day cassette tapes were the bomb! and handwriting was the way to go baby! D< KNOW YOUR ROOTS FOOS!
and who the hell actually uses a pen these days?! hello it's call a laptop

More like who uses a wooden pencil. I was considered an oddity in high school because I always wrote with a wooden pencil instead of a mechanical one. I still use pens in writing down notes in short hand while in college classes.
My hands are too big to fit that, I always used the pens.

Either that or opened the casette and fucked around with the roll and had it around my hand like I was a mummy or some shit.
You're all old.

*hides that he made the same connection*
I used my swithcblade comb lmao. That was forever ago i don't even own a cassette now lol.
Haha, yeah, how great. I did that until Cd's took over in my life- I was about 10 years old by then or so.
Mostly to save battery life of my cassette player. Which was a Panasonic that weighed like half a kilo, completely portable with am and fm radio and of course, headphones. Ohhh good old times...
I never used a pen. Always my little fingers. Even though it hurt, which was fine, because I was already dead inside...

Nothing; I used my pinky to get the tape back into its cassette. Like a MAN.